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What a pleasure it is to open the preserved in the summer or autumn on a winter day and serve it on the table along with the stew or chips! One of the most popular and favorite vegetables for pickling is a tomato, also prepared in a conventional three-liter jar. How to pickle tomatoes in jars? It is important to exactly follow the recipe of brine. So, we will share with you several ways of salting tomatoes.

Salted recipe without vinegar

This method of salting is good because you do not need to use vinegar, that is, those who have problems with the stomach can also eat vegetables. We will need small-sized tomatoes for more compact placement in the bank. You also need to correctly calculate the amount of source to pickle tomatoes in jarsSo, a three-liter tank needs about one kilogram of small, fresh red-sided vegetables. We begin to address the question of how to pickle tomatoes in jars. We will need the following ingredients for one kilogram of tomatoes: garlic - 5-6 cloves,water - 2.5 liters, black currant and horseradish - several leaves each, dill - 3-4 sprigs, salt - three tablespoons, seasonings - horseradish root and black pepper peas. For convenience, we will prepare everything necessary. We thoroughly wash all greens under running water, lay out on a towel to dry. Then about half of it is laid out on pre-sterilized banks, to the bottom. The rest will be needed later.

How to pickle tomatoes: cooking recipe

We spread well-washed tomatoes on top of the folded greens, and on top close another layer of dill, horseradish and currant leaves. Without losing time, add garlic, a few cloves that do not need to be cut. We start the preparation of the most complex element - brine. It is very simple, but, nevertheless, you need to be careful and strictly follow the to pickle tomatoes for the winterStir in lukewarm water salt, three tablespoons. Keep in mind that hot water will completely ruin your workpiece, which is almost ready. Fill the brine so that the liquid reaches the edge of the neck of the jar and close the lids, for a start - plastic.We leave for two or three days to stand at room temperature, and then the tomatoes need to roll up over the winter with tin lids. Store jars of salted tomatoes should be only in a cool place.

Hot Tomato Salting

There are three main ways: hot salting, cold and dry. Now we will share some information about each of them. We have already laid out one recipe for hot salting, now we will tell about the other. They all differ in different spices and brine composition. It contributes to changes in flavor and taste. Getting started. We wash well and sterilize three-liter jars. Put a pinch of ground cinnamon on the bottom of each, garlic - two peeled cloves, whole, and dill - 30 grams.pickle tomatoes recipeWash the tomatoes and fill them with a jar to the top. Prepare the brine, for which half a liter of water is brought to a boil, add salt and sugar, one and a half and two tablespoons, respectively. Cook to dissolve the ingredients, then pour the tomatoes with boiling brine. Some housewives do it twice: they drain the brine, bring it to the boil again and into the jar. Cover the jars with lids and sterilize them for five minutes in boiling water.We pour vinegar essence into each jar, one teaspoon, and roll up with metal sterile caps. We put them upside down, wrap a blanket. After cooling, we send to a cool place for storage. How to pickle tomatoes in jars? The hot way we have mastered.

We master the cold pickling of tomatoes

This can be done in tubs and in banks. In order to use the jars, you need a clean jar, three-liter, filled with tomatoes, washed and punctured near the stem. During this process, they shift the leaves of currant, horseradish, cherry, peeled garlic and dill. Top with a large salt, three tablespoons, and granulated sugar, one tablespoon, pour in cold water and add 9% vinegar.salted tomatoes in a cold wayWe close the jar with a plastic cap, put it in a cellar or a refrigerator. How to salt tomatoes in a cold way in a jar, we learned. Now the recipe for tubs. We put half of the seasoned spices on its bottom, then washed tomatoes and the remaining spices. Fill with cold brine (700 grams of salt per ten liters of water). Above - a wooden circle and oppression. After a couple of days from room temperature we move to a cold place,if necessary, add brine prepared from the ratio: for one liter of water - citric acid 9 grams and salt 20 grams. Most likely, you have no questions about how to pickle tomatoes for the winter

Dry method of salting tomatoes

Wash the tomatoes and place in any suitable container. In this case, pour each layer of coarse salt. Prepare a little more than one kilogram of salt per 10 kg of tomatoes. Cover the tub with a circle, put the oppression. Put the container in a cold place and can store all winter. There are other, less well-known ways of how to pickle tomatoes in jars.salting tomatoes in a tubFor example, another option, dry salting, in which tomatoes should be eaten immediately, as they are not intended for storage. Cut the bottoms of the washed tomatoes, pour in each of them one teaspoonful of salt and put the garlic, one slice. Fold in a jar or other suitable dishes, leave for a couple of days to infuse and - in the fridge.

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