Helps for one hundred conspiracy from barley

Do you already know about this extremely unpleasant disease? Probably, there is no such person who has not experienced a similar phenomenon a couple of times. Nothing in it is terrible, one hassle. Yes, and the search for effective drugs, mostly in vain. Even doctors say that it is better “to the grandmother” - she will advise the conspiracy. From barley there is no better means. Interesting?

How to choose the "method of exposure"?

barley plotIn fact, there is not a single conspiracy from barley. Just some have already managed to "unleash", while others are still "information for the elect." Now they are brought to the readers in various ways. Why hide recipes if they were created for people to help them? You can find many ways to get rid of barley. How among them to choose the most effective? In fact, any conspiracy from barley is no worse and no better than “fellows”. They all work equally well. Only due to the fact that this medicine is magical, some of your inner convictions are part of a “confrontation” with the forces that you turned to.The plot doesn't work. For example, it is proposed to spit in the eye. This is not everyone can endure. That magic slips. Sadness, the more swearing is not worth it. Did not help one - take another. Such a simple, but very effective recommendation.

barley conspiracy on the eye


This plot of barley on the eye is considered the most famous. It is necessary to show the "infection" fig. Even acquaintances are sometimes asked to "provide a service" in treatment. But you can do it yourself. Go to the mirror. Show yourself a cookie and say the following words: “Barley, you have a cookie, if you don’t leave, you will still get it. Run to the bazaar, grab the ax, cut it across yourself, so as not to drive it to the grave! In the words of the castle, I will cross the threshold, and the barley will go into the white light, into the black ice! ”Now turn around and leave the room. This ritual is done in the evening before bedtime. If you are already out, take a walk a bit. Just until the morning in the mirror no longer look. Then your barley must go.

Conspiracies and prayers from barley

It is believed that an ordinary pin helps to cope with the problem.plots and prayers from barleyIt is necessary to attach it closer to the body. Men on the shirt from the reverse side, and the women are attached to the bra.They say at the same time: "Barley, dry". Now you need to walk with a pin until recovery. If that didn't work, then try another common barley conspiracy. Before his pronunciation moistened with saliva index finger. Then rub the affected place with the words: “Lord, bless! The sun to the west, the day to the end, and the infection on the eye to the utter tribulation! As the night comes to the earth, so my barley will perish! Amen! ”You should speak three times in a row without interruption. Then go to bed. And by the morning wait for the first results. Sometimes nothing helps, and people lose patience by asking how to get rid of barley. The conspiracy did not help, the ritual was powerless. Then try to pray. To do this, light a church candle and say, looking at the light: “Lord, help, bless and direct. From sores in the eye You save me! To the sun light, but the dawn of the earth did not interfere with the see, You did not obscure you! Lord, bless, let my barley be gone! Amen! ”Speak until the candle goes out.

Less known rituals

how to get rid of barley conspiracy

We need to go outside, pick a twig from a tree. Carry her home. Hang it over the door and say: “The bitch dries, the barley will die!” When the twig loses its juices, you will recover. You can also make a healing potion. It will need herbs. Buy in a pharmacy chamomile, violet and plantain.Throw a pinch of boiling water into a small amount and say: “The fairy gathered beauty in the forest, she passed it to me, and she punished her face with health, so that her little eyes could burn with love! Amen! ”Now remove the“ potion ”from the fire and hold your face over the steam for a minute. Do not forget to cover your eyes, and then scald. In a day the barley will break through. And soon you will forget about him.

Conspiracy Stepanova from barley

The Siberian healer in her collection also put a few recipes from an unpleasant disease. One of them is quite common. It is necessary to rub the sore with a finger, uttering these words: “Barley, barley, you are not my godfather, not a matchmaker, but not a brother. Not relatives, get away from me. Barley, my health, you cookie, out of sight with my shoo! On the fig that you want, then buy it! Grab a toad. She will die, then the barley will dry! ”Now you need to spit over your shoulder (left). Do it symbolically. She also recommends a ritual with a crust of bread. You need to put it at night to dry (as she says, in the oven blew).conspiracy Stepanova from barleyNext morning with dried bread, touch the barley and say: “As the dog eats the crust, so the barley leaves my eyes. Amen!"

Barley home doctor

Together with the conspiracies can be applied and other folk remedies. So, it is recommended in the morning, as soon as you get up, lubricate your own saliva. Only this is done before washing and brushing teeth. Buy uncleaned barley grains. They need nine pieces. Take one and prick the barley. Then the seed should be thrown to the birds. Be sure to peck. Just do not throw in the window. So do nine times. It is also recommended to build a scarlet thread bracelet on the wrist of the opposite hand. For example, if the barley is on the left eye, then tie the right one. Wear a bracelet until it breaks. Even if the barley has already disappeared, do not tear the thread yourself. Let it break. If there is amber at home, then apply to the sore. This should be done as often as possible. Those who smoke, it is recommended to raise a sore eye. More effective in this procedure is self-plant. It is said that after a couple of roll-up barley, that horse from the saying about nicotine disappears. You can still hold the breadcrumb on the eye, and then throw it to the dog. It is believed that helps.

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