Hardening preschool child

Hardening a child of preschool age is an important, useful and even sometimes necessary procedure.Usually,sHardened children are less sick, their immunity is strengthened. But how to do it correctly and what should be considered?

How to temper a child of preschool age?

It’s never too late to temper preschool children.

For these children, there are special methods of hardening. These include air baths and water procedures: drenching the legs, dousing with contrast, rubbing and bathing in open water.

Walking barefoot, extended washing of the child, airing an apartment is a hardening in everyday life. Such hardening is shown in almost all children, but for each child an individual approach is required. It is necessary to choose the mode and take into account the state of health of the child, as well as the level of his physical development.

The main thing in this business is to follow the basic principles of hardening.

Principles of hardening of preschool children

  • conduct tempering procedures should be systematically;
  • increase the time of the procedure should be gradually;
  • take into account the mood of the child and carry out procedures in the form of a game;
  • tempering can begin at any age;
  • never perform the procedure if the baby is cold, that is, to prevent the child from hypothermia;Tempering a child of preschool age - image number 1
  • avoid prolonged exposure to cold water or very cold air, as well as overheating in the sun;
  • choose the right clothes and shoes: they must match the ambient temperature and be made from natural fabrics and materials;
  • need to harden the whole family;
  • tempering procedures must be combined with exercise;
  • in the room where the child is, never smoke.

Several ways of hardening preschool children

Airing the room

Surely many have heard that the temperature in the child’s room should be from 20 to 22 degrees. In winter, the room can be ventilated in the presence of a child. Due to the open air vents and windows, air temperature is reduced by 1 degree.Repeat airing in winter 4-5 times a day, and in summer access to fresh cool air should be constant. Endless ventilation is performed in the absence of a baby in the room.

Water treatment

One of the most effective special techniques is contrast pouring of the feet and legs. The legs are alternately doused with warm and cool water and, if the child does not have chronic diseases, the series of douches ends in cool water. If the baby's body is weakened, then finish the procedure with warm water.

Tempering a child of preschool age - image number 2You can also try rubbing with cool water, which will also give a hardening effect.

But with what you should not experiment with pre-school children - this is with intense hardening. It is impossible to pour the kids with cold water in the snow and force them to walk barefoot in the snow, it is also not recommended to arrange the kids swimming in the hole.

Such contrasting procedures can cause tremendous stress on a child’s body, and its effects are very difficult to predict.

But the gradual hardening of a child of preschool age will bring only benefits and health, and his well-being.

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