Forex Day Trader

In banks of Asia, America and Europe, a working daytrader starts at 7:30 in the morning. About half an hour is spent on analyzing the latest events, the previous trading session. Traders read the press and economic reviews, analyze the impact of fresh fundamental and technical indicators. Also speculators gather rumors from colleagues from other companies, discuss forecasts of different analysts and exchange information among themselves. During this period of the working day, traders try to anticipate all possible changes in exchange rates. At 8:00 the first deals are actively concluded. By the same time, independent speculators are also determined with their tactics and begin to open positions. This gives the exchange rate a strong push. On Forex trading is round the clock, so depending on the specific time, you can observe the activity of markets on different continents.

Far East

Working day of the trader from the Far Eastbegins at night and ends at lunchtime (in Moscow). Tokyo is active until noon, and Singapore - until lunch. The fluctuations of the rates are insignificant and, as a rule, do not exceed 50 points. Most of the trading operations are related to the Australian dollar and yen.

trader's day


Russian speculators are closer to the European market,as in Zurich, Frankfurt am Main, Luxembourg and Paris, the trader's working day starts at 9:00. But the truly active traffic begins at 10:00, after connecting to the London Stock Exchange. Revival lasts about 2-3 hours. Then comes lunch time, and the fluctuations subside to 10-20 points. A similar market is called "dead." Depending on the situation, it can become "lively". Then the fluctuations can go as far as 100 points. Any international trader has probably seen similar course movements.

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North America

At about 16:00 in Moscow, European dealers are starting to work actively. They are joined by speculators from the US, because the working day of a trader from America starts just at this time. Since the forces of European and American speculators are approximately the same, the fluctuations usually do not go beyond the limits of the movements of the European session. Nevertheless, the opening of the New York Stock Exchange is very significant for dealers, because at 7 pm Moscow time the European banks will close, and Americans will remain in the "thin" market alone. This is fraught with strong fluctuations in rates, since the major currencies are linked to the US dollar. Volatility can be 400-500 points. In such a market, only those speculators will survive, for whom trading in Forex is not a game, but a profession. The trader can earn on this movement only with a cold head and a clear trading system.

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The Russian market

In conclusion, let's talk a little about the Russiancurrency market. It is radically different from the world. First of all, conversion operations are the ruble / dollar, which can take place during the day. Transactions are made in two courses: today's (tod) and tomorrow (tom). The first are concluded before lunch, and the second - after. It should be noted that transactions at the ruble / dollar rate are of importance only for Russia and do not influence the world market at all.

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