Flower pot decor

To decorate a flower pot with your own hands is not only an interesting, but also a useful lesson that will save money and the interior will revive a little. Yes, and just make a beautiful and unique thing for the house is always nice. I love Russian motifs, so the decor of my flower pot echoes with the style of the Khokhloma pattern.
Flower pot decor

For the work will need the following materials:
• Ready simple flower pot or plastic food bucket;
• burlap or thick linen fabric;
• braid;
• clay for modeling;
• plasticine;
• Gouache paints;
• watermelon seeds, spikelets and other natural material for decoration;
• thin wire;
• awl;
• needle with thread;
• other office supplies.

As a flower pot, I used an ordinary plastic bucket from under mayonnaise. Where the bucket is closed with a lid, there is a protruding part (rim). In her awl you need to make a few holes. At the same time we will make drainage holes in the bottom.If the pot will be used for topiary, then you do not need to perforate the bottom.
a pot

Now from a burlap (flax or other fabric) we cut a rectangle. It should be of such size that the pot completely encloses, plus a small stock on all four sides. Bend or hem the edges so that they do not ruffle, and tightly wears a pot over the cloth. At the junction we sew. If a flower pot is being decorated for a houseplant, which will naturally be watered, the fabric should only wrap the container from the outside. Therefore, the edges I tucked under the fabric. For topiary or other decorative composition, on the contrary, it is better to close the cloth and the bottom of the pot and bend the fabric a little inwards.
wrapped in cloth

To keep the fabric straight and not moving down, fasten it on top with a thin wire. The wire must be threaded through the holes that were made earlier in the rim of the bucket.
Flower pot decor

The base is ready. Sew on the top and bottom of the braid. Under the lower braid and on the inside of the fabric, I sewed a strip of cellophane so that when I irrigate the flower, the bottom of the fabric does not get wet.
Flower pot decor

Now you can do directly decorating. The decor does not copy the Khokhloma pattern, but will be similar to it.Therefore, for decoration I made sunflowers, strawberries, used natural material. The colors are also Khokhloma - red, yellow, brown. Sunflowers are made from clay for modeling. They will be of different sizes and shapes - small, large, turned "to the sun." Large sunflowers are attached to the pot with wire, making holes with an awl, small ones are planted on super glue. We paint with gouache.
Flower pot decor

Flower pot decor

Flower pot decor

We make flowers from dry watermelon seeds, the middle of flowers - from plasticine.
Flower pot decor

We also make strawberries from clay, the stem from green plasticine, and small white flowers from paper. We color.

we decorate

It remains only to glue the leaves of clay.
Flower pot decor

If the size of the pot allows, it can be decorated with small dry flowers, ears and everything that will look appropriate. At the same time disguise in this way the side seam. For the strength of the decoration is worth varnish. I used the lid from the bucket as a pallet, removing it from the label. And the flower really liked to grow in such a beautiful pot.
Flower pot decor

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