Festive garland

How to decorate the house for the holiday?
Any holiday must be designed accordingly. New Year is a Christmas tree and sparkling rain, birthday is balloons, St. Valentine's Day is a variety of hearts, March 8 is flowers. And almost every event can be decorated with a bright original garland. Stretching it across the room, it automatically takes on a festive look that you can absolutely not complement. Returning to the list of holidays: New Year - a garland with snowflakes and snowmen, for a birthday - colorful flags, figurines of favorite animals, St. Valentine's Day - of course, hearts and cupids, March 8 - flowers and figures of girls.
Where to get the garland?
The range of stores is replete with a variety of accessories for the celebrations, among which, of course, it is easy to find a variety of garlands. But how many need them to decorate a house or even a single room? A single thread will not be enough. And will it be possible to find in the midst of all the diversity that which you really enjoy and suit?
The best way out is to make a garland yourself. Moreover, it is not difficult. Your attention to a detailed master class, which will teach you to make a variety of garlands for any holiday.
What will be needed for the garland?
-Paper (color or corrugated);
How to make a garland?
1. Corrugated paper is great for creating garlands, because it is an order of magnitude stronger due to a special texture, but any other colored paper will also work. Even if it happens that it breaks, you can easily glue the damaged fragment with glue or tape.
2. Next bend the paper with an accordion.
3. Having determined the figure, decide for yourself and what size it will be.
4. Draw a picture. You can do this with a template or just by hand. The drawing should be of such a size that its edges rest against the folds of the paper. Plus think over the compositional moment. In our case, the snowballs will hold on to the handles, and the asterisks will be joined by rays. Although if the flowers, for example, just stretch out in a line - it will also be quite nice.
5.Cut the pattern, taking into account the fact that the places in which the figures will connect, do not need to be cut. That is, the folds of the paper should remain intact.
6. Expand and see your garland.To make it even more interesting, add some details to it. So we painted the asterisks and snowmen's faces and they immediately became more cheerful.
Corrugated paper

Colored paper

Festive garland

Festive garland

If the garland is too short, you can repeat all the actions again, and then connect two (three, four) links with glue, tape or stapler.
Since it is very easy to make this decoration, attract a child to work. Imagine how pleasant it will be for him to see his creation on the Christmas tree or somewhere else, and tell your friends that he took part in such an important business - this is generally a reason for pride!
Such a garland can be hung from the ceiling, on the eaves and doors, or use it as the original holder of curtains.
Try it and you will definitely succeed!
Deciding on a pattern

cut out little men

Festive garland

Apply the drawing

Festive garland

On the curtain

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