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Endoscopy is a survey that allows for a detailed examination of the gastrointestinal tract and to identify diseases and disorders of this system. The procedure is carried out using a special optical apparatus. Endoscopy is the process by which the endoscope is activated. This device, which conducts light with built-in fiber optics at the end, transmits images to a monitor for further localization.

What is endoscopy? Capsule Endoscopy

endoscopy is

Every year the method is improved, the device is modernized, and the procedure itself is made more comfortable. The endoscope tube becomes smaller and thinner, the image becomes clearer and clearer. The manipulation is carried out mainly under local anesthesia, and in rare cases, with a high pain threshold, under general anesthesia. But even after anesthesia, discomfort and discomfort remain.

Progress, as you know, does not stand still, and in the field of endoscopy a new painless method has appeared - capsular endoscopy.

general information

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A new method of diagnosis is to study the internal organs with a small video capsule. The size of the device is similar to a large tablet, about 10–13 mm in diameter and 25–28 mm long, depending on the manufacturer. Each is packed in a separate plastic packaging with a magnet, as soon as it is released from the blister, shooting begins.

How does this happen

capsular endoscopy

The patient is put on a special vest with a recording device, and he swallows a sterile disposable capsule. Passing in stages through the esophagus, stomach, and passing into the intestine through the duodenum, the capsule takes pictures. These photos are transferred to a recording device in a vest and then transferred to a computer. The process of passing the capsule through the digestive organs takes about 8 hours, then it goes out naturally. After the doctor, on the basis of the color images made, concludes the work of the above-mentioned organs.

Research benefits

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- Painless and comfortable. Due to its size and natural movement in the internal organs there are no discomfort and pain.

- Convenience. During the study, the patient does not need to be in the same place, lie down or sit. You can move freely and go about your business.

- Security.The capsule is sterile and is intended for one-time use, therefore the possibility of infection and harm to the body is excluded.

- Result. Thanks to capsule endoscopy, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are detected even at the earliest stages. With this method, you can examine the small intestine, which can not be done with conventional gastroscopy. The information content of the procedure is two times higher than the usual X-ray. Unlike magnetic resonance imaging, it reveals tumors less than 5 mm. The optics in the capsule can increase the image of the villi of the intestines so that it allows you to diagnose a deadly disease of celiac disease.

The main indications for capsular endoscopy

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- Abdominal pain with good gastroscopy.

- Gastrointestinal bleeding, especially latent symptoms.

- Bloating, obstruction, intestinal disorders.

- Weight loss after prolonged diarrhea.

- Preventive measures.

- Tumors of various etiologies.

- Crohn's disease, celiac disease, amyloidosis.

- Celiac disease and problems with absorption.

- Damage of a mechanical nature and due to medication.


Like all medical procedures, endoscopy is a process with its own contraindications and limitations. These include malignant neoplasms, visible bleeding of unknown origin. Swallowing disorders, intestinal diverticulosis and mental disorders may be a limitation for endoscopy. Relatively contraindicated procedure for pregnant women and children. If the patient has implants and a pacemaker, the doctor must be informed before endoscopy.

Preparation for capsule endoscopy. Gastric endoscopy

Before conducting a study the day before the procedure, do not weight the gastrointestinal tract with heavy food; it is necessary to limit yourself to a liquid diet. One week prior to the procedure, do not take iron supplements. For 12 hours to refuse food at all, you can drink regular water, without additives and gas. Recommend also refrain from smoking. Two hours before the start of endoscopy, you can not take any drugs and do not drink liquid. It is recommended to take 1 pill of "Motilium" or "Espumizana" to stimulate intestinal motility.Patients with diabetes, the doctor changes the dosage of insulin and before the examination for 10-12 hours prescribes a laxative.

Since the capsule is in the body for a long time, after swallowing the capsule you also need to follow the instructions. Water is allowed to drink after two hours, and food intake - after 4 hours.

Any procedure has its drawbacks, and this is no exception. Since after taking the capsule there is no possibility to control and direct it, it is possible not to notice the pathology in some area. And also it is impossible to do a biopsy of the affected area, if found. The only complication is the delay of the capsule. The error is no more than 2%, but if such a situation occurs, the capsule is removed from the upper sections using a conventional endoscope. With a delay in the intestine, surgical intervention is performed.


So, in the course of this article, we found out that endoscopy is a procedure that allows you to check the condition of the stomach and the presence or absence of diseases such as gastritis and ulcers. We found out some other points. For example, the fact that endoscopy of the stomach is performed using a special device.In the cities there are special clinics that deal with similar procedures. The endoscopy unit in them is equipped with the latest technology. Separately, you can talk about the cost of the procedure. Endoscopy, the price of which is about a thousand, will always help to check the condition of the stomach, if necessary.

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