Eating hens. Content and breeds

In recent years, people's hunger for suburbanlife, stay in nature. In this regard, grow as mushrooms country plots, horticultural partnerships are developing. Some people decide their small plots of land to make a profitable business. And then the people's memory returns to the time of agricultural activity. Now this is called business. And the most easy and common poultry is poultry. Hens laying hens bring joy, their content is within the power of retired and intelligent teenagers. Moreover, the demand for environmentally friendly poultry products is growing, and such an exciting activity can be the beginning of a serious business.

Content of laying hens
hens laying content 1

On a small plot of land traditionally contain layers on deep bedding. Hens laying hens, the content of which allows them to move freely, are more healthy.

The litter can serve as peat, sawdust, shavingsor straw. The litter is stacked thickly, usually before planting a new batch of poultry for the entire period of its maintenance. This method of care has a number of advantages: in the winter on the litter the chickens are warm, the labor costs for maintenance are much lower. Sometimes a little grain waste is added to the litter to stimulate the chickens, so that they more actively loosen it. Some poultry keep their laying hens in cages or on mesh floors. The litter changes once in 12 months, and during the year it is periodically added.

Folk craftsmen improve the methods of feeding and drinking, arrange special feeders and drinking bowls.hens of laying hen 2

Eating hens do not require multiple feeding,it is enough to do it twice a day, dry full-fat foods are used as food. Some masters feed the chickens with wet buns. With this method it is necessary to pay special attention to the cleanliness of the feeding troughs, remove fodder residues regularly, clean the food troughs, clean and dry them.


One of the most common in the egg direction is the laying hen hens of the Leygorn breed. They are mobile, endowed with a living temperament, always busy looking for insects, fodder, small pebbles.

In some areas, as a result of crossingchicken leggorn with a local breed, was bred white Russian. Chickens of the layers of this breed have inherited a good egg-laying, excellent flavoring meat qualities. Known Orlovskaya breed of chickens, the origin of which little is known. Attracts poultry-lovers their smart plumage. In deducing the ancient Russian Pavlovian breed, local varieties of chickens were used.chickens of breeder 3

Eating hens are highly productive crossesrocks that give a standardized egg. They are well preserved young animals. The conditions of the home farmstead contribute to a higher egg production, which is prolonged with home maintenance up to two years. For people who are industrious, not indifferent to living nature, breeding of laying hens is an exciting activity.

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