Dwarf dogs: breeds. Photos, reviews of owners

Dwarf dogs are amazing creatures that will ideally make a company to the residents of the metropolis and become comfortable companions. Judge for yourself - with this baby you will be allowed into the cabin of a plane or cafe, to the hotel, and there will be no problems choosing a hotel when traveling on vacation. If you try to do the same thing with a German shepherd or rottweiler, then those around you simply will not understand. However, dwarf dogs are reliable creatures that are faithful to their owners until the last day of their lives.

dwarf dogs

Nutrition Crumbs

When starting a tiny pet, you need to remember that pet food for dwarf dogs should be as balanced as possible. You can not give them food from your table. Therefore, despite the apparent profitability of this breed, you still have to spend money on good food. The fact is that the gastrointestinal tract of these crumbs is arranged in such a way that its work with difficulty can provide the body with the necessary energy when feeding with ordinary food (porridge, meat).This is especially true for pocket dogs, because on natural food they will always remain hungry. A good choice could be the “Proplan for small and dwarf dogs”. The increased protein content will give the opportunity to fully grow and develop your pet. Dwarf dogs eat a little, so you can safely buy the best premium food. It is very important from childhood to teach your dog to healthy food. Having become accustomed to eat fat pruning or chicken legs, she, even dying from hunger, will not touch any other food. That is why you need to immediately think out the feeding scheme and follow it.

Furry Handsome - Pomeranian Spitz

Especially effectively they look in suits and dresses at exhibitions. Right pupae, not dogs. Spitz Pomeranian, dwarf, - this is not quiet, but a real badass. Affectionate favorite of the house, he can become the initiator of the majority of dog fights in the yard. Surprisingly, these crumbs also manage to gain the upper hand. Do not start this dog if you are limited in time, because the thick hair of these crumbs requires constant care. A well-combed spitz looks like a dandelion, because its wool sticks out in all directions. Almost all dwarf dogs require careful care, but the coat is especially Spitz.I did not have time to look back - and she was already covered in tarts, which can only be cut.

In addition to the difficulties in care, you need to mention the character of this dog. It is difficult, you need to be able to find an approach. With all the devotion to the owner, the dog will always try to occupy a dominant position in the family, therefore the elementary skills of obedience must be mastered from the first day. Judging by the reviews, these are real Monogamous, they choose their owner once and for all.

dwarf dog breeds

Chihuahua grace

Probably the most famous in the world - the dwarf dog breeds Chihuahua. These are the smallest representatives of the dog world. Surely each of you have already imagined this creation - thin legs, tiny muzzle, protruding ears. They are constantly shaking, and it is not clear - from fear or cold. Its weight often does not exceed 500 g, so you have to buy special clothes so that your pet does not freeze in any season. This is a very affectionate and devoted creation, which is very attached to its owner. You can not get a Chihuahua and go to work with a schedule from early morning until late evening. These crumbs will miss the owner so much that they can get sick and die.Otherwise, this is a wonderful, devoted comrade who is easily trained and does not require special care, it does not need to be taken to a beauty salon. According to the reviews, the owners literally idolize these loyal babies, because they are gentle, lovely and surprisingly obedient.

dogs pomeranian dwarf

Little Fighter - Miniature Pinscher

These dwarf dogs are often perceived as sofa toys, but in reality this is far from the case. This is a real fighter, you will be surprised, but it belongs to official breeds. In many countries, they are used in customs and the police. The unique scent of these crumbs never fails. They perfectly find drugs and weapons, explosives. For the first time these dogs were bred to fight rodents, they have enough strength to defeat a huge, terrible rat. Dwarf dog breeds are very convenient in maintenance, but require no less attention than their large counterparts. Pinchers have a sharp mind and are very easy to train. Judging by the reviews, it is necessary to adapt to this breed, it is not suitable for beginners in this business.

decorative dwarf breed of greyhound dogs

Affectionate and gentle dwarf poodle

Dwarf ornamental dogs were bred later, initially poodles served on the borders, working side by side with the military.They are very intelligent, able to understand a person literally at a half-word. Poodles were bred several species: royal (up to 80 cm at the withers) and medium. Later brought and dwarf, who became a real favorite of the inhabitants of the city apartment. They are unpretentious in the care, but you need time to cut their curly hair. However, dwarf dog breeds do not have the best health, so it is necessary to carry out vaccination on time. Reviews say that this is the best dog in the world - amazingly intelligent, faithful, she has no smell, she does not shed. However, poodles are quite jealous of other pets.

Dwarf dachshund

When acquiring a representative of this breed, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons and find out what other dogs exist. Dwarf dachshund is not so small, it is just a little less than all other dachshunds. They are really wonderful, but we must bear in mind that this is a hunter, a hardy companion and just a fun and wonderful friend. What does it mean - a companion? This means that a curious, wet nose will climb everywhere and accompany you in any household chores. It should be noted that the dachshund is not very well suited for content in the apartment.But if you are a frequent guest in the country, then your pet will be just happy to dig with you in the ground and hunt for insects.

Dwarf dachshund has good health and lives long enough. At the same time, dogs are easily trained, it will take only a few minutes a day to practice one team. They are unpretentious in care, almost do not shed, any dachshund gladly lie down with the owner on the couch. The most important thing for this dog is that the owner is near.

food for dwarf dogs

Little Cloud - Pekingese

Puppies, and adult Pekingese just adorable. These dwarf decorative dogs seem to be created in order to adorn our lives. However, the care of their stunning coat is quite complicated. Their features are a flat face, huge round eyes, like an owl, and long hair. If you hear the term "lion dog", then do not doubt that we are talking about Pekingese. And this applies not only to the appearance, but also to the character. This is a great companion, which is quite easily put up with daytime solitude, while the boss is at work. But in the evening they will definitely demand their portion of love and affection.

This is an ancient breed, about 2000 years have passed since the Pekingese began to decorate the chambers of the emperors.However, the nature of the dogs has not changed, they are all the same - proud, tough, unruly and cocky. The training of this breed can take a lot of time and not be crowned with success.

If you took yourself Pekingese, then remember that his fragile physique is very conducive to injury. Even jumping from a sofa, a Pekingese can break his paw, so you need to pay a lot of attention to the environment in which your dog will live. Excessively active games can also cause damage to health, and it is necessary to wear a Pekingese to a leash while walking, so that he does not enter into a fight with larger dogs.

dwarf dog breeds

Yorkshire Terrier

These are dwarf dogs, photos of which will surely decorate your apartment. It is impossible not to fall in love with this miracle with silk wool and flirty bows on the fringe. However, these bold crumbs were not brought out in order to travel around the exhibitions. First of all, it is a working dog, in the 19th century it was used to fight rats in mines, it helped miners. Already later, breeders have significantly improved the appearance of the dog, while identifying two varieties: the larger one is working and the small one is decorative.She is courageous, but calm, she never throws herself into a fight.


These wonderful dogs came to us from the Far East, where they lived with the monks. In Europe, these crumbs became popular due to their small size and unusual appearance. Everything in them is very harmonious - a thin, silky hair, big eyes, a tail hook. These dogs are amazingly intelligent, patient and obedient. They get along well with children, but training is a weak point, problems may arise. This is a good guard dog that does not need much physical exertion or complex care. The only food should be well balanced. Pug is highly susceptible to this problem, as overweight. Extra kilos a very negative impact on his health, and without heart is too much load because of the shortened muzzle.

Chihuahua Mini Dogs

Home greyhound

If you take a dog hunting breeds, it is necessary to select the time you'll spend on the street, and it should be a lot. This applies to basset hounds, dachshunds, poodles and many others. Of course, the dwarf breed of greyhound dogs is no exception.However, if you are a fan of graceful greyhounds, but live in an apartment, then it is the Italian Italian Greyhound that might be a suitable option. It is convenient to contain it, it does not smell and does not fade, and at the same time it is not so small as to prevent you from admiring an elegant and light physique.

These are very impressionable dogs and, like dachshunds, can tremble when a stream of experiences and new impressions hits them. Italian greyhound is very smart. This decorative dwarf breed of greyhound dogs gets along well with other animals and with children, dearly loves its owner and wants to be loved. This is a real greyhound that loves movement. She can run indefinitely, and on the street you will need to constantly keep her on a leash, because if she sees something that attracts her attention, she will rush to catch up with her “prey” in any case.

dwarf decorative dogs

Content Features

Small and very elegant, she easily conquers the hearts of the whole family. Italian greyhound is unpretentious in food, and to feed it is quite burdensome. However, for those who are seriously cramped in time, it is better not to get such a dog, because you have to walk a lot with it.Do not forget about the special clothes. Italian greyhound is very cold in wet and cold weather, so you need several options for clothes and shoes for each season. Keep in mind that each kit is not cheap.

Small or pocket

Many people think that pocket dogs are a special breed, but in reality this is not the case. All listed above are dwarf dogs. Breeds, as you can see, are the most diverse. Such crumbs are much appreciated, and breeders speculate on this. However, we must be aware that you choose a friend, not a fashionable toy. Tiny dogs are often in poor health, and to save such a baby is very difficult, vomiting or diarrhea will kill him within a few hours. It is necessary to carefully monitor the state of health of your baby, invite doctors in time, and also very carefully choose food. Despite all efforts, the pocket dog often lives much less than the usual dwarf. Therefore, if your choice is a family favorite for many years, then you should not make it based on fashionable trends. Let the dog weigh 500 g more, but it will live a long and happy life.

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