Do-it-yourself window grilles: technology and instructions

Anyone who cares about the safety of their own homes, most likely, thinks about installing bars on the windows. To date, they have become popular not only among residents of the first floors, but also among those who live higher. Thieves under the power to penetrate through the window in almost any apartment. The easiest way to seek the services of professionals, but it will cost quite expensive, especially since you can always put the lattice on the windows with their own hands. This is actually not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.


lattice on the windows with their own hands

In this segment of the market there are a huge number of models that will appeal to even the most capricious consumers. Different subspecies mainly depend on cost and production methods.

1. Welded grilles are the most affordable option to protect the premises. Previously, such models were of the same type and practically did not differ from each other.Over time, their range has expanded. Thanks to this technique, you can make a product of any design that will be able to support the overall style of the building. Such designs are distinguished by a combination of correct forms and complete symmetry.

2. Forging differs from the previous method in the degree of reliability and structural strength. It is more difficult to make such a grid on the window with your own hands, but still, if you have the necessary tools, it is possible. Forged grilles ensure that such protection will not be damaged by the influence of weather conditions, and will serve its owners for a long time. Their range is very diverse, and everyone can choose the appropriate option for themselves. Such models will be a highlight and decoration for the facade of the building, which not only protects it, but also gives some sophistication and charm.


grilles on the windows do it yourself photo

Aesthetic beauty, of course, is important, but installation of the product is also important. After all, the safety of the house and its inhabitants depends on how exactly the lattice will be located on the windows with its own hands.

1. Removable - when installing them, bolts of different diameters are used. Such fasteners can not be called very reliable, they often begin to deform almost immediately after installation.Most often, these options are used to ensure the safety of shops. This is very convenient, since during the day they can be removed altogether so that they do not interfere, and after closing they are put back for safekeeping.

2. Stationary - such devices are considered to be very reliable and durable, and the probability that they deform is minimal, since they are less susceptible to mechanical stress.


When installing the lattices on the windows with their own hands, the photos of which can be seen further, it is required to determine the method of opening them.

do the lattice on the window do it yourself

1. Oar - the main elements here are the sash and frame, which is mounted in the window opening, and then, with the help of special hinges, the doors are installed into it. Thanks to this system, the grilles can be opened at any time if necessary. Protection against penetration from the outside provides a mortise or padlock, which is mounted on two doors or only on the frame.

2. Sliding grilles on the windows with their own hands, the photos of which are presented in the article, work on the principle of moving the valves to the sides. To install them, you need a frame fixed in the opening.For fixation, a closure mechanism or a built-in lock is most often used.

lattice on the window do it yourself without welding3. Deaf - for their installation frame frame is firmly installed in the window opening. In this model, there are no doors, so there is no way to open them in any way. They are considered unsafe in the event of a fire alarm, as in the case of an emergency, to use this output will not work.

Grilles for child safety

In order to preserve the lives of children living in apartments located in multi-storey buildings, professionals recommend installing grills on plastic windows made with their own hands or with the assistance of manufacturing companies. The composition of such protection is similar to the material profile of this window design.

The distinctive features of such structures are the following characteristics:

  • rods should be with rounded edges without decorative and sharp elements, which can often be seen on forged structures;
  • the maximum distance that can be present between the rods is 10 cm, since this distance allows protection against the penetration of the child’s head between the grid elements;
  • such fuses protects all the window opening space without exception.

Another important advantage of the lattices on the windows of children (with their own hands, such structures can be assembled without much difficulty) is the possibility of seamless dismantling of the entire structure. After the children grow up, the protection can be removed, and the place of attachment is decorated with plastic plugs.


grill on the window from the children with their own hands

In order to install the lattice on the windows with their own hands, the following devices are necessary:

  • electric welding;
  • electric arc;
  • ordinary hammer;
  • drill, in which there is a rebound function and a set of drills for work on stone and metal.


do-it-yourself window grating installation

For further work, the following profiles are most often used:

  • rod;
  • square;
  • stripes;
  • combined profile.

The strip is considered to be the most cost-effective and easy to use, because it is very easy to cut, bend and twist. But such lattices on the windows do-it-yourself have a less durable construction and rarely differ in highly artistic and original design.

Thanks to the use of a bar and a metal square, it is possible to make a more rigid grille.And many craftsmen form of these works of art that adorn many buildings.

Frames for gratings are mounted from a corner of 35 * 35-50 * 50 mm, occasionally performed using pipes or wide strips.

For a more aesthetic view of the lattice on the windows, they are mostly not made of the same material, but rather they select several different profiles, which allows the master to show creativity and imagination.

Criterias of choice

grilles on plastic windows do it yourself

Safety and ease of use of protection depend on its design and type. Because at the time of their choice, it is necessary to treat it quite responsibly. In order to accurately make the right decision, you can use the following recommendations.

1. The facade of the building should remain still aesthetic, therefore the installed grilles on the windows with their hands must fit into it harmoniously and logically.

2. The weight of the structure should not exceed the bearing capacity of the walls, since their destruction or collapse may occur.

3. The thickness of the reinforcement is selected so that it does not become a serious obstacle to the light entering the room, at the same time it must be sufficiently strong.

4.Lattices can not interfere with the functionality of windows.

5. Installation of the structure should be relatively simple, and the system of its fasteners requires special attention.


In order to install the grilles on the window with your hands without welding and with it, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work and determine the size of the protection. To do this, the window is completely measured out, and the data obtained are recorded on paper. It is also necessary to consider the location of the future structure, its depth relative to the window. The grille can be located inside the window opening as well as outside.

Instructions for the job

how to cook a lattice on the window do it yourself

1. The selected material is cut according to the prepared sketch. When there is a need to create an intricate pattern, the rod bends, so it is recommended to prepare a template in advance. For rounded elements, you can use a pipe of suitable diameter.

2. Welding also requires a sketch. It is more convenient to carry out the construction on a flat plane, for example, on a concrete platform or workbench. Initially, the frame and the extreme elements are made, after which everything is seized by spot welding.

3If a framework is not used for making windows on the windows with your own hands, then in the place of installation of the lock and the hinges to the bar it is necessary to install metal corners or tapes.

4. In the slopes of the window is required to secure the pins. For this, the prepared structures are applied to the window, aligned, and then the places for the installation of the pins are laid out, taking into account the distance for mounting the hinges.

5. Using a perforator, holes are formed with a depth of 10-15 cm. Pins are driven in from a corrugated rod so that only a few centimeters are visible on the surface. If necessary, the excess can be cut with a grinder. Next, a corner or metal tape is welded onto it in the form of a framework for future protection.

6. The hinges are welded in such a way that they are directed oppositely, thanks to which the grille can be made non-removable. Then the prepared part is inserted into them, the structure is applied and welded to the hinges.

7. All metal elements are cleaned from scale, coated with a primer, and after it is completely dried, with a paint suitable for metal products.

Fastening methods

How to weld the grille on the window with your own hands, it became clear that it was necessary to figure out what methods of their installation existed.

1.With the help of welding - then all the work is done using rebar pieces. Most often enough to prepare 6 pins on one frame. If the window opening is high, then this number can be increased to 8. Holes with a diameter of 100-103 mm are formed in the slopes. Holes of the same diameter are drilled in the frame. Then it is installed in the opening and, through the prepared holes, the pins are driven into the wall so that they extend beyond the frame by several centimeters. Then all the nodes are boiled qualitatively, and the protruding ends are cut off by the grinder. After completion of the work, the entire structure is cleaned of scale, primed and lubricated with a paint and varnish composition intended for working with metal.

2. Fastening hardware also can not do without welding. To do this, take metal ears (strips of 4 mm steel with a size of 40 * 50 mm), and holes are formed in them. The frame is installed on the prepared place, and through the through holes in the ears on the slopes are marked the points that are required for the re-drilling of the grooves of anchor fasteners. Next, the frame is removed, and after that the holes are prepared.Then the grille is reinstalled and fixed with anchor bolts.


By this criterion of protection, structures can be divided into three main types:

1. Decorative - they are made according to a previously prepared sketch or drawing and correspond to the style of the project, as well as the wishes of the customer. Their main function is more decorative than security.

2. Security-decorative - such structures are considered reinforced, metal elements are placed with a smaller interval, and their strength is significantly improved. Besides the fact that the lattice consists of simple rods of the base, they are also decorated with various elements. Wrought openwork window grilles amaze with their elegance and grace, craftsmanship and manufacturing technology. Such designs are unusual examples of design art. Very often, such forging becomes an excellent addition to the general architectural style of a building.

3. Security - such grids are very simple in design, but despite this, their device is considered the most reliable. Samples of such structures can be seen in warehouses, factories and various sensitive sites. Through the use of steel elements and locks, their reliability is enhanced.It is possible to make such lattices independently, as their production is considered elementary. A sketch is prepared in advance, according to which quality protection is subsequently formed.

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