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In just a few years, our life has changed a lot. In every Moscow apartment there is fast Internet, whose speed and price are envied by residents of other countries. The average speed of home Internet in Moscow is now 35 Mbit / s.
Foreign tourists are starting to envy us even more when they discover that free Wi-Fi is working in the Moscow metro. Now he has appeared in public transport and on the streets in the city center. Some Muscovites are wondering why it is needed, because everyone in smartphones has large Internet packages, but tourists really appreciate such innovations.
I also remember the times when at the end of each month it was necessary to record the readings of water meters on special forms and carry them in the ECD, now this is done in a few seconds on the portal of state services.

Moscow residents are so accustomed to "digital" services that they do not even notice how the process of interaction with state institutions has changed. Some procedures and did go online, such as registration of benefits for the birth of a child.
There was a quiet "revolution" in health care.More recently, the mere thought of having to go to the clinic caused horror in many people, and I myself spent a few years ago waiting in a queue for a therapist for six hours.
And two weeks ago, I signed up to the same therapist through the state services, came to the appointed time and found that there was no queue. Absolutely not.
But this is not the end result. There are plans to completely abandon the paper cards that are always “lost” on the way from the doctor’s office to the registry. The process is already underway: 3,000 medical records of Muscovites have become electronic, and almost 97% of preferential prescriptions are written out in electronic form.
For several years, electronic diaries and electronic systems “Passage and Nutrition” have been operating in Moscow schools. In 2016, the pilot schools of the capital launched the Moscow Electronic School project. The project includes a global modernization of the school computer park and the development of a citywide platform of electronic educational materials - lesson scenarios, virtual laboratories, electronic textbooks and manuals. Until the end of 2018, the Moscow e-school project will include all metropolitan schools.
New technologies have come into the housing sector.Most communal equipment is equipped with GLONASS trackers. The city has tens of thousands of video cameras that help keep order in the urban economy. The portal "My city" accepts applications for any problems with housing and communal services, sends them directly to the executives in the operating units and monitors their implementation.
"Digitalization" has come in so many areas of life. We quickly get used to the good and have already begun to forget that quite recently it was different.
Against the background of positive news about prestigious awards and honorary places in the ratings of "digital" cities that Moscow occupies (for example, became a finalist at the prestigious international award of the World Smart City Awards) you should not forget that not everything works perfectly and there is still room to grow - for example, For many years, many Muscovites have been waiting for the promised personalization of the Troika travel card so that in case of loss of a card it can be restored.
The question of cyber threats and the security of personal data was much more acute, but this is a common problem of the new information society, the solution of which employs the most qualified specialists all over the world.
The numbers speak for themselves: in 2016, Muscovites received almost 196 million services in electronic form. This is 3000 times more than five years ago.
Progress does not stop!
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