Diet “Do not eat after 6”: how not to allow gluttony to seize the figure

Diet “Do not eat after 6”: how not to allow gluttony to seize the figure

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Doctors and diet experts claim that late dinner is a direct route to obesity. How, then, to keep yourself, if under the cover of night food gets a particularly seductive taste?

In their youth, sitting at a computer until late at night and eating pizza boxes, and washing it down with cola, few people worry about overweight. It is understandable. At this age, our body is just beginning to grow stronger, to grow and is not going to transform itself into a rosy donut. Therefore, the majority ceases to worry about late dinner. And it is completely in vain. By the age of thirty, this will turn into a serious problem and cause for concern about the slimness of the figure, even among those who have always been in shape.

We will tell you how to fight this nightmare, waiting for us in the night silence.

The most popular way to keep a figure is not to eat after six.
Many of you have probably even seen a joking sketch dedicated to this diet. The young ladies, sitting in a restaurant, gobble up all that is on the table for both cheeks, while looking anxiously at the clock. As soon as the clock stopped at 18-00, they all threw together the forks. In fact, everything is not entirely due to it - you put off the fork or not after an hour of “X”, but the quality of food throughout the day. But this “chip” with a boycott dinner after 18-00 can be used for self-control.

Do not try to be like the heroines of this sketch, believe in your own strength, and you can lose weight with the help of the “Do not eat after 6” diet.

You will need:

Diet Catherine Mirimanovoy "Minus 60"

This diet got its name in honor of the fact that its author managed to lose 60 kg in just one and a half years and not weigh 120 kg, but two times less. She holds this result for more than ten years.

The most important link in this system is the ban on eating after six o'clock in the evening. Shift dinner to a later time (no more than an hour) is allowed only to those who go to bed very late.

The most attractive thing in this diet - breakfast is not limited to anything.

The main postulate of the “system minus 60” - until 12-00 you can eat anything.
That is what attracts all new and new fans of the Mirimanova diet.

Its principles are simple: in your diet there are three main meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • At breakfast, you can eat anything your heart desires - even sweets in unlimited quantities. In the future, there will be a natural adjustment of appetite, and you no longer want to eat much. You can not just eat milk chocolate, it is recommended to switch to bitter.
  • For lunch, cook dishes without sauces and cheese. It can be porridge cooked in water and meat (not fried) without breading and sauce.
  • For dinner, you already have to choose one thing: either a piece of meat or porridge. You can complement the meal with vegetable salad.
  • Dessert is permitted, but limited to unsweetened fruit.
  • You can drink anything you want, but also savory.
  • Of the alcoholic beverages allowed only a little red dry wine.
  • Drinking water in unlimited quantities, but at will, do not force yourself.

Diet "Do not eat after 6": we eat everything and do not recover

When the body gets used to the diet, the weight will gradually begin to decline.

The trick to this diet is that the author relies on the natural regulation of appetite, and this option is not suitable for everyone.

It happens that a person has an increased need for food due to psychological disorder or family traditions. For such people, the “system minus 60” turns into an irrepressible gluttony in the morning, which will only lead to weight gain. Especially for them it is important to remind that the amount of food in each intake should not exceed the basic volume of the stomach. How to determine this volume?

We take two hands and fold the palms of the boat. Now bring them together. This will be the measure of the food that your stomach needs.

Diet "Do not eat after 6": we eat everything and do not recover

Another drop of tar 🙂

If you allow yourself daily sweet, even if only for breakfast, weight control will be very difficult.
Judge for yourself: the standard piece of cake contains about 500 kcal, and the big one will pull on all 700. It seems to us that we have eaten just a little bit of cake, and in terms of calories we get a clear advantage. Therefore, some can not lose weight on such a diet. Or you need to connect intensive physical training.
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Commoner way

The chip of this program is that there is no program. During the day, you can eat your usual food, but only until 18-00. With the onset of the hour “X” mouth closes. True, nutritionists make a reservation that this method only works if:

  • During the day you eat in accordance with the norms of a healthy diet, without kinking in the form of french fries or a triple burger;
  • if you have a problem with self-discipline and, having come home after work, you cannot stop emptying the refrigerator, you chew something all the time. This diet will teach you to control yourself after six in the evening;
  • if there is a desire to eradicate the bad habit all the time something wrapped around. If other methods do not help, then only a strict ban is needed not to eat after six.


Diet with deviation in intermittent fasting

The essence of this diet is not so much in reducing weight, but in increasing the level of growth hormone and speeding up the regenerative processes after sports (both strength and certain types of fitness).

Here are the diet conditions:

  • Choose an eight-hour period when you eat three to five times during this period;
  • on a workout day, eat carbohydrates at the rate of 5 grams per 1 kg of your weight, 2 grams of protein in the same proportion that you get with fats;
  • on days when there is no workout, carbohydrate intake is reduced to 1.5 g, while fats, on the contrary, can be increased by 10 percent;
  • in fact, this happens as follows: on a non-workout day, you eat only vegetable salads, seasoned with vegetable oil, with a piece of lean meat or cheese, and on a workout day, you can add a small slice of bread and a handful of cereal or fruit to this diet
  • for the rest of the day, except for this eight-hour segment, you cannot eat anything, just drink water. Many suppress the feeling of hunger in the morning with a cup of black coffee with the addition of coconut oil, considering this drink to be magical;
  • you can lose weight only when you can reduce the nutritional value of food in relation to the body's need for energy;
  • an increase in growth hormone occurs only in those who are able to fall asleep without eating before. If you wake up from hunger all the time, the diet stops;
  • Diet can disrupt the menstrual cycle, so it is not recommended for frequent use.

We want to dispel the myth that those who play sports can eat everything. The logic of such a delusion is simple: if I, defeating my own laziness, reached the gym, then why not reward myself for it and not grab a couple of burgers with me.

Diet "Do not eat after 6": we eat everything and do not recover

The reality is that physical exercise leads to a depletion of muscle glycogen. To support their work, the body has to transform protein and fatty foods into carbohydrates in an intensive manner, because it is they who feed the muscle system. Therefore, you need a sports diet, which will not allow to feel powerlessness. But if you eat haphazardly, the excess of fat and protein in food is still converted into carbohydrates.

Hence the conclusion: if you do not eat after 6, you go in for sports, but at the same time you eat haphazardly and enjoy fast food - you will not be able to lose weight.


Diet for weight loss, based on the cessation of food intake after 18-00, is not suitable for people with a history of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. For them, long breaks between meals are contraindicated, because they can lead to a drop in the level of sugar in the blood which is dangerous to health.

In addition, this diet is contraindicated for those who have chronic gastritis, pancreatitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis. Also, abandoning the diet “Not eating after 6” is recommended for people with a tendency to constipation.

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A few tips to this diet

  • Try to do without bread.

In the manufacture of high-grade flour from it completely lost fiber. Getting into the digestive organs, a piece of bread from this sort of flour provokes a simple filling (our lunch).

Flour, like a paste, envelops the contents of the stomach and prevents its splitting. As a result, the body is left without nutritionally valuable substances and soon appetite is again excited.

Diet "Do not eat after 6": we eat everything and do not recover

If after reading you are no longer eager to burn a breadbasket or set pigeons on it, do not rush. A piece of bread, stale or dried in a toaster, is not so harmful to the stomach. A bread containing bran, even is beneficial. But his nutritionists advise to use only as one of the ingredients of the sandwich, as an independent dish, and not as an addition to a hearty lunch. So, if you do not eat anything after six in the evening, and before that you lean on buns, it will not help you lose weight.

  • It is better to eat fruit, grown in the region.

The “Do not eat after 6” diet allows you to eat fruits, but they need to be introduced into the diet carefully. The gastrointestinal tract is well digested plant foods. Fruits and vegetables are our home food. They contain large amounts of fiber, fructose, water, vitamins, trace elements.

Diet "Do not eat after 6": we eat everything and do not recover

The absorption of fruit by the body is better if they are grown in at least one hemisphere with this very organism. The strange fruit, the less we have enzymes for its digestion.

Cherimoya and Marula will not saturate the body with vitamins, rather - they will twist the stomach. Maybe fruit and all that you ate before that were torn away. Maybe an allergy to exotic fruits. Outwardly, you may not be covered in stains, but the stomach will do it with pleasure. Therefore, in order for the diet to work effectively, it is desirable to eat only local fruits.

  • Do not get carried away juices.

Many believe that it is necessary to eat moderately during a diet, but you can and should drink a lot. Contrary to the existing stereotype, juices (especially packaged) are quite high in calories. Instead, try to drink plenty of plain water.

  • Pretend that you are a pedestrian.

Reviews on the Internet show that without exercise, no diet will not help to lose weight. Try walking. It is absurd to completely abandon the car, but you can park it a little further than usual, it will bear fruit. Walk on foot - this is useful.

  • Do not start a diet if there is no desire.

Nutritionists have told a terrible secret: torments of conscience can “put a pig” to those who want to lose weight. If you decide to go on a diet from tomorrow, and didn’t stand it tonight, and pulled out a package of dumplings that were thrown out before, then it’s likely that you will eat them right away in a fit of self-flagellation.

Do not let the pledge eat only water and lettuce leaves. Weighted approach to weight loss issues.

  • Drink all kinds of "fresh".

In order for the “Do not eat after 6” diet to work more efficiently, you need to eat more fruits, vegetables, and greens. All this can be combined in different variations or crushed with a blender. These mixtures can hardly be called juices, but they are terribly useful. They must be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach.

Diet "Do not eat after 6": we eat everything and do not recover

  • Breakfast should be such as if you do not have lunch.

We dare to outshine your mother by the number of instructions, but still: eating breakfast tightly and slowly,you not only increase your working capacity, but also reduce the likelihood of excessive gluttony at lunch.

  • Turn around more.

Having come to work, do not stick at the computer for the whole day. Hearing the sound of a working printer, rush headlong to him with a cry: “I take!”. Grabbing, immediately find out who to carry. And let the colleagues think that these are consequences of a recent stalling of a flowerpot on your head, but you know that you need to use every chance to tear the ass off the chair. This behavior provides, in addition to the diet, even a minus kilogram per week.

  • Not a word about diets.
Psychology in its pure form: the mention of diets causes people to associate with the loss of opportunities that they want, with different extremes, complexes and other annoying things.

Diet "Do not eat after 6": we eat everything and do not recover

We advise you not to tell your entourage about intentions to lose weight: there is no need for you to observe how employees demonstratively crack pies, mumbling with a full mouth, that, well, they are doing a good job, do not allow the gluttony demon to take possession of you.

And if you suddenly ask why, instead of the usual french fries, you took celery today, say that ... Oh, listen, if you don’t know what to say, maybe you have the exact complexes,not overweight.

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