Deputy Assistant: Rights and Responsibilities. How to become an assistant deputy?

The phrase "assistant deputy" is found today quite often. Many have a very rough idea of ​​what the person in this position is doing. Someone sees him as an influential deputy, and some believe that this is an ordinary civil servant. Let's figure out who he really is and how to become one.

Where to begin? Legal aspect

The search for an answer to the question of how to become an assistant to a deputy must begin first of all with a detailed study of the regulatory framework. This may take some time. Since there are a lot of legislative acts regulating issues of compliance with the position, employment, as well as the rights and duties of a person holding the position of “assistant deputy”.

assistant deputy

The first requirement for an assistant is the citizenship of the Russian Federation, since people's deputies represent the interests not of a single person or group, but of the people of this country.

Among the entire mass of legal and regulatory documentation that is relevant to this issue, there are two main federal laws. The first regulates the statuses of: members of the Federation Council and deputies of the State Duma. In addition, it also contains rules specifying certain aspects of the activities of assistants.

assistant deputy of the State Duma

The second defines the provisions relating to the civil service. Indeed, as is known, the status of an assistant is one of the official categories of the register of the federal service.

Required qualifications

Since the position of "assistant deputy" refers to the state, then the requirements for it are relevant.

  1. The candidate for the position must necessarily have a higher education. Which one exactly? Representatives of the people's representatives give different answers to this question. It all depends on the preferences of the deputy. Among the most demanded: legal, economic, in some cases - technical. And even better if there are several.
  2. The presence of work experience. He may be related to the civil service and in this case must be at least two years.Also may be taken into account the presence of experience in the specialty. In this case, it should be more than four years.
  3. Knowledge and practical skills corresponding to this profession that will allow to successfully cope with the tasks.

As, in fact, when applying for any job, an interview is conducted. This is done in order to determine any professional skills or knowledge, to discuss such issues as working conditions, salary amount, work schedule and much more.

assistant deputy

The defining moment here are the personal preferences of the deputy. His leadership style, activity and other qualities. Inoda the decisive word remains for the party, of which one or another deputy is a member.

Work regulations

Rules of service activities, which is carried out by the assistant to the deputy of the State Duma, are always regulated and fixed by the relevant document. To do this, create a regulatory document such as job regulations. In its formation, in addition to deputies of the State Duma, the chief of staff of the lower house of parliament takes part.

assistant deputy of the State Duma

In addition to the regulations, there is a job description. However, it should be noted that the people's choice has the right to determine the main activities that the assistant to the deputy of the State Duma should implement. And as often happens in these cases, orders are not limited to the regulations or job descriptions. Here is the time to recall the terms of reference that the assistant deputy has.

Main functions

They are determined by law. The duties to be performed by an assistant deputy, modestly fit in just six points. But each of them includes a whole line of activity. For example, one of the points states that the assistant must conduct the paperwork. Of course, this concept can include many different actions that will be related to documentation, its creation, storage, timely destruction, etc.

job assistant deputy

These items can be summarized by presenting all the duties in the form of several functions:

  1. Organizational, which consists in preparing and conducting meetings of the deputy with visitors and voters.
  2. Information, analytical, background and other, covering all kinds of similar assistance in the exercise of authority.
  3. Record keeping - everything that concerns the workflow and not only.
  4. Additional functions specified in the contract or contract.

There is no need to detail the first, third and fourth directions, since they will be determined on the basis of the preferences of the deputy and the number of assistants he has. The second should be more detailed.

Analytical work

This is where the outstanding talents and enormous responsibility of the assistant will be required, since this type of activity is in some way creative. Here it is necessary to have intuition, to be able to predict the development of some events, taking into account the direction of the political and social actions of the people's choice. These qualities will not only allow being an indispensable assistant, but also make possible your own political career. After all, it has long been known that politics is an extraordinary type of activity. According to the most famous thinkers of the past centuries, it is not only a vocation, but also a special art.

When working with various kinds of information, an assistant should always remember that it is relevant to matters of national importance. Therefore, even if there is no neck of secrecy, it is not necessary to spread about the affairs of the service.Of course, the deputies themselves adhere to this point of view. Therefore, the assistant who does not carry information beyond the margins is especially appreciated.

Little about rights

Immediately, we note that some of them can be implemented only on behalf of the deputy. The law fit rights in just a few points. So, the assistant deputy has the right to:

  • to travel free of charge on buses and trains within a regulatory area;
  • freely enter the premises of any institutions, including state bodies, and also use their equipment if necessary;
  • for the organization of receptions of high-ranking officials to use the premises of stations, airports, etc .;
  • receive correspondence addressed to the deputy.

Of course, this list is far from complete, since the existing terms of reference of the people's representative themselves sometimes go beyond the limits limited by law, which in a certain way affects his assistants.

Certificate and employment assistant deputy

The attitude of the people to the documents in our country is special. After all, it is not without reason that the common phrase says that without a certain “paper” a person is of no interest to some of his fellows.The same situation is with the document, which is the certificate of the assistant deputy. You shouldn’t abuse it by demonstration, because it can negatively affect not only the image of the deputy, but also the reputation of the entire party or faction. Better to be careful.

How can an assistant deputy be employed? Here the law offers several options:

  • under a contract for a fixed term;
  • under an employment contract also on an urgent basis;
  • on a voluntary basis.

On the grounds on which the assistant works, a corresponding entry is made in his certificate. It should be noted that in the first two cases the number of assistants is small: from two people to five, and in the third a deputy may have up to forty assistants.

Business qualities

Their range is wide enough. The elected representatives of the people want to see in the assistant a versatile person who can, if not all, then much. Select the main:

  • secretarial skills, which include the ability to work with computers, orient in modern software;
  • good organizational skills to ensure the implementation of both daily operations and unforeseen;
  • foresight, which will allow ahead of managerial orders and save time, freeing from the need for careful planning.

The activity of the MP is complex, diverse, and requires the assistant to meet all these conditions.

Personal characteristics

Here too it will take an effort. Not every elected representative of the people sees in his subordinate only a good performer. Taking into account the peculiarities of political activity, the work of an assistant deputy requires an active position, which implies participation in discussions, the ability to offer something new and to argue the expressed point of view. Such a format of activity requires confidence, activity, initiative.

how to become an assistant deputy

At the same time, the assistant deputy of the Russian Federation must be diplomatic. If criticism of any action by management has followed, you need to calmly respond, recognizing that it was reasonable.

Working with voters and visitors requires communication skills, as well as a discreet and tidy appearance.

What are the chances to implement such a job?

If acquaintance with the above did not temper the ardor and the question of how to become an assistant deputy, has not lost its relevance, you can assess the real possibilities. For this it is enough to refer to the norms of the law. It states that the deputy may have quite a few assistants - forty, but there are a few but.

assistant deputy certificate

The first is where the work is planned. If we are talking about one of the chambers of parliament, there may be only two of them.

The second is a type of employment. If there is a desire to work on a voluntary basis, then there may be no more than forty assistants. In the case of registration of labor relations under a contract or employment contract, their number will be no more than five people.

That is, it is easier to get to assistants by starting to work on a voluntary basis. At this stage, you need to try to establish yourself well. This, perhaps, will open the way to higher achievements in this field.

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