Denim earrings

Jeans- a material that never goes out of style! It looks elegant and luxurious. From this fabric you can make a huge number of accessories, things and other things. In this article we will share the story of how to make earrings from this universal fabric.
Denim earrings will be a great addition to your look and will highlight their owner from the crowd.
In the process of creating such a women's jewelry, we need the following materials:
1. Denim;
2. Cardboard;
3. Marker;
4. Scissors;
5. Studs or hooks (can be purchased in stores selling various accessories).
denim earrings

Instructions for making denim jewelry below.
Step # 1. We make paper blanks.
On paper we draw blanks in the form of hearts, they will be useful to us for creating fabric blanks. Then cut them out.
denim earrings

denim earrings

Step number 2. We make the basis of earrings.
On denim with a marker, we outline paper blanks. After the hearts are drawn, cut them out.
denim earrings

Step number 3. Fastened to the base of the studs or hooks.
To the base, made in step 2, fasten hooks or studs.At the lower end of the hooks is a small metal ring, here through it and we pass the fabric.
denim earrings

denim earrings

denim earrings

Our denim earrings are ready!

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