Deadly diseases of our time

In the modern world revealed a huge number of different ailments, their number exceeds several million, among them and deadly diseases. Some are very widely distributed and studied, and some are very, very rare, literally in isolated cases.

Diseases that kill

Scientists and doctors conducted a huge amount of research to study the deadly disease. A list of them and they gave us.

deadly diseases

  • In the first place in this list is the so-called Ebola. This disease begins with a fever, followed by a rash all over the body and heavy bleeding. It arises because of the flavirus, an effective treatment for which was not found. Mortality in this disease is 90 percent.
  • The top ten includes all known polio. A vaccine against the disease was developed in the mid-twentieth century, since polio is rare and does not lead to serious consequences. It must be said that one of the features of this disease is the lack of methods for its treatment.Like many deadly diseases, poliomyelitis is caused by a virus that affects the nervous system and causes muscle paralysis.
  • Another deadly disease is lupus erythematosus. It disrupts the body’s immune system and gives it a signal to produce antibodies that can destroy human organs and tissues.deadly diseases list
  • Deadly diseases include on their list and widespread flu. Influenza is a very common infectious disease throughout the world, which often leads to very serious consequences. Influenza virus strains are constantly evolving and changing, making it difficult to diagnose and treat this disease. For the same reason, flu vaccines are losing their effectiveness. Surprisingly, no fewer people die of flu than heart disease.
  • There is such a deadly disease called Kreuthfeldt-Jakob disease. Death usually occurs in the first year after infection. The disease affects the central nervous system of a person and leads to its irreversible changes.
  • Diabetes mellitus is also a deadly disease.His treatment does not bring healing, but only helps the patient to maintain his condition. The treatment of diabetes usually consists of taking a certain set of medicines for life until death. And if at one moment to miss the reception - may be fatal.deadly heart disease
  • Twentieth century diseases such as AIDS and cancer undoubtedly occupy a significant place on this list. Both are similar in that many researchers are looking for an effective remedy for them. But until today, such treatment, alas, has not been found. Deadly diseases cancer and AIDS are nowadays increasingly common. And their modifications are becoming more dangerous for humans.

take care of yourself

Fatal heart disease deserves special attention. Cardiology is developing and improving all the time, but there’s no cure about one hundred percent cure for heart diseases.

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