Crazy auto "Dali" car design

15-07-2017, 18:00
The most amazing car designer of all time and many people call Luigi Colani. His cars hit the smoothness of the form, crossing the border of reasonable. Something they look like a "soft watch" by Salvador Dali. Actually, Colani is Dali from automotive design.
Surprisingly, he is not Italian. He is a German by nationality and a Kurd by descent, and he was born in 1928 under the name Lutz Colani. He began his designer career in the 1950s and worked with brands such as Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Volkswagen and BMW, and later expanded his range of interests, designing everything from chairs to pens.
Colani calls his unusual style biodynamics, and in his portfolio there is even a piano of “organic” character. And for the Olympic Games in Beijing, he made sculptures of 140 athletes for a solemn installation. In general, the fame Colani enough. And deserved.
Let's look at his most beautiful and crazy work.

Colani supertruck(2006) Concept of a tractor unit with minimal aerodynamic drag.

Coiani Le Mans Prototype(1970) The concept of a race car for 24 hours of Le Mans based on the Lamborghini Miura.

Colani Horch Mega-Roadster(1996) Attempt to create a design for the revival of the legendary brand Horch.

Colani corvette chrisma(1989) Yes, Chevrolet Corvette could be like that.

Colani street-ray(2006) A car with perfect handling, as characterized by its creator.

Colani C-112(1970) An alternative design for the car Mersedes-Benz C-111, the drag coefficient is only 0.2.

Colani New RS9(1978) Plastic futuristic sports car, with a drag coefficient of 0.24.

Colani Truck 2001(1978) The first of a series of Kolani tractor units. So, the designer believed, trucks of the 21st century will look like, writes PM.

Colani Utah 8(1978) Sport prototype with BMW motor cycle. Height is only 90cm. Weight 550kg.

Colani L’Aiglon(1976) Insane beauty and long vintage roadster.

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