Biography of Courtney Cox


Courtney was born in a wealthy large family. Her father is a businessman Richard Cox, her mother was a housewife. In 1974, the parents of the future actress divorced. The girl stayed with her mother and her new husband, a New York businessman. Courtney blamed the mother for a long time in that father left the family. Already as an adult, she realized that her parents simply did not match each other, although they had lived for 19 years.
The provincial girl rather early wanted to be independent. In school, Courtney started working as a saleswoman, and at 16 she bought herself a first car. After receiving the certificate, Cox decided to follow in her father's footsteps and entered the Vernon College in the Faculty of Architecture. The girl studied only perfectly well, in parallel was engaged in tennis and swimming. Naturally, she did not think of any career as an actress.
Fate changed at one moment. In the last year, Courtney fell in love with her stepfather's nephew Miles Coupland. The young man introduced a half relative to friends from the modeling business. They quickly made a model from Courtney.Studying for a career, Cox quit and went to a modeling agency in New York, Ford. Just in case, the girl entered the lessons of dramatic art.
Courtney became the “face” of Meybellin, and also began to appear on the pages of magazines and appear in commercials. And it was Cox who, for the first time on American television, uttered the word “monthly” advertising Tampax tampons. True now she tries not to talk about that period of life.
Charming courtneyCharming courtney
The girl instantly came to the attention of filmmakers. For the first time as an actress, Courtney was spotted in Bruce Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark video, where Cox simply danced. She was paid only 350 dollars for the work, but was invited to the place of a TV presenter in the “Music of the Week” program and began to be filmed. The girl appeared in the films "Lords of the Universe", "If today is Tuesday, then it should be Belgium", "Treasures of San Lucas."

Actor career

In 1988, a young actress appeared on a film set in Wilford Brimley and Don Amici in the film “Cocoon 2: The Return”, about funny old men who returned from a planet of aliens.
At the beginning of the 90s, Courtney played Gwen in the psychological thriller “Curiosity kills”, and then in the film about the American clerk “Mister destiny” and Catherine in the film “For the sake of a child”. This was followed by proposals with more significant roles. In 1994, the actress appeared in Hollywood "Ace Ventura: pet search." Cox almost brilliantly created the image of a spokesperson, who, together with the manager, ordered to return the missing dolphin Snowball before the Super Bowl.
With husbandWith husband
The TV crews were already trying to entice Courtney Cox into their TV shows. Thus, the girl appeared the main role in the "Martyrs of Science", and later secondary in the "Family Ties", "Boat of Love", "She wrote the murder", "Zeinfeld" and "Like the movie."


One of the most notable projects of the 90s - the series "Friends". The role of Monica Geller advanced a long time. But overnight, the work made the actress a star. First, the producers saw in Courtney Rachel, but the girl convinced that she was Monica.
The production and creative team received many awards, including six Emmy and Golden Globe. But Courtney was the only actress in the series - without a nomination for "Emmy".


The global popularity of a more mature audience came to the actress after playing in the cult horror film “Scream” and its sequels. Pictures of the bloody massacre in Woodsboro caused a scandal in some countries because of the abundance of scenes of violence and a lot of parody films. By the way, in Japan, the picture was almost taken off the rental. In 1997, Creek 2 was released. And in 2000, another series of “Cry” appeared, this is the last film in the trilogy. Courtney became a news reporter for horrible movies based on her books.
Courtney Cox on video
A popular film and promoted the career of an actress far ahead and gave her a star status. Courtney could choose the one she liked from the list of suggested roles. In 2001, Cox played with Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner in the movie “3000 Miles to Graceland”. The tape, however, was nominated for the Golden Raspberry. Failure pushed Courtney to a role in the British film “Love Triangle”.
Three years later, the actress worked in the independent film "November", which was released in limited release. In parallel, Courtney Cox worked in the All-or-Nothing high-budget film. In the same year, with her husband, the actress appeared in the film "Tourist."Spouse David Arquette was also a co-director. Next came a remake of the movie "The Elusive" with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.
In late 2008, the actress took part in the filming of the family comedy "Bedtime Stories" by Adam Shankman. Cox successfully played a childishly touching Wendy. A year later, Courtney appeared in episodes of the popular series about the lives of doctors “Clinic” and agreed to work in the “City of Predators”. For the divorced 40-year-old Jules Cobb, who embarked on the path of predators (to search for young guys for comfort), Courtney was nominated for Golden Globe as the best actress of a comedy series.
The actress gave her voice to several cartoon characters. So, in 2006, she voiced the character in the tape “Horns and hoofs”. She was also engaged in producing: under her control the pictures “Traveler”, “And here is the doctor” came out.

Personal life of Courtney Cox

Courtney met with artist Adam Dyurits, as well as actor Michael Keaton. On the set of the movie "Scream" Cox met with David Arquette. Passion grew into a union. In 1999, the lovers were married.
The wedding spectacle was truly magnificent.The bride put on a dress from Valentino, the groom fully matched her. At the celebration gathered a lot of celebrities. Courtney was strict in family life. She intends to carry her marriage through all the troubles of life.
By the way, Courtney signed a marriage contract with her spouse. The man did not mind. After marriage, the actress became increasingly popular under the name "Courtney Cox-Arquette." In 2004, the actors had a daughter, Coco Riley Arquette. The girl’s godmother became Jennifer Aniston.

Interesting Facts

Courtney was in the list of 50 most beautiful people in the world according to People.
Family walkFamily walk
In America, the actress is called "SS", the initials of Courtney. This indicates a huge popularity.

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