Conditionally decent women

Conditionally decent women treat, who, women, women, life, his, harlot, noodles, such, Then, just to shame, no one, learned, lean, like, face, joyfully, surrender

For women who are able to curb their desires enough to go to the nun, or live a virtuous wife all my life, I treat with respect. Although, of course, such resistance should rest on a certain physiological basis - it is not in vain that in some countries circumcision is in honor.
To women who lead a dissolute life, I treat with understanding. This is also physiology - bright flashes, instant excitement, the ability to make love wherever and however you want, perfect possession of your body and knowledge of its desires. It is clear that a lady with such qualities turns out to be a hostage to the situation. It's like being alone in a store full of cakes - because you want the same as the most attractive men around.
Such women, as a rule, do not particularly cheat on who they are. A spouse, if any, is given so many concessions that he feels comfortable. Men love and appreciate. But here, as they say, if you started a tiger in the house, kindly create conditions for it.
To prostitutes do not belong at all. As well as for locksmiths, and packers, and turners. Man works, and works. It is clear why he does it. To pay.
Most of all I am bombed by conditionally decent women. Or "nitakih."
Oh, I can not, I do not want, but if on the third date - then all right.
Oh, at home in Tver, I can not, but at the resort will come off with four.
Oh, I'm not that, I can only in a steep hotel with a candelabra. In the car - fu, disgrace.
Oh, so I am a faithful wife, but if they quarreled, or the lover was beautifully courting, then it is possible. Then she will suffer - she is as stupid as she could fall low.
She can't say “you are cool” to a cool guy and can not talk on equal terms in bed and in life. She is a queen.
Pulling a lean face at home, and happily surrender to a foreigner who has learned 10 words in Russian, which he says every season to everyone - with joy! After all, no one will know! And so on and so forth.
In short, I do not like decent women. These are the same minors, only without a twinkle, shackled with their own stupid principles and overly serious about themselves.
I have more respect for a harlot who simply and smiles admitsthat she is a harlot than a decent lady, ready to fall with anyone for a clean sheet, a glass of champagne and a couple of flowery compliments. That is where the disgrace is.
And after all the majority. Their desires do not know. The initiative can not be shown. They sit like tricks and wait, who would corrupt, and hung noodles, presented a flower, said about eyes. They fall in love with rogues who are ready to hang noodles on their ears. Then suffer like fools.

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