Collage with photos “I grow”

A photo collage made by oneself is a budget variant of decorating a child, which will appeal not only to the child, but also to the adult. According to the plan, it is designed to reflect the process of growing up a small miracle from birth to a year.
Collage with photos

For him we need:
1. Whatman paper or 13 A4 album sheets;
2. Cardboard (the area must coincide with the area of ​​sheets);
3. Scotch (for pasting the picture);
4. Glue a pencil (to paste paper to a cardboard);
5. 2 brushes - large and small;
6. Gouache or watercolor paint;
7. Ruler (for measuring individual parts of the puzzle and flatness of the sides);
8. Scissors;
9. Office knife;
10. 13 photos - from birth to the year (format 10 * 15);
11. A little patience, inspiration and fantasy.
we will need

First of all, you must decide which format of photos you will use?
Dimensioning. The total volume determines the dimensions of individual parts, protrusions and photographs.
Our puzzle has turned out such sizes:
• General: 60 * 88
• Individual puzzles: 20 * 22
• Protrusion: no higher than 3 cm.
• Photo: 10 * 15.
Only exact observance of the specified parameters will give us a beautiful and qualitative drawing.
2 internal protrusions

Do not make our mistakes:
• We advise you not to make 2 internal protrusions facing each other - in this position, the photos will not fit on the platform a bit.
beautiful and high-quality drawing

Phased work planning:
Step 1. Selecting a picture. It is better to choose pictures consisting of separate compositions: they are easier perceived and look more beautiful if they are supplemented with photo inserts. Our choice is a composite composition, reflecting the change of seasons. Motives and parts of the picture we were looking for on the Internet.
we searched the internet

The child for whom the collage is made was born in September, respectively, the first time of the year on the puzzle is autumn.
Stage 2. Organization of the area for drawing. If you work not with a paper paper, but with A4 sheets, it is necessary to glue the sheets together with adhesive tape.
Stage 3. Drawing drawing. Unsure users of brushes can first apply a pencil drawing.
apply pencil drawing

After marking the contours, we need 2 brushes of different volumes: for large and small objects.
brushes of different volumes



Step 4. Creating the basis of the puzzle.We will take as a basis a cardboard that will be glued to the paper from the wrong side.
stick to paper

Step 5. Drawing the outlines of the puzzle. After all has dried up, we turn our creation up with cardboard and apply pencil contours or pencil contours.
puzzle outlines

Stage 6. Separation of parts. Cut the stationery knife on the marked contour. To ensure maximum pressure and accuracy of the blade, use a ruler.
We cut with a stationery knife

Stage 7. Home "lamination". We paste puzzles with scotch tape.
We paste puzzles with scotch tape

Stage 8. We plan the placement of the photo and attach the brackets to the photo holders made from the 13th album sheet.
Plan your placements

Stage 9. Preparation of photos. Make captions to photos in the Photoshop graphics editor, or write all the data by hand, thereby adding a small composition element to the appearance of the collage.
Make captions to photos

Step 10. Attach the collage to the wall using the power buttons. We insert the photo into the previously prepared corners and show our work to our child.
Collage with photos

By the way, you probably noticed that there are 13 photos, and puzzles 12. An extra photo is the first photo of your child, on which you can write birth dates and all indicators (it needs a separate frame).The first puzzle will be the first progress of the baby in weight gain and growth.
P.S. Our daughter was delighted and showed her gratitude as she could: gently touched my lips to my cheek. We hope that your children will not remain indifferent to the work done by their parents.

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