"Cointreau" (liqueur) - orange pleasure. What do they drink Cointreau with? Cointro liqueur cocktail recipes

Cointreau (liquor) is one of the most branded drinks of France and the world as a whole. Cocktail gourmets, bartenders and connoisseurs call him the best liqueur in the field of alcohol production. Cointreau is popular wherever cocktails are made and made. In the bars of elite restaurants, nightclubs and pubs it occupies a special place, because it is the basis for the creation of more than two hundred famous cocktails, including B-52, Cosmopolitan, White Lady, Margarita, Kamikaze and others. His fame is not accidental: bitter-sweet
the taste of orange burns throat pleasantly, surprising with amazing taste sensations and unexpected aftertaste palette.

Cointreau liquor

Back to the past

Orange liqueur “Cointreau” begins its triumphal way in 1849 in France, when brothers Edouard-Jean and Adolph Cointreau open their own distillery for the production of alcoholic beverages from local fruits and berries in the city of Angers.A few years later (1875), the son of Jean Edward develops a unique technology of the drink, created from the bitter and sweet fruits of the orange tree, and calls his masterpiece Curacao Blanco Triple Sec. The chances of success at the drink are the highest, because until now no one has been able to create even a liqueur similar to Cointreau.

Some time later, due to the appearance on the market of other products called Triple Sec, the Cointreau family decides to give the drink its name. The name was patented, and then the special shape of the bottle - rectangular, amber-brown in color, which became the hallmark of liquor.

Popularity momentum

Following the invention of the bottle was invented and brand poster - the hero of "Pinocchio" Piero. And years later, and a promotional video with his participation. Cointreau (liquor) began to gain rapid popularity momentum, becoming one of the elite spirits. His fame has reached even the most remote corners of the world. At the beginning of the 20th century, the volume of annual sales of liquor reached a six-digit figure. In 1989, the brand merged with the company Remy Martin, selling status brandy. Now Remy Cointreau is a leading alcohol corporation, and liquor is considered the best-selling drink in the world.

Liquor production

Despite the active changes in the activities of the brand-manufacturer, Cointreau continues to be created using the old technology. Ingredients do not change since the creation of the famous drink. The proportions and recipe of Cointreau are hidden behind seven locks, but information about the main stages of its production has still leaked to the general population.cointreau liqueurThis action takes place as follows: dried peel of oranges (citrus fruits with a bitter taste) and a peel of sweet selected oranges infused with alcohol for several days, after which the infusion is twice distilled in copper distillation cubes. The final touch is the addition of spring water and sugar syrup. Next, Cointreau orange liqueur is bottled in branded bottles and distributed throughout the world.

Despite the fact that, at first glance, the technology of its manufacture does not constitute anything difficult, it is almost impossible to reproduce all the steps in such a way that the taste of the homemade drink matches the true taste of Cointreau. The subtleties and special secrets of the drink over the centuries are not exposed to publicity.

The unearthly taste of orange nectar

What is the secret of such a wild popularity of the drink? Of course, this is not only his intoxicating fortress (40%) and the uncommon shape of the bottle. Cointreau, the price of which is not democratic, is famous and promoted thanks to a special delicious taste, which is akin to the nectar of the Greek gods.

The delicate taste line between bitterness, sweetness and barely perceptible acid affects a range of sensations: from the soft herbal aroma to the pleasantly searing sharpness of orange. At the same time you will not feel any tart sweetness or unpleasant bitterness - the taste is perfectly balanced and rich in fruity notes.Cointreau orange liquorIn the mouth remains a rich, refreshing, gentle aftertaste, and the stomach is covered with a hot, burning wave. It is precisely the versatility, intensity, unexpectedness of flavors of liquor that have earned him worldwide fame and won billions of fans.

What does Cointreau look like?

Cointreau liquor is a seemingly clear, colorless liquid. But if you pour it into a glass with ice, it will get a matte color and play with light opal shades. This transformation is due to the fact that the drink contains essential oils. Smell - refined, slightly harsh.Liquor is as if shrouded in a refreshing aroma of juicy oranges, which brighten the midday heat of a hot tropical climate.

What do they drink Cointreau with?

Liquor is ideal for use in cocktails, but no less magnificent and in its pure form. A little chilled, with pieces of ice that muffle the sweetness of the drink, it will amaze any alcoholic keeper with the exquisite taste of citrus. In this form, Cointreau is served as an aperitif.
Cointreau PriceServe a drink in glasses, martini glasses, tumblers. As for cocktails, orange liqueur here enters into interaction with any alcoholic drinks (except for Scotch whiskey), giving visitors a sea of ​​taste emotions.

Cost of drink

“Cointreau” liqueur, the price of which allows only bohemians to enjoy it, can be bought in any supermarket, hypermarket or special elite liquor store. A miniature bottle of legendary nectar (0.35 l) will cost you 800 rubles. A capacity of 0.5 liters is more expensive - about 1000 rubles, 0.7 liters - 1200-1500 rubles, the cost of a liter bottle is 1800-2000 rubles.

Cointro liqueur cocktail recipes

The famous cocktail "Cosmopolitan" - the favorite drink of the singer Madonna.Mix: vodka (30 ml), Cointreau (20 ml), cranberry juice (30), lemon (30 g), orange pulp (5 g), crushed ice. Pour all the ingredients into a shaker, squeeze the juice of lemon, shake the dishes well and pour the cocktail into a chilled martini glass. Decorate a glass of orange peel.Cointreau composition

Cocktail Kamikaze. For its preparation you will need: "Cointreau" (20 ml), vodka (40 ml), lemon juice (10 ml). Pour the ingredients into a shaker, shake and pour the cocktail into a martini glass, decorating it with a slice of lemon.

Cocktail "Margarita". You will need: tequila (50 ml), Cointreau liqueur (30 ml), lime juice (20 ml), 1-2 egg yolks, ice. Pour tequila, Cointreau and lime into a shaker with crushed ice, beat the ingredients. Pour the “margarita” into a martini glass, the edges of which you need to pre-smear with lemon slices and sprinkle with salt.

Cointropoliten. This cocktail from Remy Cointreau is a follower of the popular Cosmopolitan drink. Ingredients: Cointreau (50 ml), cranberry juice (30), lime juice (20), lemon peel, ice. All components are whipped in a shaker and served in a chilled glass decorated with a spiral-shaped slice of lemon.

"White Lady" - another world-loved cocktail, where there is Cointreau liqueur.Ingredients: gin (40 ml), Cointreau (20), lime (20 g), ice in cubes. All components of the divine drink are mixed in a shaker and served in a martini glass.Cointreau recipe

Layered cocktail "B-52". Ingredients: “Kaloua”, “Beilis” and “Cointreau” (20 ml each). Drinks are poured into a glass in layers using a special bar spoon, after which the cocktail is set on fire and drunk in one gulp or through a straw.

The number of cocktails where Cointreau participates is not counted. There are many of them. Mixing it with brandy, you get the "Wing of the car", with vodka - "Balalaika", with gin - "Lady Killer".

This is how multifaceted the drink coined by the Cointreau brothers! More than 130 years have passed since its appearance, but its fame continues to thunder throughout the world. Cointreau is a liqueur whose history is admirable, and a special taste to an army of worshipers.

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