Cocoa (drinks): types, cooking features, best recipes and reviews about manufacturers

Chocolate flavored drink familiar to all from childhood. In kindergartens and schools always served compotes and cocoa. The drinks were very tasty. Only having matured, we learn that they, it turns out, are also useful. Especially cocoa. It is a nutritious product that gives energy and strength. It is also an antidepressant and a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.cocoa drinks

What is cocoa

Any drinks made with the addition of cocoa consist of several more ingredients: sugar, milk or water. In addition to the classic recipe, there are many original ways of cooking, for example, with red pepper or aromatic tart spices.

Powder and granules are obtained from the beans that grow on an evergreen cocoa tree. It also has a delicious name - chocolate tree.His homeland - South America. Grains are collected, dried in a special way, crushed. It turns fragrant powder. Powder, granules, cocoa balls, ready-made cocoa - a drink, hot chocolate can be found on the market.

Cooking features

Everyone knows the specific and slightly bitter taste of cocoa. Preparation of the drink should be based on the correct technology, which helps to achieve the optimum ratio of aroma and strength. To get rid of bitterness, sugar, powdered sugar, fructose syrup or honey are most often used.

Only high-quality cocoa drinks are tasty and healthy. There should not be any extraneous additives, harmful preservatives, impurities in the powder. If the package is marked "instant", then from such a purchase is also better to give up.cocoa preparation of drink

Very often, during cooking, lumps form that stick to the walls of the dishes or simply float on the surface of the water (milk). To avoid this, it is recommended to add the powder only to warm liquid. A feature of cooking is also constant stirring.If, say, coffee is often not necessary to interfere with the brewing process, then cocoa preparation requires these manipulations.

Cooking methods and classic recipe

There are two ways of cooking. In the first case, the powder is added to the preheated milk or water. In the second, first, granulated sugar in a separate container is mixed and ground with a powder, and then poured with hot liquid.

In a classic cocoa recipe, there will always be an ingredient like milk.

  • 500 ml of milk.
  • Three tablespoons of sugar.
  • One tablespoon of cocoa (powder).

Milk is poured into a container and heated on a slow fire. Sugar and cocoa powder are mixed in a separate cup. Thorough mixing, even some grinding of two ingredients allows you to get rid of the appearance of lumps during cooking. Two or three tablespoons of warm milk are added to the cup with dry ingredients. The resulting watery mass is already added to a common saucepan with the remaining milk. The drink must first be brought to a boil, and then simmer for two or three minutes. If desired, you can add a sprig of vanilla in the finished cocoa.Drinks then get more fragrant. Also, to give the drink an unusual taste, dried ginger or cardamom is used. cocoa drink benefit

Chocolate and Ginger Cocoa Recipe

Oriental notes of cocoa will give ginger. For cooking you will need:

  • Two teaspoons of cocoa powder.
  • Three teaspoons of granulated sugar.
  • One glass (250 ml) of milk.
  • A small piece of dark chocolate (5 grams).
  • Ginger. If fresh, then a piece of about one centimeter thick. If ground, slightly less than half a teaspoon.

Fresh or ground ginger is mixed with milk. Milk put on the stove and heated. As soon as the foam appears, it means that the boiling process has begun. At this point it is necessary to remove the container with milk from the fire and strain it. Remove the ginger. More in the preparation he will not participate.

In a separate small container, grind, as in the classic recipe, powder and sugar. Milk again, return to a slow fire. Add to it the mixture and, stirring constantly, cook for about three minutes.

Bitter chocolate rubbed on a fine grater. Pour into the mugs ready drink and sprinkle with chocolate chips on top.

The benefits and composition of cocoa

No wonder in kindergartens and schools in canteens served a drink from cocoa powder for breakfast. He is able to bestow vigor and strength, improve mood and improve vitality. The drink causes the production of the hormone of joy and contains substances that increase mental alertness and performance.cocoa drink hot chocolate

But not only young children and schoolchildren are shown cocoa. Drink, whose benefits are high, suitable for daily use and for the elderly. It is especially useful for those who suffer from heart disease and high blood pressure. It contains substances that have a beneficial effect on the heart muscle and can stabilize pressure.

The property of cocoa is noted to increase skin elasticity, prevent the appearance of wrinkles and the general aging of the body. Cocoa face masks are very popular. They have a tonic, therapeutic and prophylactic effect. The powder is diluted with water to a thick slurry. Apply to face for twenty minutes. To remove such a mask can be either with a cotton pad, or just with water when washing. The use of such a mask twice a week allows you to get rid of wrinkles, tone and moisturize the skin, give it radiance and freshness.

Which cocoa to choose?

Of course, quality.Another question is which manufacturer will be able to give a quality guarantee? Judging by the reviews of culinary specialists and housewives, who often indulge their cocoa children, there are several companies in Russia that produce really high-quality products.cocoa powder drink

The Golden Label cocoa powder familiar from childhood is the most popular. It has a rich taste, a pleasant tart chocolate flavor. It is great for making a healthy drink, and for baking. Produces this product the company "Red October", has long been famous for its confectionery.

A good option, buyers consider products brands "Merchant tradition" and JSC "Tander". Cocoa powder "Russian" has a pronounced chocolate flavor and a pleasant aroma. He does not taste bitter, cooks quickly and has the correct safe composition. The hostesses say that not only the amazing drink is made from it, but also the divine Prague cake and the Potato cake.

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