Cocaine Mayor

You have probably already seen a video with the mayor of Novosibirsk, who, in a state of altered consciousness, climbed out onto the stage and taught this:
There are several versions of why this happened.
If it is not clear, in the video Anatoly Lokot said: "Do you like NGS as I love it? Any answer you have is wrong. NGS is caffeine, it is cocaine, it is a life stimulant. When I read comments to myself, I stand out liters of adrenaline, my blood is boiling, and I think: how I love NGS! "
NGS - Novosibirsk city site.
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Option One
Alcohol intoxication, but against this version the very team of the mayor, in which they claim that the mayor did not abuse alcohol.
Second version
It is torn out of context: NGS is caffeine, it is cocaine, it is a life stimulant. When I read the comments about myself, I get a liter of adrenaline, my blood boils, and I think: how much I love NGS! "
Then think for yourself ...
Option Three
This is a banal epotage before the election. The move was coined to make a candidate for governor on a hilarious note.
Each of these three versions is plausible, and it is possible that they are also combined.
What do you think was really?
Well, if you read it with a dry fact, then the former governor of Krasnoyarsk is pushing Elbows into the governors, who was not given a chance to cheat up Russia and now he has decided to take revenge. Details on my Facebook.
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