Chicken in beer: recipe with a photo. Chicken in beer in the oven

Bored chicken can be cooked in such a way that for a long time it will remain your favorite meat. One such way is chicken in beer. Methods for processing poultry can be very different: you can bake it, you can stew it, or you can simply pickle it and take it with you “for nature”. Folk craftsmen from cooking invented many recipes, which is prepared for a tender and delicious chicken in beer. We selected those that seemed to us especially appetizing.

Marinated chicken in the oven

In principle, the broiler is not particularly in need of long aging. However, the breast still does not meet the wishes of many eaters - dry and fresh. To overcome this disadvantage can be a variety of methods, the most reliable of which is chicken in beer. The recipe, considered first, offers a miracle drink when cooking to use twice.At the first stage, the washed and dried chicken is cut in portions and rubbed with a marinade from half a glass of beer, three spoons of mayonnaise, salt and spices. For better impregnation, the pieces are folded into a bag that is well tied. In this “package” the chopped carcass should remain for several hours. Traditionally pickled chicken is left overnight. Marinated bird is laid out on a baking sheet, poured another half a glass of beer and baked for about 20 minutes, until a crust appears. Slices are turned over and, on the other hand, are also wetted with beer - and the procedure is repeated.

chicken in beer

Grill beer

If you do not have such a device, take a prescription for service until the moment when you are going to "barbecue". There is nothing new in the preparation, all the secrets are in the preparatory work. Somewhat laborious and time consuming, but the chicken marinated in beer will not disappoint anyone. To begin with, carcass parts are punctured in different places, and garlic plates are inserted into the holes. After that, all the pieces are poured with herbs, sea salt and spices, mixed and poured with dark beer. The oppression is established from above, the bird is kept under it for several hours.Marinated in this way, the chicken on an open fire (grilled, over charcoal) is baked for literally a quarter of an hour.

chicken in beer recipe

Country-style chicken

The recipe is very fast and does not require any complex ingredients - almost everything that was lying around in the refrigerator will fit. Well, a bottle of intoxicating drink, of course. Zazharka is made of a pair of onions, then right in it salted, salted, peppered and garlic-flavored chicken pieces, light beer (per kilogram of bird and glass is enough) is poured in, and the dish is stewed on average light. Ten minutes later, your chicken in beer is ready. Despite the lack of marinating, no dryness or hardness is observed.

chicken in beer in a slow cooker

Honey Beer Chicken

In principle, you can take any "parts". But the author insists on the quarters - probably not too fond of the breast. Eight of these pieces remove the skin. This item is not required for execution, if you like the skin - leave. In a deep tank, the legs are salted, pickled and kept for about half an hour. Then they need to be poured with a bottle of light beer in which a large spoonful of natural honey is stirred, press down with a load and do other things for two hours.Then quarters are laid out on a baking sheet, a little marinade is added to the same place, the sheet is covered with foil and sent to the oven for half an hour. It turns out almost ready chicken in beer. The recipe prescribes further to remove the foil (to form a crust) and return the sheet to the oven for the same time. Do you want to speed up the process and do not apply for a blush? Instead of the second stage, extend the first one by a quarter of an hour.

Chicken + beer + raisins

This combination tastes quite interesting. Marinate the bird is not necessary, but the pouring will have to insist. A handful of washed raisins is poured with half a bottle of beer and covered with a teaspoon of sugar. An hour and a half later, pieces of poultry are put into a deep pot, a “syrup” is poured, flavored with laurel and peppercorns, and into the oven. Your chicken in the beer in the oven will last about an hour; However, be guided by the appearance of an appetizing "tan".

chicken in beer in the oven

Chicken, beer and apples

Again, the bird is pre-dismembered, fried, salted and pepper. A sauce is being prepared for her: half a liter of beer is shaken up so that extra gas is released, and it does not foam much. The juice is squeezed out of the orange in the drink. Chicken, transfigured in a baking dish, is surrounded on all sides with slices of sourish apples without seeds and filled with a fruit and beer cocktail.Forty minutes in the oven - and you're done! Moreover, chicken stewed in beer with apples is not only tasty and fragrant: a rather large amount of rather good gravy goes to it as a bonus.

Chicken on the bottle in beer

So far, recipes have been considered in which the carcass was subject to mandatory division into pieces. However, the chicken in the beer in the oven can be cooked whole. For this, half a liter of frothy drink is poured into a saucepan, a lemon is squeezed out, half rings of two onions are laid and salt, allspice, spices, laurel and herbs are poured. When the whole set boils, the marinade is cooled and poured into a bowl with the carcass. He should not only cover it, but also flood it inside. The bowl is placed in the refrigerator overnight.

The next day, about half of the beer bottle is filled with marinade, a bird is put on it, and its wings are wrapped in foil so as not to burn. The chicken in the beer is coated on all sides with vegetable oil with olive herbs mixed in it, the bottle is placed on a baking sheet, where the remains of the strained marinade are poured. One and a half hour of roasting - and you can enjoy the taste.

beer marinated chicken

Stuffed bird

This will again be a whole chicken in a beer. The carcass is washed, dried, rubbed (from the inside too) with spices. The heels of medium bulbs crumble into quarters, the same number of carrots - in thick circles. Vegetables are laid in the belly, his skin is cleaved with toothpicks, and the bird is placed on a greased baking sheet. If not all the stuffing fit in the belly, it is beautifully displayed around. The chicken is poured with beer - 0.5 liters, and the sheet is retracted into the oven. It will be baked for two hours; periodically it is necessary to remember that the carcass is supposed to be watered with juice.

Multivarice recipe

Non-lovers messing around with the oven can buy a slow cooker and cook with it. And those who have already acquired this device, can immediately begin to implement the recipe "chicken in a beer in a slow cooker."

chicken stew in beer

Let it be wings this time. Six pieces are laid in the bowl and roasted with the lid open in baking mode. When they turn golden, three laurel leaves, plates of three cloves of garlic and a glass of dark beer are added to them. Salt and pepper are introduced at the same stage. The extinguishing mode is set, the timer starts for an hour - and it remains only to wait.

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