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In Nizhnevartovsk, the ROC agreed with the mayor's office to build a temple in a residential area, close to the houses. The locals wanted a park, but their opinion is not interesting to anyone. At the public hearing came the Orthodox, who put everything in its place. They said that “to oppose the temple is a sin” and that the mass construction of churches helps fight oncology.
The temple may appear in this wasteland at the intersection of Lenin and Chapaev streets.
Temples against temple cancer, Nizhnevartovsk, against, Orthodox, build, build, neighborhood, church, construction, temples, will hear, when, district, city hall, residents, need

Now there is a giant parking lot where residents of 8A would like to see a park.
Temples against temple cancer, Nizhnevartovsk, against, Orthodox, build, build, neighborhood, church, construction, temples, will hear, when, district, city hall, residents, need

But the Church has other intentions. Plans to create a church of Sergius of Radonezh in Nizhnevartovsk ROC nurtured for several years.
First, the priests were going to build "the highest temple in Ugra" (79 meters), designed for 450 parishioners. According to the general plan for the construction of Nizhnevartovsk, the land plot in the 8A microdistrict was allocated for the construction of a social and business facility, and the church belongs to the cult.
The locals rebelled, because no one asked their opinion about whether it was necessary to make changes to the general plan.The fact that there were some public hearings, many have already learned after the fact.
Then the Russian Orthodox Church somewhat reduced its appetites: now it is going to build only a 30-meter-high church. But this development of events does not suit many citizens. The authorities had to organize new hearings. On them in DK "October" on September 11 came more than 500 people.
Arguments of local residents:
"It would be better if the roads were repaired and benches were put in place, and not temples were built."
“I’m against the temple! More precisely, no: I’m against the temple in the 8A district. There are 100 meters to residential buildings, I don’t know how to live when the bells will ring in the mornings. But there are those who work at night shifts when in the mornings they will be ringing? We have enough churches, and giving the center of the city under one more is marasmus. "
"We have a small city, all the temples are within walking distance. I get from the railway station in 20 minutes by public transport to the Ob river embankment."
"Why build a huge temple in a residential neighborhood, when the city has a lot of vacant lots on the outskirts? Giantness never led to anything good. Modesty and restraint is the highest Orthodox virtue."
"We are not against the construction of the temple,but for whom is this temple? For the people? For the Orthodox? And why the opinion of the people is not asked? Why is it crammed into a point building, and not far from residential buildings? "
The arguments of the Orthodox:
"To stand against the temple is a great sin."
"We need a temple, the younger generation has become spiritless. Wait, they will take you to the nursing home in 80 years. We need temples in almost every neighborhood."
"You need a temple. You’ll see how much moral dirt, unbelief and lack of spirituality are around. Only the construction of a new temple can change the situation in the country for the better."
"My sister recently died. There are no normal doctors in the hospital where she lay, there is no repair. But she could have survived if she were a believer, if she had prayed."
Believers supported some "teachers" and "doctors." The former claimed that the child’s behavior depended on the frequency of going to church, and one of the doctors, Anatoly Uvarov, said that"thanks to the temples, the incidence of oncology can be reduced by 20%".
275 thousand people live in Nizhnevartovsk, now there are 5 Orthodox churches in the city. One of the priests, who asked not to be named, told FederalPress,that not even a lot of people go to active churches, and the main influx of believers happens four times a year: at Christmas, Easter, Trinity and Baptism. The rest of the time, the churches are practically empty.
The problem here is that there is no center in Nizhnevartovsk. Rather, it is, but it is a normal sleeping area. Now the authorities have a chance to make a quality public space in a residential area, but the mayor's office prefers the temple. According to the official version - because the church will be built with private money, and the state will have to spend on the park (the administration was represented at the hearing by the deputy mayor of Nizhnevartovsk Viktor Sitnikov).
That is, the mayor’s office is trying to convince people that one of Russia's largest oil industry centers has no money for the park. Believe it? Me not.
The final decision of the mayor’s office is to be made on September 21. Since in the near future the Russian Orthodox Church is going to build 4 new churches in Nizhnevartovsk at once, the fate of a vacant lot in a residential area will almost certainly be decided in favor of the Orthodox.

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