Burst out of the mud

You have noticed that there is a type of women who adore to emphasize that they “have enough manicure”, with such a look as if it is an impermissible luxury that instantly distinguishes a successful and business woman from the usual one - modest and not claiming anything.

Having dirty gray hair of a mouse shade, carefully chosen for them by the hairdresser Nurkhan from Astana, who settled in the Monet salon for the position with the proud name “Lead Stylist”, they emphasize how “bright blonde naturals are unnatural”, from which the most naive contingent can assume that their own grayness is natural.
In conversation, they will not forget to mention “My housekeeper also says this all the time! Heavy times have come! ”So that you, as if by chance, find out that, firstly, you have a train of thought, like her servants, and secondly, that she will not go down to washing the dishes herself! Her time is so expensive. She also has breakfast at home. Because "At the corner just such a nice French bakery where you can eat a couple of croissants and drink hot coffee."
In fact, everything is easier.The girl grew up with a stepfather and an indifferent mother, and absolutely can not care for themselves. She cannot even trim her eyebrows, so she has to run to every salon for every little thing, although she looks at the “common”, poorly sterilized instruments with a shudder, because her friend picked up some nasty things in this way. She is not able to brew her coffee, not to mention the fact that cooking pancakes or soup for her is comparable to the launch of the shuttle or landing on Mars. The top of her culinary mastery is boiled sausages, but you don’t want to talk about your own shortcomings, so she will tell you about low efficiency, rational distribution of time and a higher education that was not for nothing.
Of course, the removal of a tiny two-room apartment and the salary of a woman Luba, who comes twice a week to wash the floors and clean the cat's tray, takes almost all her earnings. As a result, the creation and maintenance of the illusion of what it seems to be a success - all life was wasted.
Women, not even escaping from the mud, and the day before, washed off its upper layer, are visible from afar.

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