British about Russians: “They marinate everything - cucumbers, beets and former leaders”

The British publication Telegraph has done a tremendous job - 56, frankly, stunning facts about the mysterious Russian soul were carefully selected. In this list you can find about our favorite delicacy - soup made from chicken legs called jelly, and about icicles threatening everything living and passing by, and about watchdogs.

So, let's look at Russia through the eyes of the British.


1. At the Astoria Hotel in St. Petersburg, Hitler planned to throw a festive banquet in honor of the capture of the city.

2. Subbotnik is the day when residents of Russian cities come out to voluntarily sweep and tidy the streets. The tradition was established after the revolution, but it has been preserved to this day.

3. The name "Red Square" has nothing to do with communism, it comes from the word "red", which once meant "beautiful."

four.The largest museum of Russia - the Hermitage, is also located in St. Petersburg. It is home to about 70 cats who guard the treasures from rodents. This tradition was laid by Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, daughter of Peter the Great, the founder of St. Petersburg. The museum has almost 22 kilometers of marble corridors.

5. Icicles hanging in the winter from the roofs of houses in Moscow are so huge that the sidewalks are fenced with a special ribbon. For icicles will certainly kill you if they fall on your head.

6. In Russia, love the wardrobe. Do not even hope to go far in a restaurant, bar, museum or gallery, until you hand over your coat or bag at the entrance. Here they fill up all the team grandmothers.

7. A bronze dog at the Ploshchad Revolutsii metro station has a shiny nose. By accepting, if you touch it, you will overtake luck.

8. Traditional delicacy in Russia - soup made from chicken legs, aspic.

9. There may be a problem with the presentation of flowers. Before handing a bouquet, make sure that their number is odd. And only if you go to the funeral, you can take a bouquet with an even number of flowers.

10. The farther from the capital, the fewer cars. And the hairstyles of the people more strange.

eleven.Russians are the fourth most drinking nation in the world after Belarus, Moldova and Lithuania. UK in 25th place.

12. The bronze dog from point 7 is not the only dog ​​sculpture in Russia. There is also a monument to Laika, a dog that first flew into space in 1957.

13. The word "vodka" comes from the word "water."

14. Male life expectancy is only 63 years, which is lower than in North Korea or Iraq. But women live to 75.

15. In the museum, under the monument to the heroic defenders of Leningrad, the metronome always ticks. This is the only sound that was broadcast by the blockade, so that people know that the city is still alive.

16. Russians consider it craven to lower the “ears” on the fur hat, if it is warmer outside –20 ° C.

17. With the movement in Moscow, everything is so bad that rich Russians hire fake ambulances to defeat traffic jams with sirens.

18. In St. Petersburg, near the bridge leading to the Peter and Paul Fortress, there is a monument to the hare, whose relatives used to inhabit the island and died during the floods. It is considered luck to throw a coin into it and get into it.

19. There are 11 million more women in Russia than men.

20. 50 percent of policemen take bribes.

21.Only twins work in one of Moscow’s restaurants.

22. Itygran Island is famous for the Whale Alley, an ancient Eskimo structure built from the parallel rows of skulls and jaws of bowhead whales dug into the ground.

23. Foreigners have to pay more Russians for entry into most tourist sites. This is unfair, but it is useless to complain. It is better to laugh at the fact that Abramovich will pay five times less than you just because he is a citizen of Russia.

24. In Russia there are more time zones than in any other country - 11.

25. The Russian police are still notorious due to document checks (despite the fact that the situation has improved a lot), so always carry them with you.

26. Olkhon Island, the largest on Baikal, is a hotbed of shamanism.

27. Moscow Underground is probably the most beautiful in the world.

28. Many people believe that there is also an alternative metro scheme - turns that link the system of military bunkers.

29. In the Small Dining Room of the Winter Palace there is a clock on the mantelpiece. They were stopped at 2:10 am on the night of October 25, 1917, when the Provisional Government was arrested by the Bolsheviks. This is the moment when Russia took the path of communism.

30. Mikhail Gorbachev recorded an album of romantic ballads. And Putin has his own judo training disc.

31. Russian marinate everything: cucumber, beet and former leaders.

32. Russians can visit Helsinki from St. Petersburg without a visa as part of a ferry cruise.

33. In St. Petersburg there is a beach. Near the Peter and Paul Fortress are bathed the so-called walruses - people who believe in the therapeutic effect of ice water.

34. Vasilievsky Island in St. Petersburg offers a bizarre selection of attractions, including a couple of 15th century Egyptian sphinxes and a kunstkamera, where you can see the skeleton and heart of Peter the Great’s personal servant.

35. In Moscow there are trees hung with iron locks - couples leave them here to prove their love.

36. 1800 skiers and snowboarders descended from the Sheregesh mountain in the winter in a bikini in an attempt to break the world record.

37. In the Park of Arts "Museon" in Moscow, a lot of Soviet statues that turned out to be unnecessary, as well as more modern works.

38. In the ambitious plans of the Russians there is a dream to build a highway connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.

39. In Russia flows the longest river in Europe, the Volga, 3690 kilometers in length. It has more than 200 tributaries.

40Russia is not only tundra and taiga, you can go hiking to volcanoes.

41. About 10,000 British tourists visit Russia every year. And 90% of them do not leave further Moscow or St. Petersburg.

42. Postnik Yakovlev - the man who led the construction of St. Basil's Cathedral. Legend has it that Ivan the Terrible blinded him so that he could never build anything that could be compared with the cathedral in Moscow.

43. In Uglich, about 125 miles north of Moscow, in 1591, presumably, by order of Boris Godunov, eight-year-old prince Dmitry, the younger son of Ivan the Terrible and the last of the Rurik dynasty, were killed. In order to prevent popular indignation, investigators were sent from Moscow, who established that the boy had fallen on a knife and accidentally injured himself. “And so - seven times in a row,” the local ones sarcastically add.

44. One of the biggest secrets of the Second World War is the fate of the Amber Room. The hall, decorated with amber panels with gold leaf and mirrors, was located in the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo near St. Petersburg. The amber room was plundered by the Nazis, further traces of it are lost.

45.In Russia there is the coldest habitable place on the planet - Oymyakon village. On February 6, 1933, the temperature was -67.7 ° C.

46. ​​Western leaders here do not want to see, at least in one of the duty-free of one of the airports in Russia.

47. In 1908, the Russian Olympic team was late for the Games for 12 days, because the country lived according to the Julian calendar, and England was already following the Gregorian calendar.

48. In Russia, one of the worst pedestrian bridges in the world: 439-meter Skybridge.

49. The Yokang-Sámi language of the Kola Peninsula is on the verge of extinction - only two people speak it.

50. Inhuman forced labor camps (GULAG) can turn into tourist places. Such a controversial plan was voiced by the regional tourism department in the Republic of Sakha in Eastern Siberia.

51. You can buy vintage stamps in small stalls on the streets.

52. The Russians built a round ship.

53. Peter III loved his toy soldiers so much that he hung a rat that had the imprudence to bite off one of their heads. And Peter I introduced a tax on beards.

54. In Russia there is a network of cafes in which everything is free, you only pay for the time you stay there.One of these opened in London last year.

55. Lake Karachay is used as a dump for nuclear waste, so if you stand next to it for an hour - it will surely kill you.

56. One of the museums of St. Petersburg claims that it owns an exclusive exhibit, Grigory Rasputin's severed penis, placed in a glass jar. However, experts doubt that this is the real thing.

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British about Russians: They marinate everything - cucumbers, beets and former leaders British about Russians: They marinate everything - cucumbers, beets and former leaders British about Russians: They marinate everything - cucumbers, beets and former leaders British about Russians: They marinate everything - cucumbers, beets and former leaders British about Russians: They marinate everything - cucumbers, beets and former leaders British about Russians: They marinate everything - cucumbers, beets and former leaders British about Russians: They marinate everything - cucumbers, beets and former leaders British about Russians: They marinate everything - cucumbers, beets and former leaders British about Russians: They marinate everything - cucumbers, beets and former leaders British about Russians: They marinate everything - cucumbers, beets and former leaders