Birthday greetings: options

Today, our people are celebrating so many holidays that you can even get lost in their numbers. Therefore, today people like to celebrate not only birthdays and various professional holidays, but also name day celebrated according to the Orthodox calendar.

congratulations with namesWhat holiday is it

Name days are the day when Orthodox believers celebrate the day of a saint or martyr with a certain name. In parallel with this, ordinary people also celebrate this day, calling it the day of the Angel or the day of the Guardian Angel. According to the rules, only baptized people, to whom the priest gave the name of the saint, should celebrate it and accept congratulations on the name of the birthday, but today almost everyone is willing to do it, regardless of their faith.

congratulations name dayGoing to church

Congratulations on names can take place on completely different scenarios. The main thing, probably, on this day is visiting the church, since the holiday is still a religious one. In addition to congratulations and gifts from friends, in the church you can receive a blessing from the priest and a charge of positive energy.And this will be a very original move, because, unfortunately, today Orthodox traditions are in most cases violated or forgotten altogether.

In a tight circle

One of the options for how best to accept congratulations on birthday parties will be a meeting of loved ones in a warm circle. You can arrange a small feast, bake a cake and please the dear people of various yummy. And you can just make a light buffet, but the main attention should be paid to conversations and communication with family and relatives, making a bet on the satisfaction of spiritual needs.


Congratulations on birthday can be taken in a material form. Since this is a small holiday, a cute postcard with an original greeting will suffice. The main thing is to give it an unusual. There may be several options. You can prepare a postcard and a greeting yourself, buy at the store or make to order. The choice depends only on the capabilities or desires of the guest. You can also hand it in different ways: quietly and modestly put it in your hands, or you can make a small presentation, telling everyone about the advantages and positive aspects of a dear person.

congratulations on the name dayBenefits of civilization

If there is absolutely no opportunity to meet with the person and congratulate him on the day of the Angel, you can do it by phone or the Internet. As an option - send sms, mms or virtual postcard. There are many options. No less appreciated and such greetings. Name days - that holiday when these actions will be more than enough.


But if you want, on the day of the Angel you can even give gifts. Here a great option can be various personal items - T-shirts, cups, pens with special inscriptions, addressed to the birthday boy. A great gift can be a cake made to order, made for a specific person.


But probably the most important thing that everyone needs is a good mood. So why congratulations on a name-day not to charge it with a positive. Here you can organize a collective trip to the river or to the forest, a parachute jump or a hike in the mountains. What it will be - it does not matter, the main thing is that the birthday boy will enjoy and unforgettable impressions for a long time.

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