Biography of Sergei Bodrov Jr. - family, personal life and interesting facts

Nobody wanted to believe in his sudden death. Do not believe, probably, and so far. He is remembered, quoted and waited. He was always clear and honest and as a result became the real last hero of the twentieth century. It was an exact hit in the hearts of the whole generation ... A brief biography of Sergey Bodrov will be brought to your attention later.


Sergey Sergeevich Bodrov was born at the end of December 1971 in the capital. His mother worked as an art critic. And his father was engaged in filmmaking.

When their son was thirteen, parents filed for divorce. After some time, my father married a Kazakh artist and gallery owner A. Bekkulova. And thus, young Serezha had a half-sister. Her name was Asya.

The future film director and actor plunged into the creative atmosphere quite early, which, however, is not surprising.But one of the most favorite hobbies was still reading.

In addition, Sergei preferred solitude. He liked to be with his thoughts, alone with himself. At the same time, he calmly communicated with his peers and always found a common language with them.

The teachers also had no problems with him. He was a lively boy, but never a hooligan.

He did not dream of a movie and dreamed that he would one day become a driver of a garbage truck to move through the city’s streets in an orange car.

But while he could engage in useful activities only in school practice. He worked at the famous factory "Udarnitsa" and packaged sweets in boxes. Well, all the money was taken by the school, which spent it on student excursions.

By the way, a few years ago, a memorial plaque was installed in his school where he studied.

biography of sergey bodrova junior

Student years

Having received a certificate of maturity, Sergei was going to apply to VGIK, but his father was able to explain to him that if he wants to become a director, then he must have a passion for cinema. Thinking, the younger Bodrov decided to go to the Moscow State University at the Faculty of History. His specialty is the history of art, namely the painting of the Venetian Renaissance.

Teachers said that studying at a university was very easy for a student.It was noticeable that he had an excellent secondary education. First of all, he had obvious language skills. However, it is not surprising. He studied at the school with in-depth French.

In 1991, he went on a “study trip” to Italy. There he settled a lifeguard on the beach. Having accumulated the necessary funds, he traveled around the peninsula. By the way, he came there in the next three summers. And then he continued to work as a lifeguard.

In 1994, Bodrov Sergey, whose biography was the subject of our review, brilliantly graduated from the university and continued his studies in graduate school. He believed that, in all likelihood, he would become a museum worker or start working in the library.

By the way, when it became already popular, he defended his Ph.D. thesis, which was connected with the architecture in the painting of the Venetian Renaissance.

bodrov Sergey Sergeevich

Becoming an actor

As an actor Sergei Sergeevich Bodrov made his debut back in 1989. He then received a cameo role in his father’s tape “Freedom is Paradise”. He played a juvenile delinquent. A little later, he reincarnated in the postman. This is a different picture of the father. She was called “White King, Red Queen”.

Six years later, Bodrov Sr. began shooting the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus". Filming went in Dagestan. The son begged his father to take him there, and was ready to do the hardest work. This did not happen, because as a result Sergey became the main character of this tape.

The picture gathered an unprecedented harvest of awards. She was awarded the prize in Cannes, won the Grand Prix at the Sochi Film Festival and the prize in Karlovy Vary ... Well, Sergei himself was recognized as the best actor in the nomination “Film Debut”. He also received a state award. In addition, the ribbon was nominated for an Oscar. So, after a series of festivals, Bodrov became a real winner. But despite this, he did not consider himself an artist ...

After a while he met a famous director Alexei Balabanov. He admitted that he was impressed with his play in the "prisoner" and invited him to work together on a new future film ...

Memory of Sergey Bodrov Jr.

The age of Danila Bagrov

This new picture, which has long been considered a cult, was called "Brother." There was almost no money for shooting. The actors worked almost for free.

The soundtrack became the songs of the group Nautilus Pompilius, which Bodrov himself preferred.

Despite everything, the film managed to finish on time. The picture was later called the "annals of the 90s." And the main character Danilo Bagrov is the “hero of the generation.” Well, the actor himself became a superpopular figure.

Undoubtedly, “Brother” lost to its Western counterparts - “Leon”, “Killer” ... But the crazy popularity of Balabanov's work, apparently, was explained only by the fact that moviegoers simply missed the national cinema.

Although critics did not accept the new tape. Many have accused the authors of explicit Russophobia and racism. But, be that as it may, the picture became the main prize-winner of the Kinotavr, and was also nominated for Nika as the best film of the year. And Bodrov himself was recognized as the best actor for this role.

Sergey Bodrov Jr. biography personal life


Biography of Sergei Bodrov Jr. contains information that the next film in which he starred was the Stringer action movie. He played a wedding operator, who turned into a reporter. By the way, the plot was based on facts from the biography of one of the assistants of the Liberal Democratic Party leader V. Zhirinovsky.

After this picture, Bodrov took part in the filming of the film "East - West." She was nominated for an Oscar.

And in 2000 came the continuation of "Brother."This time the film’s budget was enough for shooting in several US cities. The picture raised a new wave of interest in Bodrov from the media.

In the same year, Bodrov appeared in the regular tape of his father. And his partner was the brilliant Vladimir Mashkov.

A little later, in 2001, the shooting of the new film by A. Balabanov, which was called “War”, began. The film tells about the events of the Second Chechen campaign. Bodrov was given the role of paralyzed captain Medvedev. The tape also received a number of awards.

In 2002, Bodrov appeared in his father's latest tape - “Bear Kiss”, where he played the role of a romantic lover. This was his last role. The tape was released on the screens after the death of the actor. Initially, his father did not intend to release the film in the rental, but the producers were still able to convince him to give the film life.

Sergey Bodrov Jr. biography personal life family

New Role

The biography of Sergei Bodrov Jr., though short, is full of interesting events and facts. In the early 2000s, he worked on the script for his first motion picture. She is called "Sisters."

The script was written in just two weeks. In the storyline - the difficult relationship between the two sisters. The film won the Moscow International Festival as the best directorial debut. By the way, Oksana Akinshina performed one of the main characters. This was her first role.A picture Bodrov dedicated to his wife. By the way, he also played a cameo role in the film. She did not write at all for him, but for her the actor was not found.

The next script was created for another picture of Balabanov "Morphine". For the filming, Bodrov adapted the Bulgakov “Notes of the Young Doctor” and, moreover, he himself had to play the main character. But when he was gone, she went to the actor L. Bichevin.

TV projects

In mid-1996, the biography of Sergei Bodrov Jr. was again replenished with new interesting events. He was in the studio program "The View". Sergey became co-host of the program. Three years later, he stopped this collaboration. Many believe that he simply could not stand the atmosphere that prevailed on television. However, the official reason was the shooting in the tape "Brother 2".

In addition, for a short time he led the “Namedny” with L. Parfenov.

And in 2001 he became a leading reality show called The Last Hero. He not only led the game, but also commented on it. Bodrov told then that, first of all, he was interested in the subject of famine on the island, where the project participants went.He also wondered whether it would be possible to save them humanity in these difficult conditions.

Sergey Bodrov brief biography

Karmadon catastrophe

In the second half of 2002, Sergey Bodrov Jr., biography, personal life, whose family was increasingly interested in fans, began a new project. It is about his new film "The Messenger". He said that the tape itself is a philosophical and mystical parable. And the main role in it will be performed by him.

Filming was mainly planned in the capital, but several scenes should be shot in the Caucasus.

That is why at the very beginning of autumn the film crew arrived in the mountains. According to the memoirs, Bodrov was very sad and, if possible, called the family. As if he felt that his time was really running out.

On September 19, episodes were filmed in one of the women's colonies near Vladikavkaz. And the next day the film crew arrived in the Karmadon Gorge. Bodrov wanted to make a meeting there for the main characters.

When it began to get dark, the group went to the camp. But with one of the rocks broke the hanging glacier. No one managed to escape, including the Bodrov film crew.

A large-scale rescue operation took several months.Relatives of the victims and ordinary volunteers tried to find at least the remains. It was found only seventeen bodies. About 100 people are still missing, among which was the Bodrov group.

bodrov Sergey biography

In memory of Sergei Bodrov Jr.

A year after the Karmadona catastrophe, one of the well-known publishers released a collection of memories of Bodrov.

After a while, his dissertation was published in honor of the memory of Sergei Bodrov Jr. In addition, the script of Sergey’s last film, The Coherent, was published. In this book, including, included excerpts from his interviews, as well as memories of him.

In 2006, Bodrov was posthumously awarded the prize of one of the music channels in the nomination "Generation Recognition".


In 1997, Sergei Bodrov Jr., whose life was cut short so tragically, decided to marry. His chosen one is Svetlana Mikhailova. At one time she studied at GITIS, and later became the author of a number of television projects, including Canon and the Shark of Per. She also starred in several films. These are “Streets of Broken Lanterns-5”, “Mother and Stepmother”, “Everything Began in Harbin”, etc.

After the death of her husband, her husband never married, devoting herself to raising children.

The bodrovs have two children. A year after the wedding, the couple had their first child, daughter Olya. Not so long ago she entered VGIK. At the same time in the entrance exams did not advertise, whose daughter she is.

And in 2002, 3 weeks before the Karmadon catastrophe, a heir appeared - the son Sasha, who is currently a schoolboy.

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