Backlight for cabinets in the kitchen

How to properly build a home lightinginterior? It's no secret that it's the light composition that helps to give the room an indescribable atmosphere and mood. It is also with the help of lighting, you can split the room into zones, each of which has its own purpose. A successful lighting solution for each individual room of the apartment is selected in accordance with the function performed by the premises, and in accordance with the personal wishes of the person who will later live in this apartment. Perhaps, some changes in the light interior will be desired by the person, without resorting to major repair of the zone. Lighting under the cabinets in the kitchen, mirrors with special lighting in the bathroom, LED strips in the furnishings of the bedroom and living room are some possible options for what a person can easily do, giving the interior a certain mood and atmosphere.

Backlighting in the cupboards in the kitchen

Backlight functions in the interior

The highlighting of certain areas in the kitchen can carryonly decorative designation, but it is much more useful to plan the layout of additional lighting in advance in order to ensure its functionality. The easiest way is to make the lighting in the kitchen under the cupboards with your own hands. It is performed using an LED strip, and its main function is lighting the countertop. Also, the LED strip is used to illuminate the area under the drawers and inside the boxes - for more convenient use of space, and to impart a certain character to the kitchen area, if the lighting is mounted near the floor level. The lighting under the cabinets in the kitchen is one of the most common solutions for the design of this room, also the LED lighting of the eaves in the kitchen, the highlighting of certain niches, the imitation of the bar counter in the kitchen area are no less spectacular.

Backlight for kitchen under cabinets Photo

What is LED strip?

LED strip - quite new and veryAvailable replacement is difficult for installation of lighting systems. It is a flexible tape on which semiconductor elements are permanently fixed - LEDs.
The use of LED tape is safe: it does not contain fragile and dangerous elements, it is simple enough for installation and further application and provides the necessary norm for illumination and illumination. That's why with its help the lighting for the kitchen under the cabinets is carried out. LED strip exists in various varieties: one-color or multi-color, modification, protected from moisture and dust, varieties with different sizes of LEDs and their number, as well as varieties that require different electrical voltages and operate directly from the network.

When you select the LEDs to illuminate the cabinetthe kitchen should also pay attention to such characteristics as the color of the base of the tape, heat-resistant and moisture-proof qualities of adhesive tape. Usually, the LED strip gives sufficient illumination in order to remove the shadow from the cabinets.Backlight for kitchen under cabinets LED

Nuances of work with LED strip

What is important to remember when working with an LEDtape and its installation, when it is provided with lighting under the cabinets in the kitchen? First of all, the tape can be cut and solder only in special marked areas. On a single-row tape these sections are located every three diodes, on a two-row strip - every six. To connect sections of such a lighting device, special connectors may be required, and special power supplies may be required to install certain types of tapes. They are necessary, since it is the low-voltage direct current suitable for LED strips when the kitchen lighting is installed. Under the cabinets with a socket, a power supply is hidden, which will later be connected to the network. The power supply is selected according to the following calculations:

Power supply power = Length of tape * Power of 1 meter tape + 20% in the form of power reserve.

When connecting the lighting fixture to the unitpower is to remember the polarity. If it is necessary to install several large segments of the LED strip, it is important to prepare for each individual power supply or to feed a section from it separately. By connecting these segments successively to each other, one can encounter a situation where the subsequent segment will give too dim light and quickly fail.

Kitchen lighting for cabinets with outlet

Multi-color LED strip

When using multi-color LED stripsYou can also use a controller with a control panel that will allow you to customize the lighting program, change colors, add various effects, for example flicker.

Kitchen lighting for cabinets: photos

There are many design optionskitchen workspace with the help of such lighting fixtures. With your hands, you can install a multi-color system, the lighting in which can vary depending on the program installed on the controller or manually. Also, the LED filament can be silently fixed under the cabinets, performing a decorative function. Lighting for the kitchen under the cabinets LED corner can be installed with a special corner aluminum profile, which is purchased in construction stores and supermarkets.

Backlight for kitchen under cabinets LED corner

How to install LED strip in the kitchen: necessary preparations

For installation you will need LED strip(the most pleasant and relaxing is warm white light), a power supply for LEDs, a connecting wire and a power cord with a plug. Even before the acquisition of such a lighting device, it is important to make appropriate measurements of the space on which the tape will be fixed and the distance to the table top. This will allow you to choose the correct length and power of the device. The place where the lighting is installed under the cabinets in the kitchen, it is desirable to wipe with alcohol and wait a short time for its evaporation - this simple procedure will remove the contamination and securely adhere the tape in the future. If the contaminants are too strong, the structure can be strengthened by means of connecting clips or they can be mounted on a special aluminum profile.

Lighting in the kitchen under the cupboards with their own hands

How to install LED strip in the kitchen: fixing

Backlight for kitchen cabinets - LEDtape - attached to a double-sided adhesive tape, while you need to monitor the reliability of attaching it to the tape and to the surface of the wall or cabinet. After installing the lighting, you must connect it to the power supply. The LED strip, with regard to polarity, is connected to the power supply, and then it is connected to the network. It is important to remember that after the work done, there should be no exposed wires, and during the connection to the unit it must not be live. After the final installation, the structure can be connected to the network. If all actions were performed correctly, and the polarity is not confused, the tape will start to glow.

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