Bachelor soup

Food is just fuel.
The only thing I learned to cook for 35 years is scrambled eggs. Yes, and that does not always work. I usually eat in my cafe and there cooks prepare food for me at home. Probably, this is partly why I am not trying to learn how to cook myself.
Now everyone has left for the holidays, the guests in the cafe noticeably diminished and we and the staff decided to rest until mid-August, closing the establishment for this period. The girls giggled: how are you going to eat now? Thought peresyadu on semi-finished products. As if not so!
On the first day, feeling hungry, I went to the store, bought vegetables, cottage cheese, eggs and chicken breast. At home, I first ate all the cottage cheese. Then the bananas. Then he drank some raw eggs. And then I decided to cook the soup.
But I don't know how to cook. Getting knowledge of the Internet, reading the recipes, seemed to me extremely boring and tedious. Moreover, several years ago I had already cooked soup for myself (when I was going out from a hunger strike). Then I threw everything into the pan that I found in the fridge, and went out a good soup. This time he did the same.
After the fact the recipe can be fixed like this.
1. Take a chicken palm sized palm, cut into small pieces and throw into boiling water.
2. After 15-20 minutes, the breast is checked for taste, and if it seems not raw, one tomato is sliced ​​into the pan.
3. Another five minutes later the contents of three broken eggs are thrown in there (I remembered that there is soup with dumplings).
4. Immediately after this, pour out two thirds of a cup of buckwheat (accidentally found on the shelf).
And yet, after 15 minutes we remove this bodyguard from the burner and Hawaii.
The soup is a bachelor through, then, cook, minutes, found, always, Then, the pan, dishes, once, when, just, slices, tomato, is thrown, the contents, remembered, broken, cut, it happens

By the way, I never salt or pepper and add sugar. I do not like all these supplements: they are not needed, in my opinion. But then I can always cook havos from what is on hand (including an ax). I will not have that problem when some ingredient is missing for cooking, because I still don’t know a single recipe. And I can potentially invent some new dish some day, which then will be hawala all over the world.
How else were the dishes invented? The only way.

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