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Axel Rose is an American rock singer known for his participation in the Guns'N'Roses and AC / DC bands. He is considered to be one of the best vocalists in the history of rock music, and the fans call Axel the last real rock-and-roll artist. Axel Rose's biography, his personal life, and the history of his creative path - later in this article.

early years

William Bruce Bailey, Jr., better known under the pseudonym Axl Rose, was born on February 6, 1962 in Lafayette (Indiana, USA). William was the eldest of Bailey's children. The family was dysfunctional, the parents were not rich and constantly quarreled. Bailey Sr. left the family when the future musician was barely four years old. The mother soon remarried, and for some reason, her stepfather disliked the eldest stepson. According to the memories of Axel, his stepfather constantly beat and ridiculed him, while gently communicating with younger children. This attitude is very much reflected on the character of William - he grew closed, shy and prone to tantrums.

As a teenager, Axel Rose and his family grew farther apart. The young man became interested in rock music, finding in aggressive texts similarities with their own experiences. By the age of 14, Axel already had several arrests for theft from shops and disorderly conduct. In 1980, he left home, heading for Los Angeles.

Axel during the creation of the group

Hollywood rose

For three years, Axel Rose tried to settle in in different rock bands in Los Angeles, but he could not find a place anywhere. Because of the complex nature, no one could deal with him for a long time. But the young man wanted to be a rock singer and finally, by 1983, he had formed his own band. At first, he called her by his pseudonym Axl Rose, but by the first performance he renamed Hollywood Rose. Due to the low level of musical mastery, the team did not have much success. However, Hollywood Rose has one studio album on account - it was released by Axel himself in 2004 on the basis of unreleased demos.


In 1985, after a temporary breakup, Axel decided to revive Hollywood Rose with other members. He renamed the band into Guns'N'Roses, not knowing what the cult rock band was creating. It was in 1985 that the permanent members of the band came to the band - Slash, who plays the guitar, and Duff McCagan, who is responsible for the bass.The rest of the group changed periodically.

Guns'N'Roses 1992

Many music publications call Guns'N'Roses one of the best rock bands of all time. Currently, six group albums of the group have seen the light, and they have been sold in quantities exceeding one hundred million copies. World success came to the Rose group in 1987 with the release of the debut album Appetite for Destruction. The song Welcome to the Jungle, included in this album, to this day is a hit. You can hear it in the official video below.

Shy rocker

Despite the fact that the group was gaining popularity, and Axel himself became a real star, he still could not get rid of the complexes that had developed due to the difficult childhood. He felt uncomfortable in front of a large audience - there were cases when the singer, already walking on the stage, suddenly turned around and left the room, fleeing from his performance by flight. Concerts sometimes lagged, they fell apart, and managers and organizers had to run around the city, looking for a fugitive. After several such cases, Axel’s colleagues in the group had the idea to lock all entrances and exits before the concert. Only this helped - there was no place for the shy rocker to escape, they had to go out and sing.

Young Axel Rose


Axel Rose first performed as part of the famous AC / DC rock band in March 2016.During a world tour, vocalist and frontman Brian Johnson suddenly went to the hospital. The diagnosis threatened the musician with complete hearing loss and, of course, he could not continue on tour. Angus Young, the band’s founder and lead guitarist, asked Axel Rose to join AC / DC on temporary terms. But in September, the vocalist became a regular soloist of the cult group, since Johnson was forced to leave the work because of the threat to health.

Axel Rose and Angus Young

The first album of AC / DC, in which Axel will take part, is preparing to be released in 2018.

Personal life

Axel Rose met Erin Everly in the spring of 1986 in one of the New York clubs. Model and actress, daughter of the famous musician Don Everly from The Everly Brothers, Erin, seemed to be the complete opposite of Axel. But despite this, in the summer of the same year, they began to meet, and soon to live together. For four years, the people around him suggested a quick parting for the couple - they constantly fought and quarreled, broke dishes, but still stayed together.

Axel Rose and Erin Everly

On April 27, 1990, Axel returned home at 4 o'clock in the morning, woke Erin and, waving a loaded pistol near his head, made her an offer.In case of refusal, he was going to shoot himself immediately, and the girl, of course, agreed. The next day they went to Las Vegas and played a wedding there for the whole 27 days. In August, Erin became pregnant, and the couple bought a huge house on the Hollywood hills, intending to enter there with a newborn baby. But due to an inappropriate lifestyle for a pregnant woman, miscarriage occurred in the third month. Out of fury, Axel came to a new house and defeated him, and the next day Erin arrived and destroyed everything that remained. A month later, they parted forever.

The next passion for Axel was the model Stephanie Seymour, who played the role of his bride in the video for the song November Rain. Rocker was fascinated and offered Stephanie to meet after the first shooting day. In February 1993, the beloved declared their engagement, but three weeks after that they parted forever - Stephanie changed her fiance with newspaper magnate Peter Brandt, leaving another deep wound in the musician's heart.

Rose and Stephanie Seymour

In late 1993, Axel met Jennifer Driver - again a model, and again on the set of the group's video. They did not meet for long, but judging by the recollections of their colleagues in the group, this was Rose’s lightest relationship. They broke up in early 1994, finding that their relationship was deadlocked.However, for a long time, the former beloved remained good friends.

In 1994, Axel Rose married his childhood friend Eline Tyler, claiming that he was in love with her from a young age and never forgot about her. He never comments on these relationships and ignores any questions related to Elin. According to rumors, they are still together. Axel also prefers not to answer questions about the presence of children.

Other musician projects

Despite the fact that the songs of Guns'N'Roses and Axel himself regularly sound on the soundtracks of various films, commercials and TV shows, during his creative career, Rose only once acted in movies, appearing on the screen as a guest musician. He played the role of a musician at the funeral in the 1988 film Death List. Partners of the rocker on the set were members of Guns'N'Roses, as well as actors Clint Eastwood and Jim Carrey. In 2004, Axel took part in sounding a computer game GTA: San Andreas, giving his voice to one of the radio DJs.

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