Apple EarPods - headphones for "iPhone 5"

Headphones EarPods can be bought separately or received together with the purchase of the phone "iPhone 5". Independently the gadget is sold without any adaptations, there is only a carrying case.

The price of headphones is only $ 29, sotoo much from the gadget is not worth asking. The design is minimal, but beautiful, which you had to expect from the manufacturer. The cover is uncomfortable and rarely used in life. In the store in the window, he creates an impression due to the effectiveness, but no more.headphones for iPhone 5


Let's continue to consider the original headphones. "IPhone 5" looks good together with them, so the design should be given special attention in the review. The case is made of plastic, the assembly is at the highest level. There are no creaks, no backlashes, all the details are perfectly matched to each other. According to the manufacturer, the design is created using special technologies, which will make it easier to wear. Unfortunately, there is a claim to the plastic construction. If it was rubberized, it would be better to be attached to the ears.

The control panel is built into the wire, allowing some manipulation. For example, adjust the volume, switch songs. It also has a microphone.headphones ajfon 5 price original


It is necessary to consider the sound,which offer these headphones. "IPhone 5", the price (the original is sold in any official store) for which is about 15 thousand rubles, is most often used with the EarPods model. The source always affects the sound quality, so consider all the nuances.

If you use headphones with the fifth "iPhone", thensome hum is heard. You can get used to it, however it will take time. The lower frequencies are written perfectly. The detail is at the middle level, but it is rather the features of the model. The existing socket is the resonator. This allows the lower frequencies to stand out the most. Light tracks are reproduced well, heavy - they are "slowed down" a little. Sometimes it seems that the bass is too much.

These earphones for the "iPhone 5" do not have outstandinghigh frequencies. They did not differ with any special characteristics. Deaf, sharpness is practically absent. This can be attributed to serious disadvantages of reproduction.

Average frequencies sound good, although sometimes there is not enough naturalness. Sharpness, sybilants and whistles do not occur, which pleases owners against the background of all the shortcomings.

The stereopanorama has no bulk, toolsplaced badly. Moreover, it is narrow and practically does not give anything when making settings. The attack shows itself from the good side, if you do not use it with the lower segment of frequencies.

In general, you can call universal headphones for"IPhone 5". The original gadget is significantly different from the fake. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase it only at official points of sale. Comparing the reproduction of different tunes, it is difficult to single out genres that are too good or bad. Especially if you remember that the headphones are positioned as an adaptation to the "iPhone 5".


As you already know, these headphones for the "iPhone 5"fit perfectly. However, this model can be used with many devices from a completely different manufacturer. It is necessary to check the sound quality and evaluate all possible characteristics before buying.

Working with the "iPhone 5", the headphones show an excellent volume reserve, stable operation and excellent response of the available keys.headphones for iphone 5 original

Apple Earphones

With the fifth "iPhone" consumers previously preferred to use the model Earphones. What is the difference between the two headphones from the "apple"?

Of course, the first difference that rushes intoeyes, - design. Changed the design of the kembrikov. In EarPods, they tighten the cable much more tightly, which increases the longevity of the gadget. Cambriches are also located near the console, which has become larger. In both models it housed a microphone. EarPods sound insulation is much better than the old model. Planting was also changed. Buyers pay attention to this after the first contact with the headphones.

And what about the sound? Earphones for "iPhone 5" model EarPods "catch" the quality of low-frequency reproduction, and the competing gadget - the middle and upper ranges. As a result, the latter has a bright and sonorous sound, which does not have basses. In some places the track may appear "dirt".

Comparing these two models, we must say that EarPods clearly wins. The design is much better, the details are better and more convenient, and the playback and sound as a whole have improved noticeably.original earphones iphone 5


These headphones for the "iPhone 5" are perfect for those,who wants to listen to quality music, not spending much money. The gadget, which costs about $ 30, showed an example of the right balance of quality and price. In the network of Russian stores you can find these headphones for 2500 rubles, which is not very expensive.

If we talk about using the device withother devices, players or various Chinese, American and so on smartphones, then this accessory is combined perfectly. The sound is good, convenient to use, and the control panel facilitates all manipulations. Consumers recommend a gadget to buy.

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