Apogee 107 kilometers

Blue Origin has published a video about the next successful testing of the suborbital tourism system New Shepard. During the test held on April 29, a maximum speed of 3540 km / h was reached. After separation, the manned capsule reached the 107 km mark, breaking the Karman line, adopted as the boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and outer space.
According to Blue Origin, 107 km is the planned working height to which New Shepard will climb during regular tourist flights. The first step of the system made another soft landing on the engines, the capsule landed on parachutes.
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During the test, a mannequin named Skywalker was again placed on board the capsule, as well as a number of different instruments. Among them, NASA-provided SFEM-2 tool (Suborbital Flight Experiment Monitor-2), designed to measure carbon dioxide content, pressure changes, acceleration and noise levels during flight. Testing of the SC-1x space communicator (Schmitt Space Communicator), which provided the crew with Wi-Fi capsules during the flight, was also held.

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