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Two days without a computer knocked out of a rut, I wrote about it ...
But you know, an interesting experience. It seems that we ourselves do not fully notice, we are not aware of how deeply, tenaciously, we were seized and carried away into the abyss of the demon of virtual reality.
During these two or three days I watched a few films, which, I confess, I did not do for a very long time. Lord, how beautiful !. Why did I deprive myself of this pleasure?
Revised "Sweet Life" Fellini, ponastolgirovan under "Who is who?" with Belmondo, the real-scoop “You to me, I-you” looked through the fragments, downloaded “Midnight in Paris” for the first time a hundred years ago ... My God, how bright, what a good movie!
And all this in contrasts with an insane stream of poison and pus on federal TV channels: Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine-UkraineUkraine ... How embarrassing and embarrassing for homeland. Quite mundane, domestic, it seems Russia behaves like a flawed man who has lost his mind, abandoned by his wife, whom he madly and unrequitedly loves. However, not a word more about the topical!
I just thought how much we deprived ourselves.When the video broke into our life, we watched the films voidly, every day, in non-stop mode. We reveled in this, another world suddenly opened up to us ... Why, there are many worlds, the whole universe!
But this, too, was a virtual reality, a world of dreams. Maybe he was even farther from reality-reality than today's network virtual ...

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