Analysis of enterobiosis and worm eggs: how to pass, how much is valid, decoding

According to statistics, the vast majority of people living on Earth have parasitic diseases. Tests for enterobiasis and worm eggs help identify pathogens and determine their affiliation to one group or another, which makes it possible to prescribe the most effective treatment. These studies are among the most common. They are required to go through when applying for a job, enrollment in kindergartens and educational institutions, admission to a hospital, etc. The tests are also planned - they are included in the list of any medical commission.

analysis of enterobiasis and egg worm

What is the difference in research?

Both types of analysis are impossible from each other, they are always carried out simultaneously. This is due to the peculiarities of the vital activity of various parasites: some females lay eggs in the intestines, while others - in the perianal zone (in the anus).

Scraping for enterobiasis reveals the presence of pinworms that have made the human body a permanent habitat. The name of this parasite is explained by the physiological structure of its tail. Worms are resistant to disinfectants and to environmental conditions. For example, they can live in the open air for almost a month, the same amount - in tap water, and therefore there is a danger of parasites entering through its use.

The main symptom of pinworm infection is itching in the anal area, aggravated at night, because it was at this time that the females lay their eggs around him. That is why for the detection of enterobiasis scraping is needed, the delivery of feces in this case always gives a negative result.

The worm eggs test provides information on the presence of the following worms in the human biomaterial (respectively, and in the body):

Most infected people are not even aware of the presence of worms in their bodies. The parasites feed on it and release toxic substances. Some species reach up to 12 m in length (for example, an adult individual bovine tapeworm) and infect the internal organs in a short period of time.

The danger of helminths also lies in the fact that their vital activity can be fatal. That is why the analysis of feces on the eggs of the worm, and on the enterobiosis scraping must be taken once a year for preventive purposes.

analysis of feces on the eggs of the worm


In order for the results to be as reliable as possible, several conditions must be met.

Before the analysis of feces for eggs, worm is recommended for three days:

  1. To eliminate the use of medications that have antibacterial and antihelminthic action.
  2. Do not use drugs that contribute to increased peristalsis. Laxative drugs should also be excluded.
  3. Remove from the usual diet foods that have a pronounced coloring effect.

If shortly before the planned delivery of feces for the analysis of the eggs of the worm, any instrumental examination of the large intestine was performed, it is necessary to make sure that 14 days have passed after it.

The collection of biomaterials must also be carried out in accordance with certain requirements. In advance it is necessary to take care of the presence of a container in which a sample of feces will be placed.For this purpose, any small glass or plastic jar with a tight-fitting lid may be suitable. It should be thoroughly washed and dried. The best option is a sterile disposable container, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. In addition, with its help, the process of collecting biomaterial is simplified due to the attached spoon.

How much is valid analysis on enterobiosis

It is recommended to take stool samples from several sites of excrement, both outside and inside. The minimum amount of material - 2 teaspoons, but not more than 1/3 the volume of a standard disposable container. In order to avoid getting a distorted result when collecting feces in a small child, it is important to pay attention to the fact that urine does not get into the sample.

The material for the analysis of eggs worm can be stored for several hours. It is allowed to assemble it in the evening and put it on the lower shelf of the refrigerator door for the night, and in the morning deliver it to the laboratory. But the best option is considered when a person brings morning feces to the study. The fulfillment of this condition is a guarantee of obtaining the most reliable result.

For research on enterobiosis do not need to collect biomaterial.This type of analysis is considered simpler - the scraping process takes a few seconds. In addition, it does not require special training. The only condition is that before taking samples for enterobiosis hygiene measures are prohibited in the morning. This is due to the fact that female pinworms lay eggs at night. If you wash them off with water after waking up, even if infected, the result will be negative.

analysis of feces for enterobiasis and egg worm

How is the material collected for pinworms?

The procedure for scraping enterobiosis occurs according to the following algorithm:

  1. The person fits on the couch on its side or bends into the torso from a standing position. If scraping is carried out with a small child, it is carried out in the presence of one of the parents.
  2. Nurse fingers of one hand spreads the patient's buttocks. After this, scraping from the perianal area. It can be done in several ways. The most common is the following: with a cotton swab or swab, previously soaked in a solution of glycerin, the nurse holds the folds in the anus. After that, the sample is placed in a test tube, on which the full name of the patient is indicated, and sent to the laboratory. Another way: a special adhesive tape is applied to the perianal zone.After a few seconds, it is removed and firmly glued to a glass slide, which is also signed and sent to the laboratory.
  3. After taking the sample, the patient is dressed and can go about his business.

Scraping at home

If for any reason a person cannot come to a medical facility on his own or does not want to trust his staff, samples for analysis of eggs and worms and enterobiosis can be taken in a familiar comfortable environment. But it is recommended to carry out scraping before the start of defecation and collecting feces for research.

It can also be done in 2 ways:

  1. With the help of a cotton swab. You will also need: a disposable sterile container for analysis (or a clean and dry glass container with a tightly screwed lid), glycerin. The cotton swab needs to be slightly moistened in the solution and to be held several times along the perianal folds. After that, it should be placed in a prepared container and carefully closed.
  2. With adhesive tape. You will need: the usual wide stationery tape, scissors, clean glass. It is necessary to cut off about 5 cm of tape and gently attach it to the perianal zone for a few seconds. Then it must be removed slowly and glued to the glass as tightly as possible.It is desirable that between him and the scotch there were no air bubbles.

After taking a sample for enterobiosis, you can start collecting feces on the eggs of the worm. But if the latter can be stored for several hours in the refrigerator, scraping should be immediately delivered to the laboratory.

how much is analysis on the eggs of the worm

Production time

The exact information on how much analysis is made for eggs of the worm and enterobiosis is provided by the medical staff of the institution where the samples were taken.

The laboratory assistant conducts research using a microscope and chemical reagents. As a rule, it takes no more than 15 minutes to detect parasites, therefore, the results of tests for enterobiosis and worm eggs can theoretically be collected on the day of sampling. But in practice, there are a lot of people willing to donate the biomaterial, especially for public medical institutions. Due to the large flow of people, the results are processed by the day following the date of submission.

How many tests are valid

For enterobiasis and egg worm results are suitable for a short time. After 10 days from the time the samples were submitted, the test is considered invalid and must be repeated.

analysis of enterobiosis for the garden

Registration and interpretation of results

When prescribing tests for enterobiasis and worm eggs, the doctor provides a referral form in which the following data is indicated: the patient’s full name, his age, the name of the medical institution in which he is being observed, and the outpatient card number. This document is transmitted to the laboratory along with the biomaterial.

After the research, the laboratory technician reflects in the form the following information about the sample:

  • the amount of feces;
  • consistency;
  • smell;
  • Colour;
  • is there blood;
  • if there are pieces of undigested food;
  • changes during chemical reactions.

Also in the document should be indicated indicators of mucus, epithelium and starch. They are important for assessing the state of the intestines and help to identify the presence of pathological changes caused by the vital activity of the parasites.

After entering this information, the doctor puts the date of the study, his signature and stamp with the verdict: “No eggs of worms and pinworms were found. Scraping for enterobiasis is negative. " When a disease is detected, information on the degree of infection and the name of the detected parasites is entered into the form.

Thus, the interpretation of the result is not difficult - it is either positive or negative.

If infection with worms

A person whose parasites were found during the medical commission must be treated. If the test results for eggs of the worm and / or enterobiosis are positive, he will be suspended from his duties. This is important to avoid contamination of people around. If the analysis of enterobiosis for the garden has been taken, the child will also not be able to visit it for some time.

The treatment is not long, it takes only a few days. Its essence consists in taking medications and strict adherence to the rules of hygiene:

  • wash hands before eating and after using the toilet;
  • short cut nails;
  • daily wear clean underwear, often change the bed;
  • carry out wet cleaning regularly;
  • handle the toilet with disinfectants after each defecation act.

Approximately a week after the treatment, tests can be taken again. If the result is negative, the child may attend kindergarten, an adult - a place of work, etc.

enterobiosis research

Where to pass?

The study of biomaterial engaged in any public medical institution. If you have an insurance policy, the procedure is free. Also make a scraping and hand over feces for analysis in any private laboratory. But in this case, the study will be paid. When issuing the results, the medical officer always announces how much the analysis for enterobiasis and worms eggs is valid.

Cost of

The price per study is, on average, 300–400 rubles. Thus, the total amount does not exceed 600-800 rubles.


Tests for enterobiasis and eggs of the worm during the passage of the medical commission when applying for a job, enrolling in schools and gardens, etc., are not a mere formality. Most people on Earth are infected with parasites and are not even aware of this. With a small number of them, the disease can be asymptomatic, but over time there will be pathologies (including fatal ones) caused by the vital activity of the helminths.

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