Alpine hill do it yourself: landscape design photos, ideas for decoration

Any owner of the suburban area wants his allotment to somehow stand out among the rest. What only people do not take to decorate the backyard territory. It can be sculptures, artificial reservoirs, exotic plants and much more. A very popular part of landscape design are alpine slides. But how to make such beauty, they know not all. Features of the arrangement of the stone garden will be presented in this article.

What is alpine slide

In another way to call this element of landscape design can be a stone garden. In order to realize your dream and do something unusual on the estate, you will have to work hard, but the result is worth it. The creation of rock gardens is very popular with owners who have a large area next to a country house.If there is free cash, the master of landscape design will help to realize all the wildest dreams and wishes. By the way, an example of self-made at the cottage of Alpine slides in the photo below. It looks very original.

Alpine Hill at the cottage photo

If you do not want to spend money, then you can perfectly manage to create an alpine slide only by your own labor. An important point is cost planning and work on the project, where all planned changes will be fully reflected. Hurry here should not be, you need to think carefully about all the details. This includes the choice of style slides and thorough preparation of materials. It is necessary to understand the principle of working with green plantations, as well as to consider that not every plant will feel good in rock gardens.

In what sequence are the works performed?

After the place for the construction of an alpine slide in the country with their own hands is determined, you need to make sure that a number of the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • there is open space;
  • a lot of space;
  • suitable plot is on the south or southwest side.

A special rule for choosing a place is that a person will come here daily.The purpose of a rock garden is to give the opportunity to the owner of a country house and his guests to contemplate natural beauty every day. View alpine slides helps recuperate after a busy day.

After that part of the site where the stone garden is located will be precisely determined, it will remain to acquire construction materials. The owner will need to dig a pit and lay a drainage layer. To make an alpine hill of stones with your own hands, having an area of ​​2 x 2, lay a hole about 1 meter deep.

Its requirements are imposed on the drainage layer, because it depends on its quality how long the slide will last. Performing the role of the foundation, this layer will prevent soil subsidence. So, it is necessary to lay out the drainage as accurately as possible. Another function is to provide conditions for a good growth of green spaces.

how to create an alpine slide

The most suitable materials for the drainage layer:

  • expanded clay;
  • rubble;
  • gravel;
  • construction garbage.

When choosing materials, wood waste should be avoided; they begin to deteriorate several months after the completion of the entire work.The drainage layer needs sand or pebble coating. At the final stage you will need to lay a fertile soil with a layer up to 40 cm, and then carefully tamp it.

Preparatory stage

Before talking about how to make an alpine slide, you need to prepare everything for its creation. Only a careful selection of materials and the right choice of place on the site will make the stone garden truly beautiful and unforgettable. After determining the territory, you need to make the purchase of the following materials:

  • brick;
  • gravel;
  • pebbles;
  • stones of medium size;
  • large stones.

In order to transport and stack heavy stones, it is recommended to enlist the help of friends or to attract employees. Then you will need to take up the choice of plants for rock garden. When purchasing seed or seedlings, it is important to know how green the inhabitants of the roller coaster are compatible with each other.

Additionally, it is necessary to take into account the time of flowering, the requirement for the soil layer. The last moment plays a big role in the development and growth of plantations. To make it easier to work, you should pay attention to the photo of the alpine slide in the country, made with your own hands.

How to use stones

Make the right choice of the size of the stones will help the area of ​​the site where the rock garden will be located. If the territory has a large size, it is recommended to opt for an impressive cobblestones.

how to make alpine slide

A small area is worth decorating medium boulders. Not the last role played by the color and texture of the stone. To create a harmonious composition, the blocks should be selected under the already existing ensemble, the stones will emphasize the local beauty.

To properly equip the alpine slide, it is not necessary to resort to a mixture of different styles and ideas. The main idea here is in natural and natural beauty. To stop the choice costs on the stones belonging to one breed. It will look harmonious. For a more detailed example, above is a photo of alpine slides with stones.

Laying principle

Stones and decorative elements are stacked in a longline sequence. Here the work is done according to the principle: first come the big elements, and then the small ones. At the heart of all the rock gardens are blocks, having the largest size. They will play the role of a solid foundation when the main composition is created. On top of the miniature have decorative items.Their goal is to create a bright accent and completeness of the composition.

For the construction of a classic alpine slide will need to lay the stones in several tiers. Each layer is filled with moist soil, it is important not to forget about the presence of space between the cobblestones, so that the planted green crops have room to grow.

In their form, slides can be completely diverse. It's all at the discretion of the plot owner's imagination. In addition, much depends on the size of the site, style features, color variations. The main requirement for masonry, is the reliability of the foundation.

What soil to choose for an alpine slide

To the stone garden never ceased to please its owner, it is necessary to plant plants in it, for which you will need soil. You can buy the soil in a specialty store or do it yourself. It is important to remember that such a land should be rich in nutrients and mineral compounds, then the green inhabitants of the rock garden will feel good at the landing site. An example of various plant varieties is presented on the bottom photo of an alpine slide with your own hands.

alpine hill do it yourself stones

The ideal composition for soil is a mixture of peat and clay soil 1: 3. It is recommended not to forget to remove weeds from the ground and, if possible, seeds. Such training will significantly reduce the likelihood of weeds on an alpine slide. It is important to remember this.

Plant selection

The next important stage in the arrangement of the alpine hills in the country with their own hands is the planting of green spaces. They begin to plant from above, using different varieties of shrubs or trees. Then comes the turn of perennial plants. Earlier in the rock gardens grew mainly alpine plants, but today this restriction is no longer relevant.

Among the most interesting cultures are the following:

  • different varieties of perennial plants;
  • shrubs;
  • ferns;
  • cereals;
  • representatives of bulbous families.

The latter will be an excellent addition to the composition. When choosing varieties, you need to pay attention to the compatibility of crops, so that you do not have to replant green dwellers in the future. No less important position is the period of flowering of selected plants, so that some replace others.It is possible to preserve the aesthetics of the hill in wintertime by planting coniferous plants. Thuja, pine, juniper will do. You can see how it looks in the photo of an alpine slide with your own hands in the country.

Alpine slides in the country with their own hands photo

What to plant on top of a rock garden

The upper tier of the hill is a great place for plants who love the sun and tolerate drought well. In this place there will always be a lack of moisture. It will feel good here:

The latter plant is winter hardy and drought resistant. These two qualities are the minimum requirements for crops that can grow in rock gardens. Creeping thyme will need a place with good illumination, sheltered from the cold wind. The soil is picked up with a neutral acidic environment, loose, fertile and without weeds.

Plants for the middle tier

In this place are completely different conditions than on the surface. The light penetrates here in smaller quantities, the humidity is better preserved, because preference can be given to the following types of plants:

alpine slide

The bell of Pozharsky is interesting because when the sprawl grows, it will be decorated with a lush purple carpet. Abundant flowering completely hides the leaves of the plant.Interesting flower that well tolerates winter. Carnations and saxifrage are excellent neighbors for the bell. You can appreciate the beauty of the flower on the photo of the alpine slide in the country, which is presented above.

Foot rock garden

The base is ideal for plants that need moist fertile soil. These include:

  • Indian Duchenei;
  • spikelet liatris;
  • saxifrage.

The second name for Dusheni is ornamental strawberry. The plant gives flowers, very similar to the fruits of strawberries. At the foot of the rock garden this representative of the green world will grow very well, thanks to the high level of humidity and partial shade.

Alpine slides with stones photo

Any owner who has decided to create an alpine slide should remember that it will not be possible to build it in 24 hours, and therefore it is necessary to be patient and willing to work. If there is no desire or opportunity, you can shift the construction to third parties.

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