All Polish presidents and interesting facts about them

Much can be said about each country by looking at the list of its presidents. Poland perfectly falls under this rule, its first persons are the most prominent representatives of their time. Although we should not forget that the presidents of Poland are also people capable of experiencing fear and joy. And this means that each of them has various interesting stories.

How many presidents were there in Poland?

It is worth noting that Poland does not belong to the category of states where a large number of people stood at the helm. But the history of this country is replete with tragic events, after the end of the First World War, the presidents of the country succeeded each other, being under the influence of more powerful politicians of foreign powers. We can say that the presidents of Poland were puppets in the hands of more experienced players in the field of foreign policy. The Poles themselves believe that the presidency can only be spoken of since 1989, when the post of president of the Republic of Poland was reinstated.

Based on this, to date, only six presidents are included in the list of top leaders of the country:

  • Wojciech Jaruzelski.
  • Lech Walesa.
  • Alexander Kwasniewski.
  • Lech Kaczynski.
  • Bronislaw Komorowski.
  • Andrzej Duda.

Each of them has left its mark in the history of Poland, and now, what light or dark, we will now find out.

Wojciech Jaruzelski - the most controversial president of the Republic of Poland

The first president of Poland, the new time, causes very ambiguous emotions among the Poles themselves. On the one hand, he held the country in strong hands and calmly gave power to the legitimate successor after the elections in 1990. But on the other hand, he is accused of numerous war crimes committed against the people of Poland.

Polish Presidents

At one time, Jaruzelski was even under investigation, but for health reasons he was removed from the number of the accused. Until his death, the first Polish president received accusatory letters from his fellow citizens, who could not forgive him for declaring martial law in the country in 1981.

Contemporaries of Jaruzelski say that he was a very extraordinary man, respecting himself from the very first glance.Surprisingly, almost no one saw the eye of the President of Poland - he always appeared in dark glasses in public. For this he was called the "welder", but in fact, the eyes of Wojciech Jaruzelski were seriously damaged. In the Siberian exile, he almost completely burned the retina in one of his eyes and tried not to advertise his lack in the crowded places.

All subsequent presidents of Poland spoke good Russian, but Jaruzelski spoke with little or no accent. He was fluent in all types of speech and did not need translators even during summits.

Former President of Poland - Nobel Prize winner

Lech Walesa was president of the country for five years and became the only ruler of Poland, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The Poles always spoke of him with great warmth, but at the beginning of the two thousandth, his contacts with the special services were revealed, and numerous accusations of working for the KGB and other foreign intelligence services were raining down on Walesa.

Acting President of Poland

It is difficult to say whether there was a similar connection, but it was Walesa who managed to bring Poland’s economy to a new level after coming to power.He became the first president in the new history of the country, who came to power through the general democratic elections, and tried his best to meet the expectations of the people.

Many contemporaries Walesa was surprised by his close relationship with the Catholic Church, he gave a lot of time for its development, and the church paid him the same. All the initiatives of Lech Walesa were approved by the clergy, which partly explains the massive support of the Poles, who for the most part were always devout.

The president who was the longest at the helm of Poland

The new president of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, ruled the country for ten years, during this period he clearly adhered to the course outlined at the very beginning of his coming to power. All the time spent at the helm of Poland, Kwasniewski tried to bring the country as close as possible to the European Union. He saw the future of the state in its proximity to the West with its strong army. Moreover, such a policy allowed him to receive the approval of the Poles, who still remembered many years spent under the yoke of the Soviet occupation.

Former President of Poland

It is worth noting that much of Kwasniewski’s plan was fulfilled - Poland nevertheless became a member of NATO and joined the European Union.Perhaps he would have been able to win in the regular elections, but the political career of Alexander Kwasniewski was destroyed by the sensational scandal of 2005. At this time, documents were opened showing that Poland had become the place where the CIA secret chambers were located. They were tortured for many years by prisoners who were suspected of having links with Islamic extremists. And for years they were kept in prisons without trial. To date, Kwasniewski has not led the real facts that could refute this information.

President, remaining in people's memory

The presidents of Poland usually left office as a result of re-election, but Lech Kaczynski died, being the current president of the country. He crashed in 2010 on the territory of Russia and remained forever in the memory of the Poles with light sadness.

Poland's first president

Lech Kaczynski was the most active president of Poland. There is a story that during the election of the mayor of Warsaw, all applicants were invited to play a computer game, where they modeled the city with all its usual problems. Each of the candidates had to go through the game and show their abilities.All contenders for the mayor's chair shifted responsibility to assistants, and only Kaczynski himself solved all the city problems on the screen. For which he was elected to the mayor, and then to the presidency of Poland.

President of Poland royal blood

As president, Bronislaw Komorowski found himself after the death of Kaczynski and performed his duties until the election of the next president of Poland for five years.

Surprisingly, he is a representative of a very noble family, consisting in close blood ties with the royal court of Belgium. This explains Komorowski’s love for everything Western, he actively supported Western-oriented policies and continued to integrate Poland into the European Union.

New president of poland

In his personal life, Bronislav Komorowski is the happy father of five children. All of them have double names, which they consider to be a distinctive feature of the Komorowski family.

What is the president in Poland today?

It is called a surprise. The current president of Poland is still not fully revealed at his post. He is a controversial figure and more suspicious than enthusiasm. Duda has already managed to show himself as a politician who speaks very sharply towards Russia. Therefore, the Poles say that the time of good neighborly relations is over.They themselves are carefully looking for interesting facts in the biography of the president, but so far the whole life of Duda appears as a succession of colorful events and successful coincidences.

What is the president in Poland

The life of each country depends largely on a single person - the president. It is he who determines the course in foreign and domestic policy of the state. It remains to hope that the current President of Poland will show himself a wise and prudent politician.

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