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Alalia(alalia; from a ... and Greek. - speech) - the lack or underdevelopment of speech in children with normal hearing and preservation of mental development.

Causes of alalia: Damage to the speech areas of the cerebral cortex that occur during childbirth, diseases or injuries of the brain suffered by a child in the preverbal period of life.

There arealalia motor and sensory. With sensory alalia, the child, despite a good hearing, does not understand or understands the speech of others at all and therefore does not begin to speak. This form of alalia is usually accompanied by secondary intellectual impairment; It must be distinguished from oligophrenia. With motor alalia, the child speaks little and wrongly, most words are pronounced distortedly: instead of the whole word, a part of it (“dog” as “Ava” or “aba”), rearranges syllables (instead of “head” - “govale”), members of the sentence often will agree incorrectly ("Mom to sleep", "Vova, go to the street"), many sounds do not utter at all. In severe cases, the vocabulary of a child with alalia includes 10–20 incomplete words.

Due to deep speech disorders in alalia, the child begins to lag behind in his mental development with age.Learning to read and write with alalia at all stages is difficult. Children suffering from alalia are enrolled in special schools for children with severe speech disorders.

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