Agniya Kuznetsova: biography, personal life, photo

About the biography, personal life of Agnes Kuznetsova, without exception, all fans of Russian cinema know. This is the famous Russian actress of theater and cinema, which became popular after participating in the films "And the Dawns Here Are Quiet ...", "MosGas", "Simple Women's Happiness", "Yes and Yes", "Full Contact", "Made in the USSR "and many others.

early years

Photo by Agnes Kuznetsova

We will start telling about the biography and personal life of Agnes Kuznetsova in 1985, when she was born in Novosibirsk. Her whole family was creative, her father worked as an artist, and her mother worked as a teacher of decorative and applied arts in one of the local universities. So the love of culture and art was developed from the very beginning in Agnia itself.

It is believed that the talent of the artist was inherited by her, at the age of eight she knew how to hold a brush in her hands, paint with oil colors, and learn to prime the canvases. The only thing she lacked was perseverance. When she began attending acting classes at the age of 12, she immediately felt that this art was closer and clearer to her.It was then that she began to dream of becoming an actress, to go to conquer the capital.


Actress Agnia Kuznetsova

The dream of a young Agnii came true. Affected her dedication, ability to achieve the goal.

Immediately after graduation, the heroine of our article went to Moscow with her father to try to enroll in one of the theater schools. Good luck to her smiled at the entrance exams to the drama school named after Shchukin. In 2006, she received a graduate diploma.

In parallel, she paid a lot of attention to the artistic word. The teachers, who began to look closely at her at the school, already realized that she would become a famous and sought-after actress.

Movie debut

For the first time on the big screen, the heroine of our article appeared in her student years. In the film "Birds of Heaven," she played the role of Sasha.

Cargo 200

But her work in the drama “Cargo 200” in Alexei Balabanov’s drama, which appeared on screens in 2007, became truly triumphal. This role of Agnes Kuznetsova was remembered by everyone at once. She was simultaneously shocked by others and forced to admire her talent. The girl played the main character Angelica.

The picture was perceived ambiguously, since it was saturated with scenes of violence, and aa obra, created by Kuznetsova, evoked sympathy from the audience and pinched.

After that, Agnia appeared in another Balabanov tape - "Morphine".

Collaboration with Guy Germanika

Everyone will die, and I will stay

A bold actress Agniya Kuznetsova, whose photo appeared in many cinematic magazines after collaborating with Balabanov, attracted the scandalous director Valery Gai Germanicus. In the drama "Everyone will die, but I will stay," she played the role of a riotous high school girl.

These works gave a good start to her career. Soon Agniyu was invited to the main role in the series "Made in the USSR". This time she got the image of Lisa Vetrova, the events of this film unfold in the scenery of the 70s of the last century in the Soviet Union. The artist admits that it was very difficult for her to play the first kiss in the Soviet style. The fact is that the kiss should have looked romantic and timid, when Kuznetsova herself was much older than her heroine, brought up in more free conditions. But she believes that as a result she managed to convey the spirit of that time.

TV shows and melodramas

Her next notable work was the image of Natasha Stroevoy in the criminal series "MosGaz". It was an artistic reworking of the real case of the five crimes committed in the capital by Vladimir Ionesyan. That he is considered the first serial killer in the Soviet Union. He committed his killings from 1963 to 1964. Mosgaz - it was his nickname in the people, as the criminal penetrated into the apartment, posing as an employee of the organization.

Her works in Vladimir Yanoschuk's melodramas “I will not give you to anyone” by Sergey Krutin “Para Gnedy”, Vyacheslav Krishtofovich “Oh, Mommy”, Alexey Lisovts “Arithmetic of meanness” belong to the same period.

And dawns are quiet here

In the spring of 2015, the premiere of the military drama Renat Davletyarov, “And the Dawns Here are Quiet ...”, was released after the story of the same name by Boris Vasilyev. The heroine of our article got the main role of Sonya Gurvich. Together with the young anti-aircraft gunners and foremen Vaskov, they were to defend a strategically important object from German saboteurs.

Her television show took place next year on Victory Day on Channel One.

Romantic relationship

In the biography of Agnes Kuznetsova, personal life played a large role.In many ways, it was determined that she was on the same course as Leonid Bichevin. There was a romantic relationship between young people, which did not fade for several years. At the same time, the very heroine of our article did not want her personal life to become a priority during her studies. Agniya Kuznetsova avoided the young man’s courtship in every way, but every time he convinced himself that he was serious and would not back down from his.

After some time, the young man still managed to melt the beautiful woman's heart, they began to live together. The personal life of actress Agnia Kuznetsova has changed a lot, for the first time she had to lead a joint household with a man. Student love could not stand the everyday turmoil, and a few years later Bichevin became the initiator of the separation.

Agnia was very worried, the love affair with cameraman Fyodor Lyass, whom she met on the set of The Tower, helped her forget about breaking up. The girl flourished because she was deeply convinced that the feeling of being in love had a positive effect on the unfolding of her creative potential. Lyass was 6 years older than her, devoted many years to cinema. Their romance did not last long, the couple still broke up.

A family

Agniya Kuznetsova and Maxim Petrov

In an interview, the actress admitted that she was tired of bohemian parties, wants to change a lot in her personal life, biography. Agnia Kuznetsova began to dream of children, her husband and her own house. At some point, she realized that being realized as a woman is much more important to her than doing it professionally.

In 2015, she married. Her chosen one is dancer Maxim Petrov. With the future husband Agniy Kuznetsov was introduced by director Valeria Gai Germanika, who managed to become a friend for her.

It soon became known that the heroine of our article is expecting a child. But then it was revealed that these are just conjectures of the “yellow press”. Agniya Kuznetsova has no children yet, although in the future, as the actress herself admits, she would like to have them.

Interestingly, in the summer of 2016, they decided to play their wedding once again, thus celebrating in an original way the birthday of the heroine of our article and the anniversary of the engagement. Photos from the celebration attracted a lot of attention of its many fans.

Recent works

In 2017, the actress appeared in the image of Masha Korsakova in the crime drama "Death Track". This is a series about the opposition of a group of experienced investigators to car thieves who operate on major highways.The reviews noted that this is a film adaptation of the real history of the so-called GTA gang.

Among her recent works is a 20-part melodrama entitled “Girls Don't Give Up” about the humorous adventures of several faithful friends, the criminal action film “The Yellow Eye of the Tiger” about the dark and illegal side of the amber business, in particular, it tells about the events in the Kaliningrad region in 1988. Also in 2018, the drama "Coal" is published about several families of miners who find themselves in a difficult situation because of the situation in the enterprise.

Children's writer

Writer Agniya Kuznetsova

When searching for information about Agnia Kuznetsova, you can stumble upon her full namesake - a Soviet children's writer.

The author of works for the younger generation was born in Irkutsk in 1911. She graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology of the Zhdanov University in Leningrad. As a literary officer, she worked in youth and children's newspapers in Leningrad, Irkutsk and Novosibirsk. In 1956 she moved to Moscow, where she remained for the rest of her life.

Writer Agniya Kuznetsova - the wife of the famous Soviet prose writer George Markov, who headed the board of the Writers' Union of the USSR from 1977 to 1986.They had a daughter, Olga, who also became a writer, and Catherine, who played Galya Chetvertak in the military drama “And the Dawns Here are Quiet ...” of 1972.

Books Agnes Kuznetsova more than once were awarded deserved awards. In 1977 she received the Krupskaya State Prize for the story "Ending the Earth", and in 1984 the Order of Friendship of Peoples.

Her very first book of stories was published in Novosibirsk in 1932. After that, Kuznetsova was published in the magazines Yunost, Roman-Gazeta, and the almanac Novaya Sibir. She wrote stories, essays and stories for children and teenagers. Special attention was paid to the study of creativity of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. She is the author of the book "My Madonna", which combines several works devoted to the children of the poet and his wife Natalia Goncharova.

Among the most famous books of the writer should be noted: "In the Chulym taiga", "Your house", "Devil's dozen", "Life is calling", "Light-grass", "Honest Komsomol", "A golden cloud spent the night", "We are from Kite "," There are many roads on earth "," Under the storms of fate cruel, "" Dignity. "

In 1984 the publishing house "Children's Literature" published a collection of her works in three volumes.

The writer died in Moscow in 1996. She was buried at the Troyekurovsky cemetery next to her husband.

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