Age crisis of thirty years

The word "crisis" is translated as a transitional state, a certain turning point. Transitional stages occur not only in children, but also in adults. Many believe that the age crisis of 30 years applies only to individuals. However, it is up to everyone to go, regardless of gender, external data or material security. At the turn of these years, a person makes a lesson for himself. Have you ever wondered why at this particular time many families fall apart, people think about a change of job or face serious health problems?

What is the crisis in women?Age crisis

For women, this tipping point is manifested in the realization that they are no longer young women. There is a feeling that nothing can be changed. It seems that there is no way out of the situation, composure goes away, and depression and despondency comes to replace it. The crisis is especially difficult if by this time the woman has not found herself either in her family life or in her career. The understanding comes that nothing is achieved.Not just for those who have achieved the desired part. For example, there is a family, work, but no own housing. After the anniversary, many ladies rethink their social role. However, every woman should understand that the age crisis gives an impetus to a new round, which will give a surge of vital energy. Confidence in the strength, awareness of their competence, this brings a sense of some integrity, satisfaction.

Age crisis in menHow is the crisis in men?

Building a family, active social life, the birth of children - this is how the life of the stronger sex is described up to about 29 years. After 30 years, the age crisis in men begins to manifest itself. However, it may take a year or more to complete. A person faces frustration, an awareness of his own place in life. He understands that some of the slats were too high. A man begins to look at his wife and children in a completely new way. Already there is no feeling of euphoria and love, there is an awareness that time flies very quickly. That is why the divorce rate at this time increases dramatically. Gradually man begins to realistically assess their capabilitiesif it turns out to save the family, the head of the family begins to realize in a new way his responsibilities, set real goals for himself. The emphasis is shifting towards professional approval, despite the fact that a man sometimes understands that before that he was not doing what he wanted, the age crisis is pushing a person to the right choice.Age crisis in children

Young's midlife crisis

C. Jung believed that in the middle of life (30-40 years old), it seemed to a person that the correct ideals had already been found, certain principles of behavior had been formed. However, at this time there is some loss of the integrity of the individual, the hypertrophied development of one side of it. Moreover, most people are trying to transfer "youth" through the threshold of maturity. However, failure more often leads to a feeling of depression, and sometimes to neurotic disorders. If a person focuses on his self-worth, then the second half of life will be the culmination of creativity, the achievement of wisdom, and not neurosis.

As we can see, the turning points in the life of an adult are not the same as the age crisis in children.However, in any case, a person acquires many new things, draws certain conclusions for himself, turns out to be at a new stage of development.

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