"Advise the game on the PC," or What to play

Now quite often on the Internetyou can meet the question: "Advise the game on the PC." What to play? " At first glance, this is not a problem. True, those who have an entertainment crisis, do not think so. The modern world is full of different ideas and genres of toys. Let's see what can be offered to those who do not know what to play.advise the game on the PC

"Zuma" and "Three in a row"

Quite often a request: "Advise the game on the PC" - you can stumble upon the answers, which will flash games "Zuma" or something from the series "Three in a row." At first glance, it may seem that such advice is nothing more than stupidity. Indeed, who is interested in playing "children's" spillikins! But in fact, "Zuma" and games like "Treasures of Montezuma" - this is a fairly popular genre that does not go out of fashion. It seems that nothing and do not need to special - move colored blocks or shoot multi-colored balls. Collect points - and all the cases.

Such games, not only are they soothing (especiallyat the initial levels), so also help the brain develop. In the course of the game, you think you have improved mindfulness and logic. So if you are among those who write: "Advise the game on the PC" - then try to start the proposed options.


So, if you still do not know what to dofor a computer, and in the environment of games you have a real crisis, then you can try different simulators. Especially popular are those that reflect real life. For example, the cult line The Sims.advise an interesting game on the PC

If you feel that for a long time you do notgiven will come up with some kind of game for spending time at the computer, that is, it makes sense to install one of the parts of the good old Sims. It is not necessary to watch new games on PC, it's enough just to run one part of The Sims, so that the time flew by unnoticed. She's really addictive. And the newer part, the more interesting. Here you can realize all your dreams and desires. Be a gardener or fisherman, cook or mechanic, artist or writer - any profession will be at your feet. True, simulators, too, not all to taste. If you are still a candidate for leaving the post on the Internet: "Advise the game on the PC," then let's look at some more options.

Online world

So, if you do not know what to play, thenyou are perfect online games. In particular, different MMORPGs. These are so-called role-playing toys, where you will need to develop your character and perform various quests.

The main advantage of such games is thatthey never lose the plot and do not end. In other words, it is impossible to pass them. And to all, you will interact with real people who also "hid" behind the image of the character. But what can you play? Let's introduce a little specifics.

To begin with it is necessary to decide which genreyou like computer games more. Probably, if you like "war" and military equipment, as well as "shooters", then it will be best to play in WarFace or World Of Tanks. These are free MMORPG games in which you will need to either develop your tank or special-purpose player.

If you are closer to an incredible and fabulous world, then you can try to play World of Warcraft. This is a cult online game in which you have to fight other players for the title of the best.new games on the PC

If you want something more calm, thenit is best to choose a dance game "Pa-ra-pa: a city of dances" or MMORPG called Perfect World. However, if you plan to play the toy for a long time, it will be best to choose "PV", In it you will have to fight for one of the characters, which will be a faithful fighter with fairy monsters. The game is free, has many levels and does not bother with time.

"Try to survive"

If you still ask: "Advise an interesting game on the PC" - then you can turn to another favorite computer genre - horror and survival games. If you want, try Resident Evil. Probably, everything has already been heard about her for a long time.

In addition, if you want to play with someone in thecooperative, then you can choose a project for survival in the "Steam" called Damned. Here you can play either for a monster who needs, using his abilities and traps, to catch all 4 survivors, or for a person who has to find a way out of the "conclusion" along with his associates.

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