Actress Masha Shukshina: photos, biography, movie roles

Russian television every year gives us a huge number of different TV shows that are popular with viewers. But the success of these projects would hardly have been so overwhelming if it were not for the acting performance of the performers and performers of the main roles. One of the brightest actresses on Russian TV is Maria Shukshina. During her long career, she performed more than a dozen prominent roles. She also managed to play roles on the big screen. You will learn how she achieved success by reading our article dedicated to her creativity and personal life. You can also see the photo of Masha Shukshina in the article.

Masha Shukshina


Maria Shukshina was born in May 1967 in Moscow. Maria's parents were incredibly famous people. In particular, her mother worked as an actress, while her father was engaged in writing. All their lives, these people have devoted creative activity. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that in the end, the daughter followed in their footsteps and linked her life with acting skills.
Maria Shukshina, whose biography was the subject of our review, began to act in films at the age of one. My father created a new film in which a girl appeared in one of the short stories. The next time, Maria Shukshina appeared on the screen after a few more years. This time, her sister also starred with her.
However, the mother was somewhat alarmed by the fact that her daughter so quickly linked her life with the cruel world of domestic cinema. She knew firsthand how many disappointments can bring an acting career. And already in those years, the mother warned her daughter about all possible dangers on the path to glory. And to insure herself, Maria Shukshina decided to get a higher education, thereby having the opportunity to earn a stable income. Soon she graduated from the local school for the study of foreign languages.

Masha Shukshina biography

Beginning career as an actress

As a result, after graduating from higher education, the Institute of Foreign Languages. Maurice Thorez, the girl tried her hand as a translator. But she quickly got tired of this job. Maria knew that she did not want to do translations for the rest of her life.And then she decided to return to the cinema, despite the lack of proper experience, fame and education. As a result, in just a few years, the girl managed to get a few notable roles. By the mid-90s, the actress’s popularity began to grow rapidly. We will discuss further the most vivid films with Masha Shukshina.

"American Daughter" (1995 film)

In the center of the plot of this film - a young man who works as a musician. Once he had a wife and a little daughter. But the beloved left her husband and moved to America, taking the child with her. The main character is not going to put up with it. He goes after them, determined to return his beloved daughter. He kidnaps the child and goes on an incredible journey that will forever change their usual life ...

photo by Shukshina

"The circus burned down and the clowns scattered" (1998 film)

Nikolay is an experienced director who has shot a lot of great films in his life and enjoyed success with the audience. But the years take their toll. Now he is fifty and nobody needs him. He has no money, and past relationships with his wives turned into failure. And now he is determined to make his most important film in life.Can he do it?

"The Adventures of a Magus" (TV series 2003)

In the center of the plot of the film is quite a famous writer who is known throughout the country. One day a young reporter comes to him to interview. Usually it does not drag out for a long time. But this time, the writer decided to answer the young man to all his questions and do it in as much detail as possible. The thing is that the journalist turned out to be very similar to the best friend of the main character who died many years ago ...

personal life Shukshina car

"Dear Masha Berezina" (serial, 2004)

The main character is a young woman named Masha Berezina. She worked as a model for many years, because of which she was forced to leave her hometown. In Europe, she was able to achieve success. But now it is time to return to his native Moscow. Here Masha managed to meet people she once knew well. But life during the years of her absence has changed a lot ...

"I love you" (TV series, 2004)

The story of a woman who until recently considered herself in all respects a successful person. She had a beloved husband who worked as an actor, a family, children and everything that one could dream of. She could not even imagine that the very early life of her usual life would be destroyed. The husband turns out to be an unfaithful scoundrel who walks over his mistresses behind his wife.Will the heroine be able to cope with all the difficulties she has faced?

Masha Shukshina biography personal life

“Brezhnev” (mini-series, 2005)

Brezhnev is one of the most extraordinary personalities in the history of the USSR. He was able to get his power through intrigue, but eventually he held his position for eighteen years. In this series, the director will try to reveal some moments of his life, transmitted with the utmost historical accuracy. An incredible life story of Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev is waiting for you.

"Indigo" (film of 2008)

For many years, scientists have argued that sooner or later, so-called people of the future will appear in our world, who will have much greater knowledge and skills. And once such people appeared. In the center of the plot - a group of teenagers, forced to hide from ordinary residents of the city. They understand the language of animals, can read the thoughts of other people, and also have an incredible instinct for self-preservation. And one day they are torn down by the opportunity to use the gift according to their intended purpose in order to save their own lives.

movies with Masha Shukshina

"Bury me behind a plinth" (2008 film)

Sasha Saveliev is a very ordinary eight-year-old boy whose fate was far from being the most favorable.The fact is that his mother found herself a new boyfriend, which is why she had less free time for a child. And then the grandmother decides to take the boy to her home in order to raise a normal person from him. Here are just methods of education she has more than harsh. Can a boy finally find happiness and start a normal life?

The Roof (2009 film)

In the center of the plot - three young teenage girls. They have mothers who, due to their own personal life, do not pay enough attention to girls. One of them is a careerist, the other also spends her free time at work. As a result, women do not even notice how their own daughters are drawn into not the most pleasant stories.

"The Case of Deli №1" (TV series 2011)

This series is partly based on real events that occurred in the early 80s of the last century. Then the Soviet Union experienced far from the best of times. Another man came to power, who immediately decided to demonstrate his own strength. To do this, he decides to contact the head of the local investigative committee.

sons of Shukshina

"Yolki-3" (film of 2013)

The third part of the famous New Year's comedy, which fell in love with millions of viewers across the country.As always, you will be waited by numerous funny stories that happened on the eve of one of the main holidays.

TV projects

Maria remembered many TV viewers not only as a talented actress, but also as a great presenter. For more than ten years, she led the popular show in those years, "Wait for me." In it, the program staff helped people in need to find their loved ones, contacts with whom were lost many years ago. The program was a great success and was broadcast every week by the central Russian channel.

Masha Shukshina: biography, personal life

As it often happens, creative people are not easy to find their soul mate. Few people manage to combine work and personal life. Masha Shukshina met her first love before coming to fame. She married Artem Tregubenko. They even had a baby. Only a couple of years later, more and more confusion began to appear between them. In the end, the couple broke up.

The actress met her second love ten years later. Alexey Kasatkin has become a newfound star-boyfriend. Shortly after the wedding, their son Makar was born. But this time Mary was waiting for failure.After a while, the marriage broke up. Moreover, after that, the father kidnapped his two-year-old son. But thanks to law enforcement, the boy returned to his mother.
It seemed that Maria Shukshina would never be able to find her happiness. The next marriage with Boris Vishnyakov was civil. The couple were born twins. The sons of Masha Shukshinoy name is Thomas and Fock. That's just Mary again waiting for failure. After four years of marriage Shukshin left her husband, taking the children with them.

This beautiful woman wants only to wish happiness in her further destiny!

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