Actress Marina Levtova - biography, personal life and interesting facts.

Biography of Marina Levtova indicates that in childhood she dreamed of becoming a doctor. However, fate decreed otherwise, which she did not have to regret. During her life, the actress managed to shine in about 60 films and TV shows. She loved her profession very much. What is the story of a celebrity?

Marina Levtova: biography, family

The heroine of this article was born in Yakutia, and more precisely, in the Megino-Kangalassky district, where her parents were in distribution. It happened in April 1959. From the biography of Marina Levtova it follows that she was born in a family of doctors.

Family legend says that Marina’s father independently took delivery of a wife. There were simply no other doctors in the village where the family lived then. The man was so excited that he could not immediately determine the sex of the child.


From the biography of Marina Levtova it is known that the first years of her life were spent in Leningrad. The family moved here shortly after her birth.As a child, Marina did not doubt that she would connect her life with medicine, help people, save lives. Mother and father rejoiced at the desire of the daughter to follow in their footsteps.

Marina Levtova in the film "Keys without the right to transfer"

Marina's wish could come true if it were not for the intervention of fate. In one class with her, Elena Tsyplakova studied. Already at a young age, this actress had time to play in the film “Do not have a head for a woodpecker” by Dinara Asanova. The director turned to Elena for help when she needed the guys for a new film. The girl showed Dinara a photo of her class. Asanova liked Levtov.

The offer to play in a movie surprised Marina. However, the girl did not refuse. She embodied the image of the secondary heroine Julia in the melorama “Key without the right to transfer”. Before the shooting, Levtova got her hair cut, which the director didn’t like very much. Dinara insisted that the young actress star with the consignment note.


Biography of Marina Levtova testifies that she liked to star in the film “Key without the right to transfer”. The girl was determined to become an actress. Parents made several attempts to convince their daughter, but she insisted on her.In the end, Marina’s parents were resigned to her decision.

Marina Levtova in her youth

After graduating from school Levtova went to conquer Moscow. Marina from the first attempt entered VGIK. She was enrolled in a course led by Tamara Makarova and Sergey Gerasimov. The schedule of classes was tight, but the student managed to act in films. Marina played the key role of the foreman of the painter in the comedy My Anfisa;

Levtova studied at the second year, when Sergey Gerasimov suggested that she play in the historical dilogy "Youth of Peter" and "At the Beginning of Glorious Affairs." The girl played Olga Buynosova.


From the biography of the artist Marina Levtova it follows that she met her love while working on the painting “Youth of Peter”. Novice actor Yuri Moroz played Alesha Brovkin in this film. It is noteworthy that the role was his debut for him. The shooting took place in Germany. Moroz and Levtov met in German Babelsberg. A spark ran between them.

One day, young artists fled from their troupe to Berlin. Yuri and Marina wandered around the city, choosing gifts for relatives.For Levtova, the romantic adventure was over, but Moroz had a different opinion.

Creating a family

Yuri fell in love with Marina at first sight, but she was in no hurry to respond to him in return. Levtova was not going to start a family with a representative of the creative profession. In addition, her plans did not include so early to part with their freedom. However, Frost showed perseverance. Once a fan asked for his dacha to Marinin’s parents. Help in the garden helped him earn the respect of her mother and father. Parents advised their daughter to look at the guy, which she did.

Marina Levtova and Yuri Moroz

Yuri and Marina had a wedding at the VGIK hostel. The roles of the parents who were seated were assigned to Tamara Makarov and Sergey Gerasimov. The young family occupied a room in the Lenkom dorm. When daughter Daria was born, Yuri and Marina got another room. The newlyweds became parents in September 1983.

80s movies

From the biography of the actress Marina Levtova it is known that she was actively filmed during this period. Films and series with her participation, released in the 80s, are listed below.

Marina Levtova in the film "TASS is authorized to declare"
  • "Quiet troechnik".
  • Rafferty.
  • "Every third".
  • "If the Earth were not round ...".
  • "Thrice about love."
  • "On someone else's holiday."
  • "Inspector of traffic police".
  • "From the life of the head of the criminal investigation department."
  • "Bribe".
  • "Guys."
  • "The Life of Berlioz".
  • "Taiga sailor."
  • "Canary Cage".
  • "TASS is authorized to declare ...".
  • "Darling, dear, beloved, the only one ...".
  • "Lyuba".
  • "I still love, I still hope."
  • "Faith Hope Love".
  • "Children of contention."
  • "Picture".
  • "Second on the feat."
  • "Alarm bell at dawn."
  • "About the cat ...".
  • "Secrets of Madame Wong."
  • "Visit to the Minotaur."
  • "Purple Ball".
  • "Flip through the head."
  • "May I die, God ..."
  • "In the forest lingonberry."

Difficult 90s

In the 90s, many talented actors were left without work. Unfortunately, Marina Levtova was not an exception, whose biography and personal life are discussed in the article. Interesting roles were offered to her infrequently, and the actress did not agree to the low-standard hack-work. However, from time to time, Marina still appeared on the set.

Marina Levtova in the film “The Witches Underground”

Perhaps the main achievement of the Levtovaya in this period is the shooting in the fantastic tape “Witches Underground”. In 1990, Yuriy Moroz presented this picture to the audience court, having already managed to retrain as a director. The main roles were performed by Marina Levtova, Sergey Zhigunov, Dmitry Pevtsov and Nikolai Karachentsov.


Of course, all fans are interested in the cause of death of Marina Levtova, whose biography and personal life are discussed in the article. February 26, 2000 the premiere of the new picture of George Danelia "Fortune". In this tape, Marina played a nun. The image of the main character embodied her daughter Daria. Levtova and Moroz came to the premiere with their daughter, received congratulations.

photo of Marina Levtova

For the city of Marina went the next day. She wanted to celebrate the success of an only child with family and friends. The owner of the cottage persuaded guests to ride a snowmobile. Levtova wanted to refuse, but Dasha persuaded her mother. They gathered on the road around midnight. Mikhail Rudyak got behind the wheel, further Daria, then Marina. The driver of the snowmobile did not notice in front of the ravine, the vehicle overturned.

Dmitry Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova drove behind them. Behind the wheel was Dmitry, who miraculously managed to slow down. He also called an ambulance.

Marina Levtova hit her head against a tree. She was taken to a hospital where she died a few hours later from a head injury. The daughter of the actress escaped with fractures. Father for a long time did not dare to inform her about the death of the mother.He convinced his daughter that Levtov was in the hospital, she was being prepared for the operation. Darya became aware of the tragedy only on the day of the funeral.

Interesting Facts

What are some interesting facts about Marina Levtova? Yuri Moroz claims that the ominous signs began to haunt the actress in the last months of life. For example, she drew attention to the fact that she was handed a large bouquet of yellow flowers at the premiere of "Fortune". Folk sign says that it promises separation or misfortune.

The driver of the ill-fated snowmobile was Mikhail Rudyak. After the accident, the man was in a coma for a while. He could not recover completely, died in 2007 from complications.


What do those who knew her well say about Marina Levtova? Yuri Moroz likes to remember their first meeting in an interview. The actor and director admits that he was conquered by the vulnerability and tenderness of the girl, her dissimilarity to others.

A close friend of the actress was Dmitry Kharatyan. He claims that Levtova seemed to be in a hurry somewhere all the time. She did not know how to live slowly. In the company of Marina, it was never boring, she knew how to laugh, make you smile. All friends Levtovoy describe her as an energetic, charming and cheerful person.


Biography, personal life, children of Marina Levtova - fans of a talented actress who left this world early, want to know everything about her. She has only one child - a daughter, Daria, born in marriage with Yuri Moroz.

Marina Levtova with her daughter

The girl grew up in an acting family, early began to act. Dasha made her film debut at the age of three months. In the film “Honey, dear, beloved, the only one”, she played the role of a kidnapped baby boy. By the time of graduation, Daria had already managed to play in six films. Parents tried not to influence what profession their daughter chooses. For some time, the girl was thinking about enrolling at MGIMO, but nevertheless she preferred the Moscow Art Theater School.

For the first time Daria attracted the attention of the public thanks to the painting “Fortune” by George Danelia. She also remembered for her roles in the films "House of the Sun", "Steel Butterfly", "Fool", in the TV series "The Death of the Empire", "Apostle", "Dostoevsky", "Black Wolves". For 35 years, the actress managed to play already about 70 films and TV shows. She also achieved some success on the theater stage.

Daria is married, her chosen one was theater director and poet Konstantin Bogomolov.Their romance began while working on the play "Wolves and Sheep." Daria was then married, but left her husband. Frost and Bogomolov got married in May 2010. In September of the same year, their daughter was born, the girl was named Anna. A child of Daria and Constantine is seriously engaged in tennis, and also enjoys music.

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