12 V automatic charger

This is a very simple scheme of the console to your existing charger. Which will control the voltage of the battery charge and when it reaches the set level - disconnect it from the charger, thereby preventing the battery from overcharging.
This device has absolutely no scarce parts. The whole circuit is built on just one transistor. It has LED indicators that indicate the status: charging or charging.

Who needs this device?

Such a device is sure to be useful to motorists. Those who do not have an automatic charger. This device will make from your normal charger - a fully automatic charger. You no longer have to constantly control the charging of your battery. All you need to do is put the battery to be charged, and its shutdown will happen automatically, only after full charge.
12 V automatic charger

Automatic charger circuit

12 V automatic charger

That's actually the scheme itself machine.In fact, this is a threshold relay that is triggered when a certain voltage is exceeded. The threshold is set by the variable resistor R2. For a fully charged car battery, it is usually 14.4 V.
The scheme can be downloaded here - http://www.mediafire.com/file/0ldtxs4ma6mt2q2/12V-Auto-Cut-Off-Charger_circuit_By_hawkar_Fariq.pdf Source: https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/?do=lastcomments

Printed circuit board

12 V automatic charger

How to make a printed circuit board, you decide. It is not complicated and therefore it can easily be thrown on the breadboard. Well, or you can get stuck and make a textolyte with etching.


If all the details are in good condition, the configuration of the machine is reduced only to setting the threshold voltage by the resistor R2. To do this, connect the circuit to the charger, but the battery is not yet connected. We translate the resistor R2 to the lowest position according to the scheme. Set the output voltage on the charger 14.4 V. Then slowly rotate the variable resistor until the relay operates. Everything is set up.
Let's play with the voltage to make sure that the device works reliably at 14.4 V. After that, your automatic charger is ready for operation.

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