11 weird signs that indicate you are good in bed

25-05-2017, 09:02
Do you also want to believe that you bring pleasure to your romantic partner in bed? At least, you do not want to blush and apologize for your own inexperience in love games. In turn, between an experienced and inexperienced partner, you prefer the first option. So you are more likely to avoid problems and troubles in the bedroom. In this regard, a logical question suggests itself: are there any signs by which one can recognize a beautiful lover? They are in front of you.

You drink wine
Women who prefer two glasses of wine a day are more passionate lovers than those who drink only one glass or abstain from drinks altogether. Wine and sexuality were intertwined in ancient Greece. Use this method if you want to relax and hit your sexual partner. However, do not try to sort out the excess.So you lose control of yourself and lose physical attractiveness.
If you are the soul of the company, and in your arsenal there are jokes for any occasion, you must be spoiled by the attention of people of the opposite sex. If you delve into the study of the nature of jokers, it becomes clear that each of them has an amazing ability to laugh at themselves. Scientists believe that there is nothing more sexual than the ability to recognize their weaknesses. Another scientific experiment showed that people who laugh often are almost certainly wonderful lovers.

Do you like coffee flavored ice cream
Now there are so many different types of ice cream fillers that gourmets run their eyes. Have you ever tried coffee ice cream? If yes, then it speaks about your sexual confidence. A study recently conducted by Chicago scientists showed that the people who live in the present day prefer the coffee flavor of ice cream. They do not care about the past and do not care about dreams. What else is needed for a hero-lover who is fully focused on the process?

You are smart
Men who choose a pretty fool as a constant sexual partner are mistaken. From the point of view of science, smart women are more skillful and experienced mistresses.The study, conducted in 2009 by Professor Tim Spector, involved 2,000 women of different ages. As a result, it turned out that women with a high level of intelligence experience an orgasm twice as often.

You enjoy food
When people eat slowly, they get pleasure from every bite of food sent to their mouths. There is nothing surprising in the fact that this behavior goes into the bedroom. If you do not rush to deal with food, first of all you strive to bring pleasure to your romantic partner.

You know what you want to eat
We have already seen that there is nothing more sensual than food and sex. When you come to a restaurant, you absolutely know what you want to eat right now. The speed of choosing an order is another non-trivial indicator of a good lover. Assertiveness and passion on white sheets fully reflect the confidence and hardness that you exude in other life situations.

You are passionate about politics
If you are interested in watching the political games of presidential candidates, this gives you an advantage in sexual games. According to a study conducted in America in 2016, the more people are interested in politics, the more they experience orgasms. Curious conclusions, is not it?

You can dance well
Previously, men and women whirled to the waltz. Thus, they could demonstrate to each other the art of owning their own body. Over the years, the dances have become increasingly passionate (remember the Argentine tango and pasadoble). Modern dancers have come to the point that they no longer need partners on the dance floor to show their ability to wag their hips or shake with a fifth point. With these movements we attract potential sexual partners, openly demonstrating our capabilities. If you do not want to use candid dance, you can not do it. Any beautiful movement will reflect your social confidence.

It is convenient for you to stay naked
At home, being alone with a partner, you do not hesitate to walk around the apartment naked. The same applies to the gym shower, where you go three times a week. If you are not embarrassed by your own nudity, this is another sure sign of a person tempted in love games. And here is another curious fact: when a woman is comfortable being naked, she feels more sexual satisfaction.

You are left handed
According to statistics, only 12 percent of the population of our planet are left-handed. If you also belong to the number of left-handed, you are lucky to be called a passionate lover or mistress. One of the social polls revealed that 86 percent of left-handers consider themselves to be “extremely satisfied” sexually. For comparison: only 15 percent of right-handers made such an exciting statement.

ATyou like eye contact
When you involuntarily look for someone's eyes or keep eye contact with the other person during a conversation, this also indicates your temperament. However, if you like to look strangers in the eye, do not embarrass them. Hold eye contact for a few seconds, and then look away.

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