10 pseudo-real films that we believed

20-08-2017, 18:06
In the face of fierce competition, film studios are ready to stir up the interest of the audience in all possible ways. Including packaging fictional plots in a “real story” wrapper. As they say, not caught - not a thief.
We decided to check the directors for sincerity and compile a list of tapes that promised a real story, but in reality turned out to be fiction.
Blair Witch: coursework from the next world

Cast:Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, Michael C. Williams
In pursuit of the rating, Mirik and Sanchez invented a city legend, “buried” all the actors, “dug up” films and edited the film, later combined posters from the tape with announcements about the search for unfortunate actors. Plus, they launched a website that published police reports and newsreel-style interviews. As a result, the film became viral both in reality and on the Internet.
IMDb rating - 6.4
Perfect storm

Cast:George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, John C. Riley, William Fichtner, William Fichtner
The picture is presented to the viewer as a biographical catastrophe, based on the monograph of the same name by Sebastian Jünger. True story, serious actors, and I want to believe. But the facts show that the story ends at the moment when a group of fishermen goes to sea. After that, no one else saw the guys. Everything else is a mixture of thoughts of the author with the imagination of the director.
IMDb rating - 6.4

Cast:Scott Speedman, Liv Tyler, Glenn Howerton, Gemma Ward, Laura Margulis
The film's slogan shouted: “Inspired by real events,” but in fact it turned out that the story is entirely fictional. In his defense, the director recalled the tricks of the bloodthirsty manipulator Charles Manson and the story from his childhood about an unfamiliar trinity who robbed a house on his street. But the advertising campaign did its job - the film budget paid off almost 9 times.
IMDb rating - 6.2
This is Spinal Tap.

Cast:Rob Reiner, Christopher Guest, Tony Hendra, Michael McKean
And this real story has gone far beyond the cameras. The pseudo-documentary film about a fictional rock band, whose success is waning, shocked viewers who had no idea about Spinal Tap.But after a while the British appreciated the film and listened to the tracks of the fictional rock band. The picture has become a cult, and already real Spinal Tap - the stars of the world scale.
IMDb rating - 8
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Cast:William Vail, Marilyn Burns, Allen Dansiger, Paul A. Partain
The director of this film went further - in addition to the fictional plot, he also outlined specific dates for "real" events. Hooper argued that the film is based on the story of Ed Gin, but the similarity with the real maniac is insignificant. Let us rejoice that a cruel film is just a figment of the imagination.
IMDb rating - 8

Cast:Frances McDormand, William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi, Peter Stormare, John Carroll Lynch
At the very beginning of the film, the Cohen brothers warned that real events in Minnesota served as the basis for the plot, and the names of the characters were changed to protect real personalities. This move certainly intrigued the viewer. The directors later admitted that such a story could have happened in reality, but they had not heard about it yet.
IMDb rating - 8.1
Curse box

Cast:Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Natasha Calis, Kira Sedgwick, Madison Davenport
There are such dibbook boxes, and this is true.The plot of the film, which tells the story of a family who bought a box with an evil spirit inside, is a lie. The vintage box, around which the whole plot was spinning, is a really interesting thing: one by one its owners told strange stories and tried to get rid of it on the very first day. As a result, the ill-fated casket reached the shooting area.
IMDb rating - 5.9
Fourth kind

Cast:Milla Jovovich, Will Patton, Hakim Kae-Kazim, Corey Johnson
Another pseudo-documentary thriller that everyone believed in. The tape boldly states that the disappearances of the inhabitants of Nome are tricks of the green men. The film is replete with “archival footage”, a pseudo-interview. This story so convinced the residents of the town of the reality of the theory that the mayor himself had to assure people that the plot was fictional.
IMDb rating - 5.9
Good morning, Vietnam

Cast:Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker, Bruno Kirby, Robert Woole, J.T. Walsh
The drama about the charismatic presenter on the radio, too, turned out to be half real. Indeed, the personality is sketched from DJ Adrian Kronauer, but only he is changed beyond recognition, like many facts in the plot.As the former radio host later commented on the film: “This story has nothing to do with the real one, it was invented for the sake of entertainment.”
IMDb rating - 7.3

The British-Australian thriller is based on the novel “The Feather of a Man” by Ranulf Fiennes, who, in turn, assures that everything described by him happened in reality. The book, by the way, was called too controversial, not believing all the “facts” published in it. It was this kind of reaction that the author sought, adorning the cover of the book with the question: “Fact or fiction?”, But later admitted that the whole project was a fiction.

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